Last Call for entries! Stories Space “Darkness and Light” Story Competition

7 February 2013

Darkness and light… one cannot exist without the other.

Competition Theme

Two ageless companions that have been complementing each other since the dawn of time. Most of us yearn for a life filled with light, but often forget that without the dark we cannot gaze up at the stars, for only out of the darkness can light be born. Our imaginations are as limitless as darkness and light, so allow it to carry you to places you have never explored before; we would be delighted to take the journey with you. Stories must centre around the theme “Darkness and Light”. There is no limit to the amount of entries you may submit into the competition.

All our standard story contest rules apply.

The following prizes will be awarded via Paypal or Amazon e-gift certificate:


  • Winner: $200 cash prize
  • Second Place: $100 cash prize
  • Third Place: $50 cash prize

Entering the Competition

On the story submission page you’ll find a competition section under the standard story categories.

Please ensure you check the button relating to the contest otherwise your story will not be entered.

Important Dates

The closing date for this competition is Feb 27, 2013.

The earlier you get your entry in, the more likely you are to get a higher number of story views and votes.

Winners will be announced on the Mar 06, 2013.

If you have any questions regarding this contest or rules, please contact us.

Visit the website for details:


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