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The Bridport Prize 2016

14 May 2016

Deadline: Midnight (BST) on Sunday 31st May 2016

The mission of the Bridport Prize is to encourage emerging writers and promote literary excellence through its competition structure. The Prize was founded by Bridport Arts Centre in 1973 and has steadily grown in stature and prestige. Right from the start the competition attracted entries from all parts of the UK and from overseas.

One of the richest writing competitions in the UK, the Bridport Prize is open to all nationalities aged 16 years and over.

The poem and short story categories each have a first prize of £5,000, second prize £1,000 and third prize £500. An additional 10 supplementary prizes (for each category) of £50 each are awarded.

A new category for flash fiction with a prize of £1,000 was launched in 2010. There is a second prize of £500, 3rd prize of £250 and 3 supplementary prizes of £50.

In 2014 the Peggy Chapman-Andrews first novel award, named after the Prize’s founder, was launched (open to UK residents only).

The Dorset Award is a prize specifically for Dorset writers. Thanks to the sponsorship ofThe Book Shop of Bridport, £100 is awarded to the highest placed Dorset writer in the Bridport Prize each year.

Fay Weldon CBE, patron of the Bridport Prize, says “Mention the Bridport Prize and the eyes of writers everywhere light up. It’s not just the money – though that’s not to be sneezed at – it’s a prize really worth fighting for in terms of prestige and genuine literary accomplishment”

Entry Categories

All entries submitted can be on any subject, and written in any style or form.  However, organisers do not recommend poems or stories written for children.

Poems (entry fee £9.00)

Judge: Patience Agbabi

Line limit: 42 lines (no minimum). Title not included.

Entry fee:  £8 for each poem submitted.

Prizes: 1st £5,000, 2nd £1,000, 3rd £500 + Highly Commended 10 x £100

The top 4 poems are submitted to the Forward Prize for best single poem


Short Stories (entry fee £10.00)

Judge: Tessa Hadley

Word limit: 5,000 words (no minimum). Title not included.

Entry fee:  £9 for each short story submitted.

Prizes: 1st £5,000, 2nd £1,000, 3rd £500 + Highly Commended 10 x £100

The top winning stories, poems and flash fiction will be published in the Bridport Prize 2016 anthology

The winning stories and shortlist will be read by leading London literary agents with a view to representing writers

The top thirteen eligible stories are submitted to the BBC National Short Story Award(£15,000) and The Sunday Times EFG Private Bank Short Story Award (£30,000)


Flash Fiction (entry fee £8.00)

Judge: Tim Stevenson

Word limit: 250 words (no minimum). Title not included.

Entry fee:  £7 for each flash fiction submitted.

Prizes: 1st £1,000, 2nd £500, 3rd £250 + Highly Commended 3 x £100

What is flash fiction?

Flash fiction is a style of fictional literature of extreme brevity. There is no widely accepted definition of the length of the category. Some are as low as 250 words (such as ours), while others consider stories as long as a thousand words to be flash fiction.

Other names for flash fiction include sudden fiction, micro fiction, micro-story, short short, postcard fiction and short short story, though distinctions are sometimes drawn between some of these terms; for example, sometimes one-thousand words is considered the cut-off between “flash fiction” and the slightly longer short story “sudden fiction”. The terms “micro fiction” and “micro narrative” are sometimes defined as below 300 words.

Flash-fiction often contains the classic story elements: protagonist, conflict, obstacles or complications, and resolution. However, unlike a traditional short story, the limited word length often forces some of these elements to remain unwritten – that is, hinted at or implied in the written storyline.

Visit the website for details:


14 May 2016

The Contest is open to people of color (or those who self-identify as other than white) who are residents of the 50 United States, the District of Columbia and U.S. territories and possessions, 18 years of age or older at time of entry and who have not had any works of fiction published in any medium prior to entering the Contest.

