4 April 2020


Accepts submissions year-round.  Accepts
any topic or theme if it’s positive or
uplifting in nature.  No erotica or politics.
Family-friendly magazine.  No dirty words.
Simple messages and language.  Accepts
submissions from teenagers.  Send poetry
and content that takes teenagers into
consideration.  See the website for more
details or work wanted.  Can submit one
poem for free.  Submission fees for
submitting more than one poem.
Also accepts inspirational stories or essays
relating to poetry, poems or poets.
Submit up to 6 poems.  May submit every
3 months.  See website for more specifics
on submissions.  Responds in 10-15
business days.  Contributors receive free
digital copy of the magazine.  See
website for details on Sim Subs.  Will
accept previously published works if you
hold the rights and it’s been more than a
year after the rights have reverted back to
you before you submit it.

How to submit: https://abpoetryjournal.com/submissions/



Write something funny to submit.
Likes all kinds of funny things.
See website for specific details on
work wanted.  Accepts poetry and
prose.  Poems can be in any form,
format or length.  Indicate your
name and the name of your poem
in your submission email.  Submit
work as a pdf or .docx file via
email.  Reads year-round.  Asks
for one-time print and digital rights
to contributed work. Authors retain
rights.  Only accepts unpublished

How to submit: https://great-ape.com/submissions/



Reads year-round.  Responds in a
few days to several months.  Charges
$5 submission fee.  Sometimes, the fee
is lifted for a free submission period.
Do not email submissions unless
requested to do so by an editor.  Does
not accept mailed submissions.  Does
accept sim subs with immediate
notification if work is accepted elsewhere.
Previously published work is generally not
accepted but will occasionally consider
work shared on personal blogs/websites
or work previously published in a limited
print-only edition.  Include name and
full contact information with each
submission.  Include brief bio.  See
website for specific submission
details.  Responds in 2-12 months for
poetry.  All rights revert to author upon

How to submit: https://cleavermagazine.submittable.com/submit

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