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24 January 2017

We are looking for reporters who can help us cover more of the inspiring work that women artists are doing, the latest research on gender parity in the arts, and the actions women are taking to end gender discrimination in the arts.  We are looking for news articles.  We are not seeking personal essays at this time. We prefer articles that are 500 – 800 words in length. It is extremely rare for us to publish articles longer than 1,000 words. Our maximum fee will be $200 for articles of 500 – 1,000 words that we publish that have not been published elsewhere. The fee will be negotiated on a case by case basis for shorter or previously published articles.


High Country News will consider pitches for well-researched stories on any natural resource or environmental topic, as long as it concerns the American West as a region. We define resources to include people, politics, culture and aesthetic values, not just coal, oil and timber. We divide submissions into front-of-book stories (500 to 1,600 words) and features (2,400 words and up). We pay on publication, between $0.50 and $1.50 per word, depending on the writer’s experience and our experience with the writer. Kill fee is 25 percent.


EDGE YK magazine is a free publication dedicated to showcasing some of the vast creative talent within Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. We’re interested in well-told first-person narrative stories, as well as pieces on the issues, ideas and people affecting the city’s past, present and future.


Deep Magic is a bi-monthly electronic magazine that publishes clean short fiction in the fantasy and science fiction genres. Our issues are also filled with author interviews, art features, book reviews and tips for writers. Most of our non-fiction pieces are invitation only to industry professionals and Deep Magic staff, but if you have a fantastic piece, please send it our way. We pay $.08 per word for the first 5,000 words and $.06 per word for each word between 5,001 and 16,000 words, with payment capped at $1,060 for stories longer than 16,000 words.


Zócalo Public Square, the Los Angeles-based online ideas daily, seeks a driven and dynamic Associate Editor to join our team. We’re looking for an experienced editor with strong writing and organizational skills who excels at working with both outside writers and fellow editors. This is a terrific opportunity for a creative and responsible editor to become part of a smart, growing, incessantly curious, and tight-knit team. The Associate Editor must be able to work out of our offices in Santa Monica and Downtown Los Angeles, and be available for occasional weekend and evening work, and some travel.

Wow! Women-on-Writing is Seeking Bloggers for The Muffin

4 November 2016
If you’re a blogger and a WOW! subscriber, you may be the perfect fit for this position!
We are looking for a writer who is motivated and active in the writing community. Someone who isn’t afraid to share her personal experiences in the writing/publishing industry and wants to help fellow writers.
Posts are roughly 500 words, and can be about anything you’d like to write about, as long as it’s helpful to writers.
Some of the topics we cover are:
– How-tos on a variety of writing topics (how to query, how to craft a character, etc)
– In the trenches stories (your experiences or other writers’ experiences in the publishing industry, as a freelancer, etc)
– Inspirational writing advice or reading (no straight book reviews unless it’s tied in to a writing lesson)
– Interviews with authors/agents/editors/publishers (these types of posts are usually assigned and pay more)
– Author platform and book marketing advice
– Listicles related to writing
– Balancing life and writing
– Event coverage (writing conferences, festivals, literary events)
– Market profiles (how to write for a paying magazine or website)
& more! 

How it works: If you are chosen, you will be added to a Google calendar and entered into the blog’s posting rotation. You are responsible for writing, proofreading, choosing an image, and scheduling your post to publish on the day that you are assigned. We publish in the early morning, typically between 12:30am and 4am PST, and that’s why we call it The Muffin. The Muffin is meant to be read with your morning coffee, tea, or juice. 🙂 At the end of the month, you’d send an invoice via PayPal for all the posts you’ve written during the month. Please note, we do not issue checks any longer. The Muffin pays $10 per post you come up with yourself, and more for special assignments like interviews ($15-$40, depending on the interviewee) or assigned book reviews ($20). All posts are roughly around 500 words, give or take, but interviews tend to run longer.

The Muffin has roughly 36,000+ pageviews a month, over 1,000 email subscribers and a few hundred blogger followers. We promote posts heavily on our social networks (Facebook & Twitter), as well as in our email newsletters that go out to subscribers to our main site (WOW! Women On Writing, over 38,000 email subscribers).