In 1974, the Council on Interracial Books sponsored a writing contest seeking out diverse voices. Mildred D. Taylor was the winner of the African-American segment for the manuscript that becameSong of the Trees (Dial, 1975), her first book. It introduced the Logan family and was followed byRoll of Thunder, Hear My Cry (1976), which won the Newbery Medal.

Deadline June 21, 2016.

The submission must be in English, between 25,000-75,000 words and must not have been previously published in any medium. The confirmed winner will receive a book publishing contract for the publication of a novel for ages 8-14 by Penguin Random House LLC, with an advance of $35,000, plus royalties.

Visit the website for details:

The Hummingbird Flash Fiction Prize

14 May 2016

Got something short, sharp and snappy to tell?  Wow us with your most economical and brilliant storytelling.  This contest is for short fiction under 1000 words.  Want feedback on your story?  Get a professional critique from one of the Pulp Literature editors for only $15 more.

Contest opens:  1 May 2016
Deadline:  15 June 2016
Winner notified:  15 July 2016
Winner published in:  Issue 13, Winter 2017
Prize:  $300

Entry fee: $15
Earlybird fee (before 15 May): $10
Entry fees include a 1-year digital subscription to Pulp Literature.

This contest is for previously unpublished works of fiction up to 1000 words in length.  Total entries limited to 300.

Visit the website:


14 May 2016

Raven Short Story Contest

We Pulp Literature editors collect stories like ravens in the woods, swooping down on what catches our eye and bringing the treasures — sometimes sparkling, sometimes grisly, but always fascinating — home to our nests.  Want feedback on your story?  Get a professional critique from one of the Pulp Literature editors for only $25 more.  Show us your most scintillating treasures in the form of short fiction up to 5000 words in length and you could be the one bringing home $500 to line your nest!

Contest opens: 1 September 2016
Deadline: 15 October 2016
Winner notified: 15 November 2016
Winner published in: Issue 14, Spring 2017
Prize: $500

Entry fee: $25
Editorial critique: $25
Earlybird fee (before 15 September): $20
Entry fees include a 1-year digital subscription to Pulp Literature

This contest is for previously unpublished short fiction between 500 and 5000 words in length.  Multiple entries welcome.  Total entries limited to 200.

Visit the website:

A Smarter Way for Independent Authors to Advertise Books

14 May 2016


By A.R. Wise

Successful independent authors advertise. It’s as simple as that. You can’t publish a book and expect the world to notice. You must get the word out. However, not all types of advertising produce the same results, and it’s easy to waste an awful lot of money without seeing substantial return. Trust me, I’ve wasted plenty, and I want to help you avoid some of the same mistakes.

I only advertise books that are on sale, or free, and I look for sites with a substantial mailing list. I avoid sites that boast huge Twitter followings as their claim to fame, because it’s easy to artificially inflate social media stats. I also avoid doing banner advertisements on sites, because the click-through rate on those are abysmal. To get the most for your money, you must place your book in front of as many eyes as possible, and I haven’t found a better way to do that than working with the following sites.


Let’s address the behemoth first. I haven’t encountered a site that’s more consistently worth the investment than Bookbub. At first glance, it’s expensive, but an ad with them is worth every penny. On average, for a free book in the horror genre, I see around 8,000–20,000 downloads on the day my ad hits, and the effect continues for several days until gradually coming back down to average. Bookbub can be awfully picky about which titles they advertise, which might be discouraging if they decline your novel. Don’t be disheartened. Acquire more reviews on your book (which is part of their selection criteria), and give them another try in a month.

For tips on finding more reviews, see my article in last week’s FundsforWriters newsletter: How to Get Reviews – Without Cheating!


This is another pricey option that’s had consistent, positive results, although with nowhere near the same success as Bookbub. Their prices run between $40 and $200 depending on the genre of your book, and I usually see an uptick of about 1,000 downloads (for a free horror novel). Advertising with Bargainbooksy is considerably cheaper, but I’ve never seen an impressive result from them. In my opinion, you should only use this site when your book is being offered for free.

