Review Writing Contest

8 April 2012

Starting May 1st 2012 

We are having a contest! To kick things off right, is rewarding the memeber who submits the best review before May 15, 2012. Every review submitted will be a contender in the contest. Shortly after we’ll announce the winner on our home page and send them a thousand big ones.

Contest Terms: $1,000 USD to the member who impresses us with what we consider to be the most compelling and engaging review, starting May 1st, 2012 and ending on May 15th, 2012. All reviews must comply with our rules and terms of use, and be approved by our moderators before becoming eligible for this contest. (We generally average a 24 hour moderation turnover). We will announce the winner within a week of the contest ending on the 15th…

Sound good? Great!

All you have to do is register with us and then start submitting the most compelling, most engaging, and most entertaining reviews that your witty self can compose – starting May 1st!

Every review you submit between May 1st and May 15th is automatically entered into our contest, and will be evaluated by our panel of judges!

Now – here’s a few things to keep in mind, and a couple rules, just to keep everyone honest…

• You Need to Blow Us Away. Make us laugh. Make us really think about something. Be objective, but don’t hide your personality. Most importantly – whether the product is amazing or it stinks – be memorable..

It doesn’t matter if the product’s life-changing or a dud. Or even if it’s just “meh”. What matters is YOUR REVIEW. Some of the most memorable reviews I’ve read in the past have actually covered crappy or average products. My suggestion? Show us your ability to review all types of stuff. Great stuff, crappy products, mediocre services – whatever.

We’re not judging the rating. We’re judging the review.

• 100% Original Reviews Only. We won’t approve duplicate content anyway (stuff that’s found elsewhere on the web), and no, you can’t use “spun” content, PLR or anything that you didn’t write yourself, from scratch.

• Mix It Up. Yes, we realize that your odds of winning increase if you submit multiple reviews/entries, but keep in mind – we can easily tell if you’re just submitting similar, formulaic reviews (either in format or style).

• Different Products. Obviously, you can’t review the same product more than once.

• Keep it Real. The rules still apply, you can’t just “make stuff up” for the sake of brevity, or give everything a glowing review. (Remember that you can recommend a better product when you review a bad/mediocre one).

• Remember The Big Picture. Remember that in addition to possibly winning $1,000 – you’re also building high-profile reviews that can generate a passive income for you (with affiliate programs).

So in reality, most people who participate in this contest will be rewarded, anyway.

But we thought we’d start things off with a fun contest like this – just for kicks 🙂

You can check out our site here:

And our contest details page here:

Best of Luck!

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