Apply: If you’d like to join our team, focus on your writing career, and help other writers, please e-mail us at (both blog manager Marcia Peterson, and publisher Angela Mackintosh will receive the application).
– Tell us why you’d like to write for The Muffin and where you are headed with your writing career.
– Please include samples of blog posts you’ve written, your current bio, and provide us with a few possible headlines of posts you’d like to write.

NOTE: If you are interested, please apply ASAP. We posted this call on Sunday on The Muffin and already have received many wonderful applications from qualified candidates. We will most likely make a decision this week!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Visit our website:

KEEP 13 IN PLAY: by C. Hope Clark of

6 June 2016

I cover this subject annually, and each year it seems to draw lots of appreciative emails in return.

All writers should freelance. It’s a grand way to develop a platform as well as get paid. But we often don’t know when to submit, or how many times is enough. We can become so wrapped up in waiting to hear back that we neglect pitching, too. So here’s a plan to aid you in managing the freelance writing part of your career.

Keep 13 in Play is my tool. It consists of three spreadsheets (or just lists, if you like). In essence, you switch the same information around for the three lists, but you’ll see why.

SHEET 1) – Date sent, name of article, name of publication, contact, follow-up date, notes
SHEET 2) – Name of article, name of publication, date, follow-up date, notes
SHEET 3) – Name of publication, name of articles, date, follow-up date, notes

Why the difference?

With Sheet 1, you keep up with your activity on a daily basis – measuring your work output and offering a sheet to be used for your income tax filing.

With Sheet 2, you keep up with where you continue to send any particular article. For instance, if it doesn’t work for Magazine A, you sent it to Magazine B, and when you’re rejected by Magazine B, you sent it to Magazine C. You monitor where an article is at any time.

With Sheet 3, you keep up with markets. This way you don’t accidentally pitch the same piece to the same market. It also shows you over time the types of articles certain publications appreciate.

This system keeps you streamlined and organized, which should raise your acceptance rate. So what’s the 13 mean? Frankly, you can pick whatever number you desire. I use 13 just so I can stare the unlucky number in the eye in defiance, but you can use 10, 25, or whatever you prefer. While those numbers seem high, they are not. You’ll never be accepted for all 13 at once, but still, if you are, that’s just plain marvelous.

Your goal is to perpetually keep 13 in play. Your number drop to 12 because of an acceptance or rejection? Stop and pitch to maintain that 13. Keep 13 queries in play . . . always. You’ll soon learn to forget the list until someone responds, and then you instantly refill it to 13. It becomes all about the pitching, not the looking back and waiting for a reply.

~By C. Hope Clark, an author and editor at:

Freelance Writing Markets & Jobs

20 May 2016

A new blog for news about parenting, child health and relationships, with advice also from experts to help every family live well. Pays $100.


Tablet is a daily online magazine of Jewish news, ideas, and culture. Tablet welcomes submissions from freelance writers. Please submit a full pitch — including a detailed description of what you’d like to write, a brief biography, links to previously published stories, and, if necessary, a short writing sample — to the appropriate section editor. Do not submit a completed piece.


Upworthy reaches a massive audience with meaningful stories every day, and we’re looking for original stories that support our mission of creating a better world. Pays up to $200 for 500-word pieces.


The Two Plus Two Internet Magazine accepts articles on any topic related to poker or gambling. Articles should be about 1,000-2,000 words. If accepted, we will pay a fee of $200 (per article) by the end of the month after the article appears on



Looking for someone who possesses strong writing and editing skills. Task is to write one article per month based on monthly theme. Articles are no more than 500 words per article. Examples can be seen in the digital magazine subscription of Autumn Magazine by subscribing for free at .
Writing Topics Needed:

Deadline May 27, 2016

Quizzes – based on theme for the month; Art – Poetry, critique on current movies, tv shows, are books; and Media & Culture – Opinion pieces and reports on current events unfolding in the media or apart of our culture. Apply by sending an email to with a writing example and category of interest.