Kindle Nation Daily / Bookgorilla

It’s daunting to look at the pricing structure of this site’s advertisement packages. I’ve participated in several different options (including some of the frighteningly expensive ones) and surprisingly discovered that the best one is also the cheapest. If you’re offering a free book, then it’s worth your time to invest in the $29.99 Free Book Highlighter option.


Another free book advertising opportunity. This one competes closely with Freebooksy in terms of price and results, although I only utilize it when I’m putting a slew of ads out all at once.


Here’s one that’s still relatively cheap (get them while you can), but still manages to drum up impressive downloads. One of its options makes you the featured author for the day and can be used to advertise all of your books. This one runs $21.99 and is a good option if you’re hoping to advertise books that aren’t available for free. If you’re marketing a free book, then there’s an option that runs a meager $7.99, but will usually land you a few hundred downloads.

Good luck advertising your book! If you find a different site that’s worth advertising with, please reply with  a comment.

A.R. Wise is the author of several horror, mystery, and comedy novels, including314, which has more than 1,000 reviews on Amazon. Several of his books, including 314, are available for free. If you enjoy his work, then do him a favor by writing a review.
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14 May 2016

NARRATIVE’S EIGHTH ANNUAL POETRY CONTEST runs until July 20, 2016. In a continuing effort to encourage and support talented poets, we’re offering prizes and widespread publicity to all winners and finalists. Narrative is always looking for new voices, so all entries will be considered for publication in the magazine.

The contest is open to all poets. Entries must be unpublished and must not have been previously chosen as winners, finalists, or honorable mentions in other contests. Each entry may contain up to five poems. The poems should all be contained in a single file. You may enter as many times as you wish, but we encourage you to be selective and to send your best work.

NOTES ON THE CONTEST: As with literary reading in general, poetry reading has been declining. There’s debate about the exact statistical rate and the causes of the decline, and there are many good venues for poetry today, yet the number of adults who read poetry, as surveyed by the NEA, decreased by approximately half in the past two decades. Less than 10 percent of adults read any poetry at all. More than ever, the economics of poetry are such that poetry is for the most part a subsidized, rather than a profitable, enterprise. Poets and poetry publishers are engaged in labors of love, aided by donors who believe in the importance of poetry.

Narrative is a nonprofit organization, and its poetry program, like its other programs, depends largely on the support of many dedicated individuals who contribute resources and time to make the magazine possible. We are committed to paying our authors as well as possible and to creating as much attention as possible for their work. The overall cost of publishing poetry (payments to authors, production costs, awards and prizes, promotion) is far more than what comes in from poetry-related reading and entry fees—the income is nowhere close to the expense. Our reasons for publishing poetry are not about submission fees but about wanting poetry to be an important part of what we do and wanting to give back as much as we can, because literature contributes so much to life.

Narrative has 220,000 readers, and our audience is steadily growing. With a sizable and engaged readership, Narrative places poets and poetry in front of many more readers than most venues can. We’re working hard to get the magazine, and all our authors and artists, into the world via digital and other means—for free—to as many people as possible.

Participating in Narrative, whether simply by reading, by becoming a donor, or by introducing a friend to the magazine, is a vote to encourage and sustain literary work at a time when its existence is challenged.

If you have any questions regarding the contest, please contact us.
We look forward to reading your poems and to the new pleasures and insights we may discover there.


Awards: First Prize is $1,500, Second Prize is $750, Third Prize is $300, and up to ten finalists will receive $75 each. All entries will be considered for publication.
Submission Fee: There is a $24 fee for each entry. With your entry, you’ll receive three months of complimentary access to Narrative Backstage.
All contest entries are eligible for the $4,000 Narrative Prize and for acceptance as a Poem of the Week.
DEADLINE: The contest entry deadline is July 20, 2016, at midnight, Pacific daylight time.
Judging: The contest will be judged by the editors of the magazine. Winners and finalists will be announced to the public by September 30, 2016. All writers who enter will be notified by email of the judges’ decisions. The judges reserve the option to declare ties and to designate and award only as many winners and/or finalists as are appropriate to the quality of contest entries and of work represented in the magazine.
Submission Guidelines: Submissions may contain up to five poems. Your submission should give a strong sense of your style and range. We accept submissions of all poetic forms and genres but do not accept translations. Please read our Submission Guidelines for manuscript formatting and other information.
Other Submission Categories: In addition to our poetry contest, please review other Submission Categories that may interest you.

