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Call for Submissions: An International Poetry Anthology in English

5 December 2018

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 Magnum Opus

An International Poetry Anthology in English

 (Submit Your Only One Poem i.e. Master Piece)

(It’s simply a waste of time and labour if poem is submitted without reading the complete submission guidelines!)

Submission Deadline: 31 Dec 2018 (Midnight) 

Publication Expected: 2019 

Publisher: Authorspress, New Delhi, India 

Editor: Dr. Vivekanand Jha



A poem can be of any theme but it should be your magnum opus.

Submission Requirements

It is requested to submit your magnum opus poem.

To submit work, please:

  • Send only one poem, of no more than 50 lines at
  • Poem should originally be written in English. No translation, please.
  • Include a bio in maximum 100 words.
  • Submission of more than one poem shall be rejected without intimation.
  • Save MS word file with your name, paste your bio, email id and poem into it. Send it as an email attachment.


Mere submission of one’s magnum opus won’t qualify for the poem to be included in the anthology. Editor reserves the right to select the poem suiting the aim of the anthology and his decisions will be final. Final selection will be made after the deadline for submission is over. Decisions for selection or rejection will be intimated to the individual in due course of time. It’s no use making a query in between.


We will be accepting submissions from poets all over the world.

Copyright and Acknowledgement

Copyright of the selected poem shall remain with the author. It is natural that being one’s best poem it may have published previously at more than one place. We would mention the acknowledgment of the first publisher only. If a poem is submitted to us it would be deemed that either the poet holds necessary copyright or he has taken due permission from its first publisher.


The anthology will be listed on various online stores and like other books of Authorspress this collection too will be made available worldwide through authorized distributors and sub-distributors. The anthology will be published in both print and electronic format.


The contributors physically living in India irrespective of their country of origin will get a free print copy whereas those living overseas will get a free eBook which will be available with us in various forms and formats.


We shall leave no stone unturned to reach the best contemporary poets all over the world. But if every poet, in the possession of this call for submissions, forwards to his fellow or friend poets, things will be pretty easier for us and it will be very helpful for the future health of poetry as well. Hence it is our humble request to forward this call to the emails at your disposal.

Looking forward to your submissions!

Best wishes!


Dr. Vivekanand Jha


POETRY SUPER HIGHWAY Call for Submissions: A Poet’s Siddur

13 September 2016

This is an open call for poetry submissions for “A Poets’ Siddur” poetry anthology to be published by Ain’t Got No Press in 2017, and edited by Rick Lupert.

The Siddur is the Jewish prayer book used for daily worship services as well as on Shabbat (the Sabbath) by Jewish communities all over the world. The idea is to fill this unique book with reinterpretations of the themes and original text of the siddur, written through the lenses of poets, and using a Friday night Shabbat evening service as the template.

Submission Guidelines:

1) Send no more than three pieces of any style or length which specifically relate to one of the themes / prayers or liturgy of a Friday evening Shabbat service. We’re open to all styles and forms of poetry, but particularly would enjoy those that:

  • use accessible language and imagery
  • use humor (not a requirement, but don’t shy away from it either.)
  • would appeal to both poets and those who don’t normally identify as likers of poetry
  • provide a modern context / setting for the theme in the prayer/liturgy
  • are shorter (yes, we’ll read any length, but generally we’re of a “less is more” sensibility)

Here’s an outline of the Shabbat evening service: (click on the prayer title for the text/translation)

Here’s a list of some of the general themes in the prayers/liturgy:

2) Please indicate which prayer or liturgy from a Friday night service you have in mind with each piece you send.

3) We will consider work by anyone, regardless of religion (or lack thereof) but the work submitted must connect with a specified piece or theme from the Jewish Friday night service.

4) Previously published material is ok, but we’re eagerly looking for pieces which specifically relate to the themes, prayers and liturgy of a Friday evening Shabbat service. (If previously published, please indicate where and when so we can properly credit if selected.)

5) Please include a maximum 75 word bio. (For your reference, 76 words is more than 75 words. Please stick to our guideline here.)

6) Work may only be submitted by e-mail to (Word .doc/.docx, Apple Pages Document, or text pasted into an e-mail)

7) The deadline to submit your work is December 31, 2016.

8) If your work is accepted for publication in A Poet’s Siddur, you will receive one physical copy of the published book, signficant discont on purchasing additional copies, and we may call on you to participate in live (virtual or in person) events revolving around the publication of the anthology.

9) Submission does not guarantee publication.

10) You will be notified by March 31st, 2017 whether or not your work was accepted for publication.

Need more info or clarification? Send an e-mail to (please don’t send submissions to this address. Submissions go to )

Ain’t Got No Press is a publisher of uniquely themed poetry anthologies such as A Poet’s Haggadah (Passover themed poetry), Ekphrastia Gone Wild (Poet’s respond to art) and The Night Goes on All Night (Noir poetry).