Writing Job Opportunities

24 April 2016

Location Fayetteville, Arkansas
One Country Media is searching for an entry level staff writer who is excited to help grow our reader base by writing informative and fun articles that will engage our followers and make them come back for more. You will be responsible for creating content for organic and paid programs for a world-class media destination site that inspires, celebrates and influences country lifestyle.


Location Portland, OR
Basic Function: To acquire 15 to 18 new books a year and to follow each book through development and delivery, and then assist the team in editing, design, production, marketing and publicity, and sales. To seek out the best books in Timber’s categories (gardening, nature, and regional), as well as to find books that help Timber broaden its commercial appeal in a variety of categories.

Worldwide Freelance – freelance writing markets and resources

19 April 2016
Would you like to be able to identify three times as many potential writing markets for your work? Then you’ll love Markets Plus, our premium database service with 2,500 writing markets.
For the next 72 hours, when you buy a One-Year Membership to Markets Plus, you’ll receive an additional 12 Months of Membership Free.
What is Markets Plus?

Markets Plus is our premium database of writing markets – it lists more than 2,500 writing markets and they are fully searchable by topic, location, and pay rates.

Although everybody can access the free section of our markets database (700 markets), the best opportunities are in our premium section for Markets Plus members.

Can you guess what happens when we uncover a new, high-paying market? We add it immediately into Markets Plus for our premium members.

With Markets Plus, you can save your valuable time looking for good writing markets, and have more time for what matters – your writing!
Interested? Here’s the link:

Have a good day!

Gary McLaren

Writing Jobs

23 March 2016


Location Springfield, VA. Emplkoiyer National Geospatial Intelligence Agency. Salary range $64,650 to $119,794 / per year. Editors edit, format, and disseminate various geospatial intelligence reports according to established agency publication policies, the NGA Writers Guide and Style Manual for Geospatial Intelligence Production, and ODNI sourcing standards. They review products dealing with complex analytical intelligence issues and provide guidance to geospatial intelligence analysts and other editors regarding logic, clarity, comprehensiveness, relevance, and brevity.

Deadline September 30, 2016.

Visit the website:



Location Tokyo, Japan. Employer Stars and Stripes publications. Serves as Publishing and Media Design (PMD) Editor for Stars and Stripes Pacific. Specializes in the production of print business products, overseeing four community newspapers – Stripes Japan, Stripes Okinawa, Stripes Korea and Stripes Guam – as well as several monthly and quarterly supplements and three annual magazines.

Deadline July 12, 2016. 

Visit the website:


23 April 2015 is a free online resource to find

paying markets for your poetry, fiction, and nonfiction.

Updated daily, we report on current needs of editors

and publishers who are open for submissions,

pay competitive rates, and do not charge reading fees.

Visit the website:

OPPORTUNITIES FOR WRITERS: Crooked Lane Books Publisher

23 April 2015

Crooked Lane Books is a publisher of original mystery and crime fiction. We are looking for talented writers who are interested in writing to our specifications. These writers will receive a”bible,” outline or other “concept piece” that will lay out the settings, characters and sample plot kernels so that manuscripts can be written within our guidelines. This is the equivalent of writing for an existing series where characters and setting have been established and writers are fulfilling story ideas and turning them into finished manuscripts.

We are a legitimate publisher and we will pay fees to writers who we work with; the possibility for multiple writing contracts for the proficient writer is a possibility. These will be “work for hire” agreements and will pay flat fees.

We are interested in seeing a note from writers interested in working with us; this note should include any works published and/or a sample of mystery or crime writing.

Inquiries should be addressed to :

Visit for more information. is now reviewing nonfiction (how-to) articles on the business and craft of freelance writing

20 June 2014 is now reviewing nonfiction (how-to) articles on the business and craft of freelance writing. This also includes topics on how-to write fiction and poetry. Word length is between 700 and 1,200 words. Payment, on acceptance, is an honorarium of $25. The editors work with both emerging and seasoned writers. Writers are invited to submit a query letter with up to three article ideas at

FYI: We’ve been publishing new articles at over the last year.

