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15 June 2012

Calling All Horror Scribes!

Calling All Horror Scribes!

Note: We’ve upped the winnings to the contest to $500.00 (check-out the themes below):

We have eight themed magazines completed now, but the editors need 11 newsletters completed in 13 weeks! Therefore, we need more submissions to fill up our remaining themes. Our goal is to send out a semi-monthly, subscription-based digital horror magazine to email boxes, and we hope you can help us accomplish this goal by sending us your themed submissions as soon as possible. Enter in the contest for a chance at extra money, or submit the regular way. Either way, we need those submissions fast so we can have our backlog of issues ready for mailings of our quality horror stories.

Submit to the contest. Here’s the chance to win recognition for your story on our Purgatory Blogs and $500.00 extra in cash to hang on your wall (oh wait, perhaps you’ll want to spend it). At any rate, we’ll be interviewing you for a special article to be featured on our site and in the themed issue you will appear in, where you will not only be the first (featured) story in that week’s issue, but you will also get your interview printed inside our magazine to show to all your little ghoulish fiends (er, I mean, friends). Oh yeah, and we can put a photo of you in there too (or an avatar that captures the “real you”).

To enter, choose one of the listed themes (below) and submit it in this category rather than in the regular submission category. Pay your fee, and you will be notified if you win the grand prize by July 31, 2012.

Contest Only Themes

Zombies and Children (story must contain at least one zombie and one child).

Vampires as Businessmen (story must have a vampire in some kind of a commercially profitable venture).

Freaks of Society (story must contain a physically disfigured character).

Campus Horror Fest (story must take place on a high school or college campus).

Monsters of Mythology (story must contain at least one recognizable and monstrous character or demon from ancient mythology).

Terror in the City (story must take place in a major metropolitan city).

Lusting Werewolves (story must have a werewolf who needs a woman or “she wolf” really badly).

Really Bad Teachers (story must revolve around a teacher who for some reason goes bad).

Horrible Practical Jokers (story must have a jokester in it).

On the Way to Grandma’s House.

Astrological Anathemas (story must contain a curse or other astrological/melancholic influence gone wrong).

Once More to the Woods (story must take place in a wooded area of some kind).

Haunted Amusement (story must feature some kind of possession inside an amusement park or ride).

Serial Killers on Vacation (story must have the killer at some kind of vacation spot or on a cruise).

Fortunetellers (story must feature some kind of a fortuneteller or witch).

Riding the Rails (story must take place on a train).

Horror in Outer Space (story must take place on a distant planet).

Living La Vida Loca (story must feature at least one insane character).

Climb Every Mountain (story must take place while climbing an edifice of some kind).

Memories are Made of This (story must feature memory lost or regained in some manner).

My Unluckiest Holiday Ever (story must feature some major holiday that goes disastrously wrong).

Home Alone (story must feature someone or something inside a house of some kind).

Sports Run Amuck (story must contain a sport wherein a life hangs in the balance).

TV Jeebies (story must relate to television in some way).

Monastery Monstrosities (story must take place inside a religious commune or other sect/cult).

Time Travel Horror (story must feature time travel combined with a horror element).

Interested in winning $500 (plus what we pay for an accepted theme story)?

Go here to enter: Submit to Horror on the Installment Plan

Visit the website for details and enter:

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