Inc. Op.: Write Freelance for Humpty Dumpty Magazine

28 April 2013

(ages 5-7)

FICTION: Short stories 450 words or less. Payment: $70 and up.


NONFICTION: We accept short articles of 300 words or less on
science and nature, as well as age-appropriate how-to projects.
Payment: $70 and up.


POETRY: We accept poems 4-12 line poems. Please remember the
age of your audience. Payment: $35 and up.


RECIPES: We accept simple, healthful recipes of 200 words or
less that generally require no cooking and minimal adult help.
If possible, include a photo of the recipe with submission.
Payment: $40 and up.


CRAFTS: We accept fun crafts of 250 words or less that young
children can make with a bit of adult help. Payment: $40 and up.


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