Our full writer’s guidelines are at:

Freelance Writing Market Opportunites

20 June 2014

The Script Room is a place where you can send your script to be assessed by our team of experienced readers. We read all scripts as a calling card of a writer’s talent. This is not a free script-reading service, but a means by which the BBC seeks out the best new writing talent, offering writers without a track record, representation, or contacts the opportunity to have their work considered by the BBC. Shortlisted writers will go forward to access a range of development opportunities with BBC writersroom. Deadline July 7, 2014.

More prosaically, most features we publish hover in the 1500-2000-word range. We pay a flat rate for accepted work, paid within 30 days of publication. The rate varies from $250 to $800 for essays and reported work, with longer-form reporting paid at the higher end of the scale. For reported pieces, we pay additionally for photos, audio, and video, to be negotiated as part of the assignment. We can pay some modest expenses for reporting as well. The Magazine aims to publish articles “for curious people with a technical bent.”

Essay and nonfiction preferred 700 to 2,000 words. Also accepts poetry, lists, and flash. Swearing is acceptable and can be humorous, serious or sentimental. Deadline June 30, 2014. Average payment after publication is $125 per single 1,000-word essay.

Our fourth print issue of the year is themed ‘Medicine’. We want all your words and visuals that have to do with health, caring, illness, etc. We’re especially after two kinds of contributors for the Medicine Issue: excellent writers and artists tackling an issue related to medicine; and people who work in the medical industry. Deadline July 1, 2014. Payment (for the print magazine): $250/fiction or nonfiction feature story; $150/column or profile; $100 for poetry; and $50/flash fiction.

Freelance Markets and Job opportunities

19 April 2014


ADOPTIVE FAMILIES — Adoptive Families is the leading information resource for families before, during, and after adoption. The award-winning national bimonthly magazine provides independent, authoritative adoption information in an accessible and reader-friendly format.


PARENTLIFE – — A Christian parenting magazine designed to take parents from pregnancy through the preteen years. ParentLife brings a Christian worldview to today’s top parenting and cultural issues, covering topics related to health, development, education, discipline, and spiritual growth. Each issue of ParentLife gives practical ideas and insights to help parents meet the responsibilities and celebrate the joys of parenting. ParentLife is set apart from other secular parenting magazines in that it alone addresses the whole child: physically, cognitively, socially, emotionally … and spiritually. Pays up to $350 for articles of 350 to 1,200 words.


HOW – — HOW is the business magazine for graphic designers and a leading source of ideas and creative solutions for the industry. Published bimonthly, it’s about 75 percent freelance written. Articles include: detailed information on industry trends; outstanding examples of design / illustration / photography (whether in the form of printed material, identity design, videos, CDROM, Web sites, signage programs, etc.); profiles of noteworthy industry figures, usually in conjunction with a specific project they’ve completed; business tips; new technology; new disciplines for graphic designers; and pressing industry issues. Columns typically run around 1,200 words. Features run 1,500 to 2,000 words. Payment ranges $250-$800. 20 percent kill fee.


COLUMBIA KIDS – — COLUMBIAKids is a free online magazine that features exciting, interesting, and informative articles and stories based in Pacific Northwest history. Our target readers are children up to age 14 who live in the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska, but we also welcome subscribers from all over the world. All articles considered on spec. Features- Length: 800-1,200 words each; $200. Departments 200-800 words each; $50-$500.


FLW OUTDOORS – — Provides information to avid anglers to include techniques, tips, destinations, and tournaments. Has a children’s pull-out section as well. Welcome family-oriented topics as well as competitive fishing information. Articles are up to 200 words. Fiction accepted up to 500 words. Several other columns open to freelancers. Pays $200 to $500.



KPOPSTARZ – FREELANCE WRITERS Location Virtual — KMEDIA Group is hiring energetic and internet-savvy K-Pop news reporters/writers (I.C.) who have experience writing for online media, are willing to be passionate in this entertainment field, are willing to research, write and meet daily deadlines and goals. Reporters/writers will write about Korean pop and entertainment that are trending in real time. Bachelor’s degree in journalism or related field. Minimum of 1 year of journalism experience for online multimedia. Proficient in AP Style.


