Deep Sea Publishing Writing Contests

24 November 2012

Deep Sea Publishing is announcing several new contests!

To find out more about these contests, go to

Authors’ Contest: Deep Sea Publishing is announcing a new contest for authors.   DMT will select a minimum of  5 authors to publish free of charge. Winners will be announced on this website on January 31, 2013.  The publication goal is to have all authors published by May 15, 2013.  Valued at over $1,000, this is a dream offer to first-time or seasoned authors.   The winners receive:

  • paperback book up to 450 pages (in 5 x 8 format) published free of charge;
  • e-book published free of charge;
  • 2 ISBN’s (one for paperback and one for e-book);
  • free deluxe book cover design;
  • free book editing, proofing, and formatting;
  • 10 copies in paperback form;
  • low-cost copies for the author whenever more copies are desired;
  • book listed and sold on (paperback and e-book), (e-book), and others;
  • book listed and sold on Deep Sea website;
  • author webpage on Deep Sea website;
  • book webpage on Deep Sea website;
  • social media advertizing on Facebook and Twitter;
  • advertizing on other channels.
  • Entrance fee: $5
  • Submittal deadline is: January 15, 2013. Early submittal is encouraged.

Check out all details at:

HIGH SCHOOL TEACHERS:  Deep Sea Publishing is going to have a contest for your reading, English and literature classrooms. We will be looking for great, well-written stories written collectively by students in class. Starting December 1, 2012 for high school reading and literature classrooms. Check out our link for more details:

Young Adult Authors: DSP is launching a contest just for you. Find out more details at: . The deadline for all entries is  9:00 pm EST,  February 28, 2013.   The award winner will be announced by March 17, 2013.  Early entrance is suggested.

Free Books:   Deep Sea Publishing gives away free copies of its books every month.   To enter the book contest, register (subscribe) at this site or send an email to and put Free Book in the subject or body of the email.

Deep Sea Publishing had a number of winners for its free book give-aways. People like Anna Jones of Midlothian, Virginia, Blake Kaplan of Gautier, Mississippi, and Meredith Booker of Sarasota, Florida won free copies of The Bryant Family Chronicles: Death and Gold in Zara Zote.  You can also check for free books on our Facebook page:!/pages/Deep-Sea-Publishing/192930410753256 or on Twitter: @DeepSeaPublish .    Free shipping is only within the USA.  See more information plus our prize puzzles at our prize page: a good crossword puzzle, here’s one for our readers:

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