Call for Submissions: The Write Idea “A Day in the Life of …(You). ” Poem Title Prompt

28 March 2016

“… Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner; Morning, Afternoon, and Night.

Two lines for each word above, and a couplet of advice.

Tell us in a sonnet how you live your life ...”


Write a Sonnet, It doesn’t have to rhyme, or not.

Write two lines for each word-time of the prompt.

The last two lines are your words of advice.

Tell us in a Sonnet, 14 lines, how you lead your life.

Entitle the poem “A Day in the Life of ..(You)”.

Winners will be published in LONE STARS.


USMail on paper, or, in the body of an email.

The way you want to see it in print.

No files or attachments.

One entry per submission.

Single spaced.


Milo Rosebud, Ed. & Pub.


4219 Flinthill Street

San Antonio, TEXAS 78230-1619


Any questions, contact:


A Touch of Love: From my mind, to my lips, from the heart

                                                                by Terry Lee Salute 2010


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