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24 March 2016

Poetry – A Writing Prompt-A-Day

In honor of National Poetry Month, for the fourth year, we will publish a poetry writing prompt every day during the month of April. Where will we get these prompts? From YOU of course!

Check out last year’s writing prompts here.

Submit your best writing prompt below…Get our creative juices flowing…Send us in unexpected directions…Help us discover poetry where we never knew it existed.

We’re particularly looking for prompts that provide a specific direction as opposed to a prompt consisting only of a phrase or stanza of poetry – though feel free to include that as example referred to in your direction.

Fill out the form below (just once please) and we’ll choose one every day to publish on the our website and Facebook page. If we use your prompt, we’ll give you credit as well as include your website link (if you include one in the form below.)

Not sure what a writing prompt is? Check out Poets and Writers offerings here: http://www.pw.org/writing-prompts-exercises – (scroll within the “Poetry Prompts” box on that page. Yours doesn’t have to be as complex or as detailed as those (though it could be more so if you want.) Make sure to give a direction of some kind in your prompt.

Hot to submit:  http://poetrysuperhighway.com/psh/a-poetry-writing-prompt-a-day/

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