COPY EDITOR/WRITER – VIBEVIXEN.COM Partial Virtual/part New York – — Does bad grammar give you a grimace and careless copy make you cringe? Vixen, VIBE Magazine’s sister brand, is looking for a grammar-obsessed copy editor/writer to top edit (and cover) beauty, fashion, entertainment, and celeb interviews for Candidates must have a highly developed editorial voice with a distinctly feminine perspective and urban edge. We’re only looking for a part-time commitment of three days per week—two of which can be worked remotely!

DoubleDragon Publishers Open to Science Fiction Novel Submissions

21 August 2013

DoubleDragon is an ebook publisher currently seeking science
fiction novels including Hard (Science) SF, Space Fiction, Sci Fi,
Future Fiction, Lost Civilizations, Utopias, Distopias, Disaster
Novels, Alternate Histories, Time Travel, Parallel Worlds, etc.,
and FANTASY, including Myth, Legend, Fairy Tales, Traditional
Fantasy, Magic Realism, Sword and Sorcery, Epic Fantasy, Horror,
Gothic, etc.
They pay royalties of 30%. 

For more details visit:

Writing Markets – Income Opportunities

3 June 2013

North American Review, USA 
The oldest literary magazine in America, published at the University of Northern Iowa. Interested in high-quality poetry, fiction, and nonfiction on any subject; especially interested in work that addresses contemporary North American concerns and issues, particularly with the environment, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and class.
According to their guidelines fiction and nonfiction submissions should have reopened on 1st May. Pays $1 per line for poems or $5 per 350 words of prose (minimum payment for either genre is $20, maximum $100).

Leading Edge, USA
A semi-professional speculative fiction magazine produced at Brigham Young University. Dedicated to the presentation of new and upcoming talent. Accepts science fiction and fantasy short stories, novelettes, novellas, and poetry, as well as scholarly articles, book reviews, and interviews that deal with current popular authors. Fiction payment is 1 cent per word, $10 minimum, $50 maximum.  Poetry: $10.

New England Review, USA
Literary journal published quarterly. Welcomes submissions in fiction, poetry, nonfiction, drama, translation, and cover art. Pays $10 per page ($20 minimum) or $100 for cover art.

Law Officer Magazine, USA
Monthly publication for law enforcement personnel across the United States. Emphasizes tactics, technology and training in every issue. Pays $200 to $350 for features, $150-200 for departments. $25 for news items.

New Humanist, UK
A bi-monthly magazine that supports and promotes humanism and rational inquiry, and opposes religious dogma, irrationalism and bunkum wherever it is found. Carries articles with a humanist perspective. No fiction. Length: Up to 2,000 words. Nominal payment for features.

E Magazine, USA
The voice for the environmental movement and as a vital information source on national and international coverage of environmental issues. “Green Living” section features regular departments: Your Health, Eating Right, House and Home, Going Green, Money Matters, Consumer News and Tools for Green Living. Features are 3,200 to 4,200 words. Pays $0.30 per word.

Parents, USA
National publication interested in stories that will appeal to a wide variety of parents. All articles include expert advice and real-parent examples as well as study data. Query first. High-paying market.


25 October 2012

(Ventura, CA – September 19, 2012) The Ventura County Writers’ Weekend needs volunteers to help in a variety of positions for this year’s event, to be held Saturday and Sunday, November 3 & 4 at the Pleasant Valley Senior Center in Camarillo. The event is open to the public and will host two days of educational seminars.
The Pacific Institute for Professional Writing, producer of the event, is asking for the public’s support by volunteering. As a nonprofit organization, the community’s involvement welcomed and appreciated. The Ventura County Writers Club (VCWC), Ojai Writers Conference, Mystery Writers of America SoCal chapter, Independent Writers of Southern California and the Small Publishers, Artists and Writers Network (SPAWN) are co-sponsors.


