Theatre InspiraTO’s Playwriting Contest

2 September 2013

Canada’s Largest Ten-Minute Play Festival:

The InspiraTO Theatre Festival, now entering its 9 th season, has produced 134 ten-minute plays to date. Each season over 100 theatre artists participate in Canada’s largest ten-minute play festival.

InspiraTO’s Ten-Minute Playwriting Contest is open to everyone without age or geographic restriction. You can only submit one play.  There is no submission fee.   

Deadline to submit a play:  Dec. 18, 2013 (midnight E.S.T.)

The creative challenge: The staging of the play must involve two or more dimensions i.e. fantasy & reality; fiction & history; past & present; living & dead; different psychological states (character & alter ego); spiritual & physical world;  reality & dream world; deaf & hearing; human & abstract; stage & breaking the fourth wall, etc.

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