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10 June 2016


(A Global Journal Devoted to Poets  & Poetry)

The new issue of Phenomenal Literature is released and you can find its details on its website Now we are looking for anything on poets and poetry for the next issue of VerbalArt: A Global Journal Devoted to Poets and Poetry. The submission guidelines can be found at The last date of submission is 31 July 2016 and the next issue will come out by 30 Sep 2016.

Looking forward to your submission(s)! 

Please read the submission guidelines carefully to get your submission approved:-

VerbalArt welcomes unsolicited submissions of poems and anything about poets and poetry. We also publish critical/research articles, translation, book reviews, interviews, biographies, autobiographies, memoirs, essays, travelogues and creative writings pertaining to poems, poets and poetry. We consider both unpublished and previously published works.

We read submissions round the year. Reviewed and accepted manuscripts are published in the latest issue of the journal. Therefore, you are requested to wait until you receive our decision on the status of your previous submission. The response time can vary according to the number of submissions we receive. Remember,  poems submitted for the journal, VerbalArt can also be considered for its sister journal, Phenomenal Literature: A Journal Devoted to Language & Literature.

Submission Categories

Poetry: A set of five poems. Each poem should be a maximum of 40 lines.

Biography/Autobiography/Memoir/Travelogue: Submit a piece of Biography/ Autobiography/Memoir/Travelogue on/by established poet only. It should be of no more than 3000 words.

Interviews: You can send your interview with a celebrated poet and should not be of more than 3000 words. The interview should be informative and inspiring.

Book Reviews: Please read carefully our review policy:-

1. Please send your review for consideration as a Microsoft Word document

2. If you are interested in reviewing books for VerbalArt please send a mail to Review Editor at:

3. If you want us to review your book please send a hard copy of it on the following postal address:- 

                Dr Chandra Shekhar Dubey
                A-114/5, PARYAVARAN COMPLEX ,
                IGNOU ROAD
                NEW DELHI- 110030
                Mb No. 09868164405 

4. Any queries pertaining to the book reviews should be sent directly to Review Editor, Dr Chandra Shekhar Dubey at

5. Please note, we can’t guarantee all books sent to VerbalArt will be reviewed and all reviews submitted will be published. The quality will be given preference.

Critical/Research/Academic Articles: Please read carefully to avoid the rejection of submissions:

1. Articles should be only on poets, poetry and poems.

2. Article should be a maximum of 3000 words.

3. Every critical/research/academic article if accepted for publication should be accompanied by submission fee. For details and options of pay please refer the page of subscription.

Translations: You can submit English translation of poetry too. The word limit of submissions will remain same as in the cases of original categories. If you are submitting work in translation, please indicate whether or not you are in possession of translation rights from its original poet.

Where & How to Submit

All submissions are to be sent as an MS Word attachment at an email id (except book review). Don’t forget to mention your brief bio, email id, postal address and contact number (optional) at the top page of attached document.  You will receive Auto Response of your submission.


VerbalArt retains the right to use the accepted work in future online or print anthologies, as well as in the online archives. All other rights remain with the author. The journal will not be liable in any way for any sort of copyright infringements/plagiarism.


Every Indian contributor will get a free print copy and foreign contributor will get a free ecopy of the journal in which issue his submitted piece is published. Even foreign contributor can get a free print copy of the journal if he/she bears the shipping charge. This is indispensably required as we don’t want to take a risk of another literary journal getting ceased its publication after few issues because the cost of shipping the journal to overseas is more than its printing price.

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