TheNewerYork! TSA Contest

26 October 2012

The TSA Contest –

Submit an experimental-fiction piece about the TSA

Ideas:  When writing, think internal documents, from the mundane manuals and forms to blacked-out communiqués, signs, warnings, carbon copies.

Literary forms we have accepted in the past include: comics, users manuals, PSAs, iPhone screenshots, Classified Ads, Book reviews, personal letters, press releases, employment applications etc.

Deadline: November 5th 2012

Winner gets $175 towards a JetBlue flight and published on (and potentially the next print issue of the magazine).

Entry fee: $3.00 per story

Guidelines: More than 5 readable words, less than 8 pages long.

Get weird! We’re excited to see what you come up with!

Winner will be revealed November 10th. 

Small Print: Offer lasts until July 1st 2013. You choose the flight and give us your information. We buy the ticket and charge you for the difference. If the flight is less than $175 you do not receive the difference in cash or credit of any kind. The submissions will be read and evaluated by Chuck Young and JSR, editors at theNewerYork.

Visit the website:

How to enter:

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