Volunteer positions include: ticket takers, registration desk, poster and flier distribution, and more. Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer should sign up on the volunteer page of the website:


To learn more about the Writers’ Weekend, visit: or contact Kate Sexton, Event Coordinator, at, or by calling 805-633-1506.
The Pacific Institute for Professional Writing is a California 501 (c) (3) corporation. The mission and goals of Institute are:
To bridge the unpublished with the professional community of editors, agents and publishers

To publish exceptional works of fiction and nonfiction that benefit the community
To produce quality events for the writing community and book lovers.
To inspire a curiosity for written and performance related vision
To deliver professional level education on all types of writing
To encourage all new forms of written communication
To demonstrate effective written communication
To mentor the next generation of writers
To learn more about the Institute, visit:

Call for Creative Nonfiction Fellows and for a Program Director

29 January 2012

Call for Creative Nonfiction Fellows and for a Program Director

Part-Time Program Director Position Opening (NY, NY)

The Asian American Writers’ Workshop is looking to hire a part-time Program Director to curate, publicize and manage literary events that are quirky, progressive, and (to use the jargon of postcolonial theory) awesome. You are an ambitious, logistical, organized lover of books who would like to build curatorial experience in a creative, progressive arts center. You will be responsible for curating and publicizing high-quality literary events centered around Asian American literature with the Executive Director. This position is available immediately. Earlier applicants will be prioritized. No phone calls, please. For more information, please see the full application form here.


Open City: Call for Creative Nonfiction Fellows (NY, NY)

Open City is a new online magazine on Asian American news and culture in New York. We’re looking for Creative Nonfiction Fellows to write and produce stories on the vibrant immigrant communities of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. In a time when Occupy Wall Street is shedding a harsh light on economic inequality, Open City offers a unique platform for writers to tell the stories low-income Americans too often ignored or misrepresented. If you’re an emerging creative nonfiction writer looking for financial support, a workspace and career mentorship, apply to become a Creative Nonfiction Fellow. You’ll help us document the rapidly growing, transforming and challenging experience of what it means to be Asian American in urban New York today. For more information, please see the full application form here.

Iman Omar

Intern, The Asian American Writers’ Workshop

Page Turner: The Asian American Literary Festival:

Literary Readings:

Creative Writing Workshops:

Support Asian American Literature:

English, Full-Time, One-Year Temporary, Non-Tenure-Track, Poet-in-Residence

23 January 2009

Institution: University of Central Oklahoma
Location: Edmond, OK
Category: Faculty – Liberal Arts – English and Literature

Posted: 01/20/2009

Application Due: 03/01/2009

Type: Full Time

Salary: $30,000 USD Per Year

Effective Date: 08/10/2009

Position Number: 999766

Requisition Number: A000452

Position Summary: Teach two courses per semester, including advanced poetry writing courses and introductory creative writing courses for students in M.F.A., M.A., and B.A. programs; serve on M.F.A. and M.A. thesis committees in creative writing; participate in co-curricular activities in support of the creative writing program.

This is a one year temporary position. On-Campus housing provided.

Minimum Qualifications: M.A. in creative writing required; M.F.A. or Ph.D. in creative writing preferred.

Preferred/Required Documents: On-Line Faculty Application with Cover Letter, Resume, List of Three Professional References and Degree Transcripts attached is required. Samples of writing should be attached as one Word document to “Other Doc” port.

For Technical Assistance, Call: 405-974-2663.

The department is part of the University’s College of Liberal Arts, which currently has 105 full-time and 136 part-time faculty in 7 academic departments. The College serves the University’s Core Curriculum programs and enrolls more than 2,500 undergraduate majors and more than 200 graduate students in 32 undergra
duate and 12 graduate degree programs. For further information see the College website at:

Application Information

Contact: University of Central Oklahoma

Online App. Form:


2 December 2008

One-year appointment, beginning August 2009, for a creative writer who plans a career that involves college-level teaching, to teach three courses per semester, including Introduction to Creative Writing and an advanced course in the writer’s genre, as well as to assist with departmental writing activities. Mentorship for teaching and assistance in professional development provided. M.A., with a concentration in creative writing, M.F.A., or Ph.D. with creative dissertation, required. Teaching experience and literary magazine publications are essential. Competitive salary.

To apply, send letter of application, c.v., the names of three references, and a 5-10 page writing sample to Emerging Writer Lectureship, Department of English, Box 397, Gettysburg College, 300 N. Washington St., Gettysburg, PA 17325, postmarked by January 30, 2009. Electronic applications will not be accepted.

