Call for 10-Minute Play Submissions!

21 August 2013
The University of Houston School of Theatre & Dance is excited to announce a new 10-Minute 
Play Festival for spring of 2014. We will begin accepting submissions for this festival on August 1, 
2013; the submission period closes on October 15, 2013. 12-14 selected 10-minute plays will 
receive productions as part of a multi-evening festival, produced in the newly upgraded José 
Quintero Theatre on the University of Houston campus. This festival is open to all applicants, 
amateur or professional. 
Submission rules:
• Scripts will only be accepted during a submission window of August 1 through 
October 15, 2013. Scripts received outside this window will not be accepted. The list of winning plays will be announced in early November.
• We will accept only one play per playwright.
• Scripts should fall in the range of 8-13 pages and run roughly ten minutes. (Page count does not include the title page.)
• Characters in submitted plays should fall between the ages of 16-30, or else there should be no specific restrictions on the ages of the characters.
• Previously produced plays are not eligible.
• Musicals and plays for children are discouraged.
• Submissions will be acknowledged via email, but we do not offer critiques.
• Please staple or paper-clip copies of the script. Do not use binders, covers, or folders of any kind.
• 12-14 winning plays will receive productions in the José Quintero Theatre at the University of Houston in spring of 2014. The festival will present an alternating bill of 6-7 plays per evening.
• Along with production of their plays, the winning playwrights will each receive an award certificate. There is no financial compensation for winning entries.
How to submit:
We will only accept hard copies of plays via mail. Scripts will not be returned. Please send two copies of your play in one envelope. One copy should include a cover page with all of the following information:
• play title
• your name
• your mailing address
• your phone number
• your email address
In addition, include a second copy of the same play for the judges with no contact information –just the title and the play itself. Mail both copies in one envelope to:
University of Houston
School of Theatre & Dance 
Dr. Robert Shimko
Ten-Minute Play Submission
133 CWM Center
Houston, TX 77204
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