On The Premises Short Story Contest (no fee)

2 April 2013

Online Submission Deadline: May 31, 2013
77% of web-based fiction magazines pay their fiction writers nothing.

So do 60% of print-only fiction magazines!

If you’d like to try getting paid for your fiction, why not consider us? Since 2006, On The Premises magazine has aimed to promote newer and/or relatively unknown writers who can write creative, compelling stories told in effective, uncluttered, and evocative prose. We’ve never charged a reading fee or publication fee, and we pay between $40 and $180 for short stories that fit each issue’s broad story premise. We publish stories in nearly every genre (literary/realist, mystery, light/dark fantasy, light/hard sci-fi, slipstream) aimed at adult readers (no children’s fiction).

The premise of our 20th contest is “Inner Workings”. One or more characters must examine the inner workings of something important to the story. The “something” can be a physical object, a person’s mindset, a relationship, an idea…anything so long as the concept of “inner workings” can be applied to it literally or metaphorically.

Any genre except children’s fiction, exploitative sex, or over-the-top gross-out horror is fine. We will not accept parodies of another author’s specific fictional characters or world(s). No exceptions!

You can find details and instructions for submitting your story at http://www.onthepremises.com/current_contest.html. To be informed when new contests are launched, subscribe to our free, short, monthly newsletter.

On The Premises magazine is recognized in Duotrope, Writer’s Market, Ralan.com, the Short Story and Novel Writers guidebooks, and other short story marketing resources.

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