Last Call for Entries: HESA Imprint – Apocalypse Maailmanloppu

24 November 2012

We are now accepting submissions for our next issue APOCALYPSE. The final deadline is November 29th 2012, midnight FINNISH TIME. We strongly suggest that you send your work in before then.

Haku MAAILMANLOPPU julkaisuumme on alkanut. Viimeinen ilmoittautumispäivä on marraskuun 29 päivä, keskiyöllä SUOMEN AIKAA. Suosittelemme kuitenkin, että lähetätte töitänne jo aikaisemmin.

You don’t have to be a professional artist, writer, photographer or a filmmaker to get involved with HESA inprint. We are looking for anyone with a vision and voice to share their opinions, work and stories not for a pay check but for the love of creating. You are welcome to write in English, Finnish or even Finglish. Those who can and so choose are encouraged to translate their work so it can be enjoyed by a broader audience. If your work is chosen for our monthly publication it will be translated to the subsequent language needed by our HESA inprint team.

How to get involved

TO SUBMIT your works for our publication send it to in the subject box write: “submission — APOCALYPSE – Your Name– Work Title “. You can also include in the email, your website URL and twitter username so we can link back to you.

IMPORTANT! Remember to include your full name, email address and titles for all work submitted in your email! We also greatly welcome introduction texts on the series (work) submitted and how you see it fitting with the current theme.

Written work can be in any form that fits the piece. (Essay, poetry, story etc.) The submission however should not exceed the 500 word limit. Longer pieces will be considered for the blog but will not be eligible as submissions for the magazine and zine publications.

Images we welcome visual essays, art works and photographs of all kinds but ask that the email size does not exceed 2Mb. The submitted images sent should be 72dpi with the longest side no bigger than 1280 pix. In the case of a series of images that go together we ask there are no more than 6 images included. If you want your work to be considered for the monthly issue you must be able to provide images with 300 dpi on request.

Video work can be broadcast on our blog, but will not be available in the monthly publication. If you wish you can submit up to 6 images and a synopsis from the video for inclusion in the magazine. All video should be formatted through Vimeo or youtube and sent as a link with information about the film. Videos should not be longer than 30 minutes.

Artwork submission to HESA Inprint is subject to approval of our Terms & Conditions.

What’s next

Once we received your submission and don’t need any further information, your work will be published on the blog. Once submissions for the current theme are closed, a curated selection of the work will be featured in the magazine, online and in the printed version. You will be notified by email if your work is selected for the magazine

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