May 2016 Poetry Super Highway’s Worldwide Open Reading

14 May 2016

May 2016 Worldwide Open Reading

Sunday, May 15, 2016 ~ 2:00 pm (pacific) – Today!

Join Poetry Super Highway’s monthly online open poetry reading. Tune in to listen to poets from all over the world read their poetry. Better yet, plan on calling in to read a poem live on the air. No content or style restrictions. Use it as an opportunity to promote your new poetry book or project and let us know what’s happening in your local poetry world! Hosted by Poetry Super Highway’s Rick Lupert.

Visit Rick’s Blog Talk Radio Page, Sunday, May 15, 2016, PST




14 May 2016

Calls for Submissions – Photography – Oil Art Organization

DEADLINE SEPTEMBER 15, 2016 – $3000 in Awards

The CDS/Honickman First Book Prize in Photography is given to a North American photographer pursuing work of creative or social importance. While there are other sources for grants and fellowships in photography, the chance to have the editorial, design, production, and marketing support to realize a body of work in print is rare: The prize’s focus is on creating an opportunity for photographers who are engaged in the creation of a continued, active, and vital body of work to publish a first book. Winners of the CDS/Honickman First Book Prize in Photography receive a grant of $3,000, publication of a book of photography, and inclusion in a website devoted to presenting the work of the prizewinners. The winner also receives a solo exhibit; the photographs are then placed in the Archive of Documentary Arts in Duke University’s Rubenstein Library. Submissions accepted June 15 through September 15, 2016.

To learn more, go to:

Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University, 1317 W. Pettigrew Street, Durham, North Carolina, 27705, United States

The Central Coast Writers Contest

14 May 2016

The Central Coast (CA) Writers Contest call for entries ends July 15, 2016.  Short Stories, Flash Fiction, Poetry and Screenwriting must depict the theme of The Final Word.

Prizes up to $1,000.

Entries will be judged by an array of best-selling and award-winning authors, editors, and publishers.

For further details, submission guidelines, contest rules, judges profiles and to submit your entry electronically please visit:

The Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts and Writers Bloc present Senator Barbara Boxer in conversation with Paula Poundstone

14 May 2016
Senator Barbara Boxer 
with Paula Poundstone
June 12, 2016, 4:00pm
The Wallis Annenberg Center
 Tickets here

Senator Barbara Boxer will vacate her Senate seat after 24 years.  Since 1992, Barbara Boxer has stood for progressive politics in the United States Senate.  Before that, she served us in the House. She has been a steadfast advocate for women’s rights, environmental protection, and healthcare.  In The Art of Tough: Fearlessly Facing Politics and Life, her new memoir about her decades in politics representing California’s interests in the House and in the Senate, Senator Boxer unveils her weaknesses and reminds us of her great strength as a pioneer in Washington.  She takes us back to her involvement in significant political struggles, which included the Clarence Thomas hearings; the war in Iraq; and environmental challenges such as climate change front and center. Lauded by the left and vilified by the right, and sometimes criticized by her own party, Senator Boxer has consistently spoken truth to power, backed by evidence and clarity.  Sometimes she’s won, and often she (and we) have lost.  But she proves that by speaking up and speaking out,  doing the right thing matters.

The Senate is indeed a perplexing place, and although it has its shining moments, it is not really what we would call hilarious. But Paula Poundstone is.  We are not alone in our estimation that Paula is one of the funniest comedians working today: Comedy Central ranks her as one of the best American comedians of all time, and she is a member of the Comedy Hall of Fame. She was the first woman to host the Washington Press Club dinner, and is the spokesperson for the esteemed American Library Association. She’s had comedy specials on HBO and Bravo, has appeared regularly on late night television. You can catch her comedy acts all over the country, and hear her on NPR’s “Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me,” NPR’s most popular radio show thanks to Paula.

