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Become an Authorpreneur with this free 7-Step Guide‏

26 July 2016

Ok, just what is authorpreneurship?

Award-winning author Rochelle Carter defines it as, “Coming up with an idea centered on book publishing and turning it into a profitable business.” It’s a process any author selling their book can benefit from?and now you can get this eBook that has helped countless authors become authorpreneurs for free (a $9.99 value!).

The 7-Step Guide to Authorpreneurship explains how to

  • Write and polish your manuscript
  • Create your business plan
  • Create your author platform
  • Engage your audience
  • Prepare for your book launch
  • Maintain your momentum
  • Sharing the value of your success

Get your free copy of Rochelle’s enlightening eBook now.

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26 July 2016

This year’s competition is for poetry on any subject or theme. There are no style or length restrictions but it should be stressed that a short poem is just as likely to be selected as a longer one.

1st prize is £100.

The top ten poems will be published in a special edition of CITN


Entry is by email to after an appropriate fee is paid by Pay Pal to the account of

all entries must be received before midnight 10th October 2016

Entries received after this time will be discarded. All entries are judged anonymously so please do not put any identifying features on the poems.

Entry fees are as follows;

1 poem £3.50

3 Poems £8.00

5 poems £10

Competition Judge; TBA

Competition Rules

Poems, which must be in English, can be on any subject and presented in any form or style .

There are no restrictions on content. Though if there is any doubt the poet might be asked to justify how their poem

engages the theme.

All poem must be the unpublished work of the person entering them into the competition.

The actual given name of the entrant must be given, even if the poem is to be published under a pen name.

Poems should not have any indication within them to allow for the identification of the poet.

There is no length or content restrictions and a short poem is just as likely to win as a longer one.

Poems must be entered by email to the appropriate fee is paid through PAY PAL in Pound

Sterling (GB Pounds).

Please attach all entered poems in one attachment using a standard Word file

Poems will not be accepted by post.

We cannot accept alterations to the poem once it has been submitted.

Poems cannot be withdrawn from the judging process once they have been entered.

Although copyright will remain with the poet, we reserve the right to publish any shortlisted poem on our website.

The decision of the judges is final and no correspondence will be entered into.



Free Guide – How to Find a Literary Agent

26 July 2016

You’ve polished your drafts and completed your manuscript. The next step? Finding a literary agent to represent your hard work in the industry.

But seeking out the best literary agents in the biz can seem like searching for a tiny needle in a giant Google haystack. That’s why we’ve collected the submission details and contact information for 88 agencies looking for queries.

We’ve also rounded up what genres and subjects each agency is looking for as well as tips from published authors on finding the right literary agent for you.

So go ahead, scribes: Start your querying journey today.

Download our free literary agent guide now.

Free Download – Guide to Finding an Agent