The Next Novelist Novel Contest

2 June 2013

We’re Looking For

We want page-turning thrillers, crime novels and mysteries. The finalists will be voted on by the public, so readers need to be pulled in for you to win.

Submit a novel of at least 50,000 words and no more than 150,000. We’d be happy with a great beginning to a series.

Include your name and the title on every page of the manuscript.

We will only judge one submission per person. If you submit multiple, the first submission will be judged.

The Judging Process

Our editors will choose the finalists.

We release one section of each finalist book to the public each week, giving the audience the ability to vote for their favorites.

Each week we eliminate half the books, release another section of the remaining books, and repeat the process until we have a champion.


The winning author receives a $5,000 advance and a publishing deal with Atlatl.

Finalists will be promoted to 5,000+ readers on The Next Novelist website and receive 50% royalties from sales of their eBook.

How to Enter

Read the Official Rules.

Fill out the submission form.

Submissions before June 21st are free. Otherwise, there is a $20 submission fee.

Submissions for this round of the competition will close on August 31st or after 5,000 submissions.

Finalists will be announced by October 31st.

Visit the website for details on how to enter:

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