Quarterly Writing Contest (Spark: A Creative Anthology)

4 March 2014

Contest Five: “Fables”

Contest Five opens for submissions on March 15, 2014.


The theme for this contest is “Fables.”

Fables have been a part of storytelling as long as we’ve been telling stories. Fables do more than entertain: they also present a lesson or attempt to teach a moral. Traditionally, fables feature anthropomorphic animals as main character(s).

For the best chance of winning this writing contest, your story or poem should feature at least one animal as a primary character—does not have to be the protagonist, and does not have to speak, but certainly can do both—and should contain a lesson or moral. The lesson or moral may be humorous or somber.


The artwork for this contest is the custom creation of Goodloe Byron and features interlocking animal shapes.

We have a fun theme for the current quarter’s contest: “Fables.” Full information is available at http://sparkanthology.org/contests/five/.

And, as always, past and upcoming contests can be found at http://sparkanthology.org/contests/all/

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