Phenomenal Literature: Calls for for submissions

1 February 2014

Submission Guidelines:

Phenomenal Literature welcomes unsolicited submissions from novels, poetry, short stories, drama, plays, translations, book reviews, interviews, biographies, autobiographies, memoirs, essays, travelogues and creative writing. We will only consider work that has not been previously published, whether in print or on the web.

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We read submissions round the year and you are requested to wait until you receive our decision on the status of your submission before you resubmityou are requested to wait for the next submission till you receive our decision on your previous or pending submissions. The response time can fluctuate in proportion to the number of submissions we receive. Simultaneous submissions are permitted but if a work you have submitted to us is accepted elsewhere, please notify us without any delay. Remember, poems submitted for the journal, Phenomenal Literature, can also be considered for its sister journal, VerbalArt: A Journal Devoted to Poets & Poetry.

Categories of Submissions

Poetry: A set of five poems. Each poem should be a maximum of 40 lines. 

Novel: Submit a chapter from book length manuscripts of your novel. It should be a maximum of 2,500 – 4,000 words.

Short Story: Submit only one short story of maximum 2,500 – 4,000 words.

Play/Drama: Submit a scene or part of a play/drama which may fall in the word limit of 2,500 – 4,000 words.

Biography/ Autobiography/Memoir/Travelogue: Submit a piece of biography/ autobiography/memoir/travelogue of not more than 2,500 – 4,000 words.

Interviews: You can send your interview with a celebrated author, limiting it to within 2,500 – 4,000 words. The interview should be informative and inspiring. Remember, we will not be publishing manipulated interviews, i.e., there are some authors/interviewees who approach interviewers for cheap popularity and sensationalism. Being professionals, we will examine which interview needs to be published. Though photographs are not essential yet joint photographs of both interviewee and interviewer will be preferred and appreciated. 

Book Reviews: We do not accept unsolicited book reviews. If you would like to submit a book review, please send a query to

Critical/Research/Academic Articles:Please read carefully to avoid the rejection of submissions:
​1.    Articles should be a maximum of 2,500 – 3,500 words.
2.    Strictly written in MLA style 7th Edition (with proper citations and references).
3.    Excerpts/extracts from reference books should not be longer than your critical remarks. Begin and conclude your article with proper critical appraisal and appreciation.
4.    Every critical/research/academic article should be accompanied by a submission fee upon receipt of the acknowledgement for acceptance of publication. For details and options of pay please refer to the page of subscription.  

Translations: You can submit English translations of fiction and non-fiction too. The word limit of submissions will remain the same as in the cases of original categories. If you are submitting a work in translation, please indicate whether or not you are in possession of translation rights from its original author.

Where & How to Submit

All submissions are to be sent as an MS Word attachment at the email id: Don’t forget to give your brief bio, email id, postal address and contact number (optional) at the top page of the attached document.  You will receive an Auto Response.

Copyright/ Plagiarism Alert

Last but the most important thing is to adhere to Plagiarism Alerts. We will be checking the cases of plagiarism both electronically and manually. Electronically we have updated software to check if any content is copied and simply pasted without giving proper reference and citation. Manually we will use our vast experiences of having edited more than 500 articles. We must caution you in advance itself, that your article will be simply rejected if you are found guilty of indulging in any kind of plagiarism and copyright infringement. Along with your submission you must attach a certificate of originality mentioning that you own the copyright of the submitted piece(s).


Phenomenal Literature retains the right to use the accepted work in future online or print anthologies, as well as in the online archives. All other rights remain with the author. The journal will not be liable in any way for any sort of copyright infringements.


Every contributor will get a free copy of the journal in which issue his submitted piece is published.

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