Freelance Markets

6 July 2014
YouthWorker Journal is inviting freelance writers to submit nonfiction articles. Pays $20 to $200
for 200 to 1,800-word articles. We serve thousands of committed men and women who work in a variety of church, parachurch and other ministry settings around the world and are devoted to helping young people know, love and serve Jesus Christ. Everything we publish is designed to help youth workers be more effective in fulfilling this important calling.


Theme: Teens and Depression. The article should focus on parenting a teenager who struggles with
depression. This should be a come-alongside tone, not teaching or preaching. Submit 750 to 800
words. Pays $250 on acceptance. Deadline July 11, 2014 for this theme. For general submissions: departments run 50 to 200 words and pay $50/piece; Feature articles run 1200-1500 words and pay 25
cents/word; Devotions (150-200 words) pay $50 each.


Pays $100 for 800 words. Deadline August 1, 2014. Needs stories on the theme “Developing a Love of
Learning”–submissions can cover practical advice on forging an enthusiasm of and commitment to
teaching students.


Death Where the Nights are Long is an anthology of writing about the idea and experience of death. We are asking approximately thirty writers from Canada, the U.S. and Iceland to deliver an account of death in its many varied forms. We are seeking essays, memoirs, poetry and creative non-fiction, with a suggested length of between 2,500 and 5,000 words. If your piece is accepted, you will be paid $250 on completed delivery and acceptance.  You will receive another $250 on publication. If the book does very well – as we hope it will – we will also consider a success fee to each contributor in an amount to be determined. Deadline November 1, 2014.


Pays $200 for 1,200 words. Deadline September 30, 2014. Stories can deal with the pains and highlights of motherhood, the wonders of parenting grandchildren, special moments of raising a newborn, being a role model to a teenager, or anything that touches the heart of a mom.
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