Last call for entries! Able Muse Book Award (for Poetry) — 2014

23 March 2014

$1000 prize plus publication of the winning manuscript by Able Muse Press.

Finalists will also be considered for publication.

Entry deadline: March 31, 2014

Final Judge: Molly Peacock


Blind Judging by the Final Judge Molly Peacock.

Initial screening by the Able Muse Editors.

Entries may not be previously published, but individual poems and chapbook-length sections may have been if the previous publisher gives reprint permission. (Still, more than half of the manuscript. may not have been previously published as a collection.)

Simultaneous submissions accepted as long as we’re immediately notified if your work is accepted elsewhere.

Unlimited entries per person.

All poetry styles are welcome (metrical or free verse).

A poetry manuscript of 50 to 120 pages

Acknowledgments may be included in the manuscript but are not required.

We prefer online entries, however, paper/snail mail entry is available for those who insist on the traditional submission method.

If you wish to enter more than once, then a separate entry fee and submission form must be completed for each entry.

If you’re entering by paper/snail mail, the manuscripts cannot be returned so, do not send us your only copies.

For paper/snail mail entries, include an SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope) to receive the announcement of the winner.

The contests will be judged blind by the final judge, so:

Author’s name should only appear on cover page/cover letter and nowhere else.

Initial screening will be done by the editors of Able Muse.

The final judge will received anonymized manuscripts (five to ten depending and the number of total entries and their quality).

The final judge will be instructed to disqualify any work that he recognizes. The entry fee the work thus disqualified will be refunded.

Include on your cover page ONLY:

the title of your manuscript

a brief bio

the poet’s/writer’s name


phone number, and

email address.

Entry Methods:

Preferred method is our online entry form

DO NOT type or copy and paste your manuscript in the poem text box. Rather, upload your submission file from the upload field (accepted formats are: Text, RTF, Word, Wordperfect, PDF, HTML).

Only send one file attachment with everything (50 to 120 pages), with the cover page prepared as described in the blind judging section above (do NOT attach a separate file for each poem!)

There should be no identification in the manuscript file itself as described in the blind judging section above.

Enter at online.

Second favorite entry method is via e-mail—

Again, do not type your submission in the body of the email. Rather, attach your submission file to the email (accepted formats are: Text, RTF, Word, Wordperfect, PDF, HTML).

The subject of the email should be: “<Your Name>: Book Award (poetry)”

Email your entry to without any identification in the manuscript file itself as described in the blind judging section above.

Least favorite entry method is paper by snail mail—

The manuscript should be without any identification as explained in the blind judging section above.

The cover page should be prepared as explained in the blind judging section above.

Duplicates not required, so do NOT send duplicate of the manuscript.

Send your entry to:

Able Muse Review
Book Award for poetry Contest
467 Saratoga Avenue #602
San Jose, CA 95129

Entry Fees:

$25 for a manuscript of 50 to 120 pages.

No matter how you choose to enter (online or email or snail mail) you may choose to pay:

Online ( right below!), OR,

By check: Able Muse Review, and sent to the contest address indicated above.

In the event of a withdrawal, entry fees are non-refundable.

To enable us to match your payment to your entry, be sure to indicate the name you entered with in your manuscript (i.e. your pen name, etc), if it’s different from the one under which payment was made, and this applies for online or check payment by snail mail.

For details on how to enter:

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