America’s Next Author Fiction Writing Contest

25 October 2012

Welcome to America’s Next Author, the first social writing contest, is now open for contest entries! We’d love to be included on your website. The contest’s website is:

America’s Next Author is a huge writing contest with a $5000 grand prize, and is now accepting entries. But more importantly, it’s built around a very unique concept: all contest entries will be visible to the public and the winner will be chosen by voters and our panel of judges.

Readers will be able to comment on stories, give feedback to authors, and vote for their favorites. This gives authors a great opportunity to get feedback on their work and build an online following. It’s also much more fun and exciting because in regular writing contests, only the winning stories are shown and nobody else ever finds out why they didn’t win.

The competition will have eight nomination rounds. Each week, the top-ranked author will be nominated for the finals. And even if a story isn’t nominated, it will remain in the contest and have another chance to be nominated each week. During this process, authors can increase their chances of winning by getting everyone they know to vote for their story.

In addition to being read by the public, the contest entries will be judged by a panel of experienced professionals from the publishing industry. These judges will read entries and provide feedback to authors. They will also nominate four additional wildcard authors, adding them into the final rounds of competition.

10 Spots Left!

Deadline: NOVEMBER 27, 2012

You’ve discovered the first real social writing contest, where the winners will be chosen based on a unique combination of votes from readers and judging by industry experts. Nominees from Rounds #1 and #2 have been chosen, and Round #3 is underway. There are still a total of 10 spots left, so sign up now!

Visit the website for details:

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