2020 Inaugural Fiction Chapbook Contest

5 January 2020

2020 Inaugural Fiction Chapbook Contest

Overview: Yemassee is now accepting entries for its 2020 Writing Prizes, including the 2020 Chapbook Contests. The author of the winning fiction chapbook will receive $1,250 and 25 copies of their chapbook. Author input on cover art will be considered.

The editors will select ten finalists and pass those submissions on to the guest judge. The ten finalists will receive acknowledgment.

Deadline: February 15th, 2020

Entry Instructions: To enter, submit one chapbook with 20-40 pages (title page, dedication, etc. does not count towards length) of :

  • a complete novella or novelette
    (no incomplete works or excerpts from larger works)
  • a collection of short stories,
  • a collection of flash fiction
  • a collection of both short stories and flash fiction
  • a collection with a complete novella or novelette and  accompanying short stories/flash fiction
  • An entry fee of $18 must accompany each entry.

Formatting and Other Guidelines: Submissions that do not conform to these guidelines may be disqualified at the editors’ discretion.

  •  Entries must be submitted online using Submittable  (paper submissions will not be accepted.)
  •  The author’s name must not appear anywhere in the submission or in the file name.
  •  We welcome multiple entries. However, each entry must be submitted separately and accompanied by an additional entry fee.
  • While we do allow simultaneous submissions, please inform us immediately if the submission is accepted elsewhere by withdrawing in Submittable.
  •  No refunds will be issued for submissions that are withdrawn or disqualified.
  •  All entries must be submitted by the deadline.

Submission Suggestions: If submitting a collection of stories or flash, or stories or flash accompanying a novella, we recommend selecting titles with a discernible cohesion throughout the group.

This may be aesthetic, thematic, tonal, or topical. It does not have to be immediately or superficially obvious. We discourage the unimaginatively literal.  We’re looking to publish a distinct set of prose as a unified group– or a single chapbook rather than short selected works.

Eligibility: Current or previous Yemassee staff, close personal friends or family of the Yemassee staff, and writers who have been published in Yemassee within the past two years are ineligible for entry.

Visit the website: http://yemasseejournal.com/contests-2/

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