Gettysburg College is a highly selective liberal arts college located within 90 minutes of the Washington/Baltimore metropolitan area. Established in 1832, the College has a rich history and is situated on a 220-acre campus with an enrollment of over 2,600 students. Gettysburg College celebrates diversity and welcomes applications from members of any group that has been historically underrepresented in the American academy. The College assures equal employment opportunity and prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, and disability.

Application Information

Postal Address:
Emerging Writer Lectureship
Department of English
Gettysburg College
300 North Washington Street
Box 397
Gettysburg, PA 17325

Phone: (717) 337-6750
Fax: (717) 337-8551
TDD: (717) 337-6833

California Institute of the Arts Faculty Opening

3 November 2008

(Fiction and/or Creative Non-Fiction)

The MFA Writing Program, based in the School of Critical Studies at California Institute of the Arts, invites applications for a regular faculty position (two courses per semester) in fiction and/or creative non-fiction. We seek a writer with teaching experience and significant publications who will contribute to the program’s unconventional, non-tracking curriculum and who will encourage an experimental creative practice informed by critical perspectives. CalArts is a private, accredited visual and performing arts college located in Valencia, California, serving a community of approximately 1300 undergraduate and graduate students and is committed to fostering a diverse artistic/educational environment.

Please send vitae, samples of published work, three letters of reference, and letter of interest to:

Dean, School of Critical Studies
Attn: MFA Faculty Position
24700 McBean Parkway,
Valencia, CA 91355

Application deadline is Monday, January 5, 2009.

Harvard Lecturship

28 October 2008

Harvard University. The Department of English at Harvard University invites applications for an appointment, to begin July 1, 2009, as Briggs-Copeland Lecturer on Fiction. The appointee to this five-year untenured position will have responsibility for teaching two undergraduate writing workshops per term. At least one book (or the equivalent) plus significant teaching experience is expected. Send a letter of application, resume, & writing sample, plus two letters of recommendation regarding teaching, postmarked no later than January 5, 2009, to: “Creative Writing Search” c/o James Engell, Chair, Department of English, Harvard University, 12 Quincy Street, Cambridge, MA 02138. Interviews will be held in late February. Complete applications will be acknowledged by postcard once all materials have been received. AA/EOE.

UNC-Greensboro Professorship

28 October 2008

University of North Carolina-Greensboro. Assistant Professor, Fiction. Tenure-track appointment in creative writing (fiction) effective August 1, 2009. Applicants must have published a minimum of one book & have appropriate teaching & professional credentials. MFA is the preferred degree. Candidates should possess the ability to teach creative writing & literature at both the undergraduate & graduate levels. Send letter of application & c.v. to: Michael Parker, Chair, Fiction Search Committee, 3302 MHRA, UNCG, Greensboro, N.C. 27402. Dossiers will be requested after initial screening. Include SASE for acknowledgment. Postmark deadline is November 15.

Montclair University Professorship

28 October 2008

Montclair State University. Assistant Professor in Creative Writing. Full-time, tenure-track position in creative writing with primary expertise in the writing of poetry. The candidate should have significant publications, including a book of poems, as well as a record of successful teaching in a diverse, multi-ethnic environment. Candidates should be prepared to teach creative writing courses ranging from Intro to Creative Writing to Advanced Poetry, as well as first year writing courses & courses in literary study (such as Contemporary Poetry). Candidates should be willing to participate in a review of our existing creative writing concentration & to play a vital role in the development of our curriculum. Our search committee will be attending the MLA convention (Dec 2008) in San Francisco. Candidates are required to have an MFA or a PhD. Willingness to provide service within the department, university, & larger professional community expected. Send only a letter, c,v., & 3 poems (or no more than 10 pages). Applications postmarked no later than November 3. Send to: English Department, Attn. Poetry search, Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ 07043.