Each ticket includes a copy of Senator Boxer’s book, The Art of Tough. Books must be picked up at the event.

The Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts and Writers Bloc present Senator Barbara Boxer in conversation with Paula Poundstone

June 12, 2016, 4pm
At the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts.

Each ticket includes Senator Boxer’s book.

Writing Grants & Scholarships

14 May 2016

The Peripatetic Writing Workshop, now in its 25th year, returns to Woodstock this summer for workshops plus a one-week retreat. The fiction/nonfiction workshops run August 22–29 followed by a retreat with writing exercises and individual tutorials from August 29 through September 5. Writers may participate in one or both weeks. Work/Study Scholarship: (Live-in participants only) – $500 off the final bill. To apply send 15 double-spaced pages of writing by June l, 2016; plus a short biography, including writing experience and publications, if any. This work/study scholarship is awarded in exchange for help in preparing and cleaning up after daily breakfasts and help with home dinners.


Murphy Writing of Stockton University is offering two scholarships to first-time participants. The Shore Thing Writing Getaway program will take place June 4, 2016 in Atlantic City, NJ. This writing retreat is open to poets, fiction, memoir and nonfiction writers. Treat yourself to a writing retreat at the shore. Down the block from Atlantic City’s famous beach and boardwalk, this workshop will energize and inspire you. Head home with sand between your toes, a few new pieces of writing and the glow that comes from spending the day with an encouraging community of writers. Application deadline June 9, 2016.


The Artist in Residence program at Badlands National Park was founded in 1996 and is open to all professional artists. Writers, composers and all visual and performing artists are invited to interpret this wind-swept environment through their work. The program provides time for artists to get away from everyday responsibilities to focus on their surroundings and their medium.


The Artist Residency Program currently awards two residencies per year, allowing artists to benefit from studio space, ample time to create, and a supportive community. Artist Residents focus on community engagement, and are encouraged to explore ways in which their work can be applied to the community, and how Lanesboro’s rural community can inform their work. The annual deadline for the Artist Residency Program is July 30, 2016. 


14 May 2016



The Little Bird Writing Contest is an annual, international contest created by Sarah Selecky exclusively for innovative, emerging short fiction writers. Limit 2,500 words. Winner: $1,000. First runner-up: $250. Second runner-up: $250. Bonus prize won by a draw: a full scholarship to The Story Intensive.

Deadline May 27, 2016.

Visit the website for details:

Castle to Cathedral to Cashmere Writing Competition

14 May 2016

The story of Elgin’s past 1,000 years is now being developed into an exciting visitor experience through the Castle to Cathedral to Cashmere heritage initiative due to be completed by the winter of 2016 and which invites visitors to walk through Elgin’s historic streets and discover its rich history while accessing information onsite and online through an exciting variety of approaches. There will also be an interactive website for virtual visitors.

In short, the mission is to make Elgin a compelling city, giving visitors an unforgettable sense of place.

A key part of this initiative is to present and promote Elgin as a compelling experience through a collection of short stories.

Writers are therefore being invited to submit a previously unpublished short story of no more than 3,000 words set in Elgin and the surrounding area during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

The winning entry will receive £350 and the second place £150.

The closing date for submissions is 31st May 2016. Entry is free.

Click here for Guidelines for Authors, a summary of Elgin’s Compelling History and the Entry Form.

The Castle to Cathedral to Cashmere Writing Competition is sponsored by The Rotary Club of Elgin.

Visit the website:

For more information please email:


14 May 2016



With the opportunity to win £6,000 and open to all writers age 16 or over,

this competition provides the time to write that financial support facilitates.

This year’s category is stage play.

Applicants should submit a full script along with a one-page synopsis and a short writing CV by Monday, May 30, 2016.

Visit the website for details: