15 May 2013

Deadline: Postmarked by June 30, 2013


1ST PLACE:  Your choice of a 3 night stay at The Mountain Muse B&B in Asheville; or 3 free online workshops; or 100 pages line-edited and revised by our editorial staff

2nd PLACE: 2 night stay at the B&B; or 2 free workshops; or 50 pages line-edited

3rd PLACE:  One free workshop, or 25 pages line-edited

10 Honorable Mentions


Write about a difficult experience in your life, how you overcame this obstacle, and how you were changed by it. Winning stories will be chosen for originality and creative writing style. Stories should be previously unpublished, and should not exceed 4,000 words (double-spaced, 12 point font). Multiple entries are accepted.

Your name, address, email, phone and title of work should also appear on a cover sheet. Enclose a self-addressed, self-sealing stamped envelope for critique and list of winners, and the reading fee of $25 (or $20 for Workshop members) per entry. Please make check or money order payable to Writers’ Workshop, and send to: Hard Times Contest, 387 Beaucatcher Road, Asheville, N.C.  28805.

Emailed submissions may be sent to writersw@gmail.com, with “Hard Times Contest” in the subject. Entry fee is payable online at www.twwoa.org.

Visit the website: http://www.twwoa.org

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