22 January 2008

The Elma Stuckey Liberal Arts and Sciences Emerging Poet-in-Residence. Annual, one-year nonrenewable position: starts August 2008. Poets from underrepresented communities and/or those who bring diverse cultural, ethnic, theoretical, and national perspectives to their writing and teaching are particularly encouraged to apply. Position is named for Elma Stuckey, a poet born in Memphis who lived in Chicago for more than 40 years. Author of THE BIG GATE (1976) and THE COLLECTED POEMS OF ELMA STUCKEY (1987), she has been described as “the A.E. Housman of slavery” — a poet who recast for contemporary readers
“those things that were kept from the ears of the unknowing slavemasters.”

Successful candidate will teach one course per semester (undergraduate workshop, craft, and/or literature seminars), give a public reading, and possibly supervise a small number of graduate theses. Qualified candidates will have received an M.F.A. in poetry, or Ph.D. in English (with creative dissertation), or other relevant terminal degree in past five years; demonstrate excellence and experience in college-level teaching; and have strong record of publication in national literary magazines. Salary: $30,000 for the year. Send cover
letter, CV, 5-page sample of published poetry (photocopies are fine), sample syllabus for undergraduate or graduate-level poetry workshop or literature course, three letters of recommendation (at least one should address teaching), and statement of teaching philosophy to:

Tony Trigilio
Director, Creative Writing – Poetry
Columbia College Chicago
600 South Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL, 60605

Review of applications begins March 1 and will continue until position is filled.

The Creative Writing – Poetry Program has a commitment to excellence in teaching and is founded upon strong ties between the study of literature and the practice of creative expression, and features the only undergraduate creative writing – poetry BA program in the country and a single-genre MFA program, a national reading series featuring monthly readings, and two national literary magazines: COLUMBIA POETRY REVIEW and COURT GREEN. Columbia College Chicago is an urban institution of over 12,000 undergraduate and graduate students, emphasizing arts, media, and communications in a liberal arts setting.
Columbia College Chicago encourages qualified female, Deaf, GLBT, disabled, international & minority classified individuals to apply for all positions.

Ohio Wesleyan University

27 November 2007

Ohio Wesleyan University ( is selective, private, undergraduate liberal arts, residential institution founded in 1842 and is located just 20 miles north of Columbus. We invite applications for:

Search #0708- 0022 – Assistant Professor of English

Ohio Wesleyan University’s Department of English invites applications for the position of Assistant Professor of English with an August 2008 starting date. The successful candidate will be a specialist in creative non-fiction writing and expository writing with a compatible literary field. This is a full-time, tenure-track position. The load is six courses a year, three in writing and three in literature. We seek a candidate who demonstrates excellence in teaching and writing.

Qualifications: Candidates should have a Ph. D. or M.F.A. by August 2008. Completed application packets will include 1) letter of interest (cover letter), 2) syllabi and teaching evaluations, 3) curriculum vitae, 4) dossier, & 5) three letters of professional references or the names, titles, & contact information for three professional references, and should be sent to:

Ohio Wesleyan University
Attention – Lynette Carpenter, Chair, Department of English
61 South Sandusky Street
Delaware, Ohio 43015

Application review will begin immediately and will continue until each position is filled. Ohio Wesleyan University is strongly committed to diversity within its community and encourages all interested applicants, including women and minorities, to apply.

William Paterson University

27 November 2007

Assistant Professor, Creative Writing: William Paterson University

Specialization in Creative Writing, especially fiction, creative non-fiction, and multi-genre writing courses. Ph.D. preferred; M.F.A considered. Relevant publications and teaching experience required. Teach a variety of specialized undergraduate and graduate writing courses, as well as general education courses. We are especially interested in writers with experience in teaching courses in literature and professional writing.

Candidates should send letter of application, current curriculum vitae, and dossier to Linda Hamalian ,Drawer CHE, William Paterson University, 300 Pompton Road, Wayne, NJ 07470 or email Documentation of a high level of teaching effectiveness and commitment to scholarship, creative expression, and service is highly desirable. Review of applications will commence upon approval for funding and continue until the position is filled. The academic year commences September 1, 2008. Further information about the positions, the University, and the departmental programs can be obtained electronically through access to its website at

Application Information
Postal Address:

Linda Hamalian, Chairperson
Department of English
William Paterson University
300 Pompton Road
Wayne, NJ 07470