Last Call! Red Theater Playwriting Competition 2013: Deadline: October 31, 2013

25 October 2013


We are looking for work that is THEATRICAL and PERSONALTheatrical means a work that could only be fully realized in a theater. It should take full advantage of the temporal and connective nature of human performers interacting with a living audience.

Personal means that the work uniquely and vividly wrestles with the dualities present in the human condition. For example: that we are alive but will die; that the more knowledge we have, the more foolish we feel.
Please surprise us with difficult ideas, impossible stagings, and a powerful heart.


1) The play needs to be at least 60 minutes running time and no longer than 120.
2) The play can not have received a professional production.
3) Adaptations are accepted as long as the author has complete rights.
4) The play should be written in, or translated into, the English language.
5) We can only accept one submission per playwright.
6) Please submit your play as a PDF to the following email:
7) Please ensure your script includes a list of characters and that the pages are numbered.
8) In the interests of impartiality, please do not include your name anywhere on the script (or in the PDF title). Please provide your contact details in the email only.


Deadline for submissions: October 31st, 2013.

Winners and a shortlist will be announced on or before January 31, 2014.

Performances of selected material will occur during the Red Theater main-stage performance running in March 2014

More information about the company and competition, including past winners, can be found here:
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