CLOSING in a Few Hours: $4K Worth of Writing Courses, Books and More‏

1 July 2016

Deadline: July 1, 2016

Full Details Here >>

I know I probably shouldn’t be surprised. After all, who offers more than $4,000 of writing courses, books and software… from 65 of the leading digital experts in the industry… and ALL for only $27 !?

At first, I thought the folks at Blogging Concentrated had LOST THE PLOT. But now, I wish I’d known about it in time to get one of my own products included!

Unfortunately, it’s about to close.

There are a few hours left, and because this has been so popular, I decided to send out one final reminder.

Check Out this SUPER Stack of Writing Courses, Books, Software and More:

Full Details Here >>

In a few hours it will be gone!

That’s it, I’m done. It’s time to get back to writing our newsletter for this coming Wednesday.

Have a good weekend!

Gary McLaren, Editor

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