A Tribute To Ray Bradbury at Ojai Library Saturday June 23 Bradbury’s goddaughter to speak about growing up around “Uncle Ray”

15 June 2012

(Ojai, CA – June 8, 2012) Author Ray Bradbury loved books and libraries. He divined his inspiration for the futuristic “Fahrenheit 451” while wandering through the stacks of books in the UCLA library. To honor his memory, the public is welcomed to a series of Bradbury events on Saturday June 23 to celebrate his illustrious writings, career and life. The events are hosted by Ojai Writers Workshops, which is offering numerous writing workshops and literary events throughout the month of June.

June 23 events include a morning Book Tea to benefit the Ojai Library and an afternoon tribute to Ray Bradbury with readings from his classics by community members.

“Both events are open to the public,” states Sequoia Hamilton, founder of Ojai Writers Workshops, “and are intended for anyone who loves books and values local libraries.”

The Book Tea will be from 10-11:30am at World University, 107 N. Ventura Street in downtown Ojai and includes a buffet of lavender-infused scones, organic fruit, honey and jams from local Ojai growers and Zhena’s Gypsy Teas. The event till honor four area literary volunteers for their contributions to the community and feature Yorkshire-born screenwriter, actor, artist and musician Peter Bellwood, who will offer a keynote on “Passion.” Tickets for the fundraiser are $30 each or $250 for a reserved table of six persons.

The free afternoon literary event, from 2-5pm at the Ojai Library, includes a talk by Bradbury’s goddaughter E.E. King whose father and “Uncle Ray” meet in her home each Thursday for their weekly writers group. Evie Elizabeth starting writing after listening in to the weekly literary discussions between her father, Dolph Sharp, and his writers’ group containing Ray Bradbury, Sanora Babb, Wilma Shore, Joseph Petracca, Elliott Grennard and Ben Maddow. Ray Bradbury would often ask E.E. throughout her life -until just months ago – to read him her stories and afterward would offer candid comments such as “Throw it up in the morning and clean it up in the afternoon!”

In her one-hour talk E.E. will share the imagery and imagination of Ray Bradbury and other classic short story techniques such as the O’Henry twist and the brevity of Hemingway. She’ll discuss how short stories can grow into longer works and illustrate how fact is utilized in fiction, no matter how strange.

E.E.’s talk will be followed by readings of Bradbury’s classics by community members. Ray Bradbury authored more than 27 novels and 600 short stories most notably in fantasy and in the newly emerging genre of science fiction. He is best known for his masterpieces –  “The Martian Chronicles,” “Fahrenheit 451,” “Dandelion Wine” and “Something Wicked This Way Comes” – mixing small-town charm with otherworldly settings.

“The Ojai Library is grateful for the support,” said Mary Lynch, city librarian. “Our book budget was cut by 65% this fiscal year so any donations will go to buy new books.” The Ojai library, which opened in 1893 on Montgomery Street, has been at its current location on the corner of Ojai Avenue and Ventura Street since 1928.

For more information, to buy a ticket or to make a donation:
(805) 669-7373 or www.OjaiWritersWorkshops.com
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