20 May 2012


Enter the free poetry contest
for a chance to win money!
Help judge the poetry contest
for a chance to win money!

Submission Guidelines:

Only 1 poem will be accepted from each poet to be featured for each yearly contest. If you do not receive an acceptance Email within 5 days, you may submit up to 2 more poems to be considered.

The best new poems you submit must be your own original material that has not been previously published on any other public media platform.

Poems must be at least 10 lines and no more than 39 lines long.

The best new poems submitted must not contain curse words or adults only subject matter, keep em’ clean.

All styles of poetry are allowed.

All poems must be formatted into lines. Poems submitted in the form of a continuous paragraph will be discarded.

I reserve the right not to feature any poem submitted to the contest for any reason.
Note: The contest has a maximum of 350 poets that it can accommodate, so I can’t set a date. Once I receive 350 submissions that meet the submission guide lines, I will stop accepting submissions.
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