Summer Blockbuster Contest

2 May 2013

Summer Blockbuster Contest

Summer is the season of movie blockbusters. Action, speed, explosions, sequels. The more the better! For our summer writing contest, we would love you to pitch us your best idea for a summer blockbuster movie. But if you come up with an idea that’s really great, why would you give it to us for free?
So, instead, pitch us your worst idea for a summer blockbuster. Put your pitch in the form of a logline–a pithy one or two sentence description.
Some examples of loglines:
When a man-eating shark terrorizes a small New England resort town, and the mayor refuses to close the beaches, the Police Chief sets out to slay the killer beast.
Die Hard
A New York cop visiting L.A. is the only one who can stop the terrorists who have invaded a high-rise and taken the people inside hostageincluding the cops wife. 
Heres an example of a bad blockbuster logline:
Going Nowhere
A Medieval Studies professor at Sarah Lawrence College tries to decide where to take a summer vacation, but he cant decide and so he stays home and watches television.
But you can probably do worse than this. We don’t just want bad. We want pitches so bad, they make us laugh. Winner won’t get a studio deal, but will get a free writing class.
All entries must be received by midnight July 16, 2013.

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