Submissions accepted for THE POETIC BOND VI (2016) until June 30, 2016

13 June 2016

Read the guidelines and conditions below.

The closing date for submissions is June 30, 2016

Payment of the submission fee denotes that you agree to the Guidelines and Conditions below and agree for your work, should it be selected, to be published in THE POETIC BOND VI (2016)

Guidelines and conditions

1            All poems submitted, for which the submission fee has been paid, will be considered for inclusion in an anthology to be named THE POETIC BOND VI (2016)

2            All poems must be the authors own work

3            Unpublished poems and those previously published can be submitted

4            Authors are responsible for informing Willowdown Books of any licenses or conditions they may have assigned to third parties; any dispute that may arise is solely a matter for the author and the owner and the third party.

5            Copyright remains with the author and authors of all poems selected will be asked to  agree to the copyright notice below (14)

6            Poems can be any length; however, due to practical constraints up to 120 lines of any one work will be included in the publication.  Longer poems should give a web link to the full piece

7            Poems can be on any subject, have any form or style

8            Poems will be read by an anonymous panel and those selected will appear in the anthology

9            Based on the emergent themes within the selection the editor will arrange the poems into chapters in an anthology

10          The decisions of the panel and the editor to select poem (s) for the anthology are final and no correspondence will be entered into save for notification of whether the work is to be included in the anthology

11          Poets submitting work can CHOOSE to receive feedback on their work; this feedback is in the form of the REPORTS that the readers send to the editor.  These reports are NOT professional critiques tailored to the poet; THEY ARE the professional opinions of the readers and their purpose is to help the editor in their selection of poems to be included in the anthology.  Only poets who REQUEST feedback will receive it.

12          Copyright of individual poems remains with the author at all times

13          Successful entries will be published in paperback in or after September 2016

14          Copyright Notice

Should my poem(s) be selected, I, as author of the work, agree to give Willowdown Books permission to publish my poem(s) within the anthology known as THE POETIC BOND VI (2016), in any media, and to use my name and poem in any marketing or promotional activity which pertains to the marketing and promotion of said anthology.  Willowdown Books agree that they cannot print or use any other media to publish any poem from the anthology individually, except with the express permission of the author.

The following, or equivalent, will appear in the anthology;

Willowdown Books asserts its copyright of this book as an anthology, by which is meant the collection of poems.  Willowdown Books asserts no copyright over any of the individual poems.  Copyright is asserted (by both Willowdown Books and the individual authors) under the Copyright Laws of the British Commonwealth of Nations, the United States of America and all the countries of the Berne and Universal Copyright Conventions. All rights, including Stage, Motion Picture, Television, Public Reading, Translation into foreign language, any Internet or related media is strictly reserved (by the author, or WillowdownBooks as detailed above)

How to Submit, visit the website:

NCW Poetry Book Submissions

20 May 2016


Welcome to the NCW Poetry Book Submissions page. Below is all you need to know to submit your work for consideration to this poetry anthology.

I look forward to reading your best poetry.

  1. You must be a current member in good standing of Northern Colorado Writers (NCW) at the time of your submission.
  2. All work submitted must be your own original, previously unpublished work.
  3. Submit up to five (5) poems for consideration. The anthology will publish a maximum of three (3) poems per poet.
  4. Submission deadline is June 30, 2016.
  5. There is no reading fee. I am honored for the opportunity to read your poetry.
  6. All genres of poetry are accepted. There is no theme for the anthology. Most likely hardcore erotica and horror won’t get in, but one never knows.
  7. No line limits, but poems of 60 lines are less are preferred.
  8. Simultaneous submissions are accepted. Please inform me if your work is accepted elsewhere. Your poem won’t appear in the anthology but I will offer my utmost congratulations!
  9. Complete the form below, including titles of the poems you are submitting and then email your poems to deankmiller(AT)liveDOTcom. Poems maybe be embedded in the body of the email or sent as a single MS WORD document attached to the email. Start each new poem on a new page in the document.
  10. If accepted, you agree to grant rights for publishing your work in book and e-book formats. Also you grant electronic archival rights for occasional online publication, in full or in excerpt form, on this website or in advertising mentions.
  11. All rights return to you after the book is published. If your work is accepted elsewhere afterwards, please consider mentioning the anthology as “published prior in . . .”
  12. All accepted authors will be required to sign a “release/permission to publish” agreement.
  13. Accepted poems may not be substituted later for one you just wrote. No replacements will be allowed. You may withdraw your poems anytime prior to the submission deadline above. After that date, all accepted work will be published.
  14. At a minimum, accepted poets will be compensated with one (1) copy of the anthology.
  15. Acceptance/non-acceptance decisions will be made on a rolling basis. If I love your work and want to publish it, I’ll let you know right away. Likewise, if I think there’s something else you should submit, I’ll let you know as well. Feedback on non-accepted work may or may not be provided.

Visit the website for submission details:


Filigree anthology: call for submissions

13 March 2016

The Inscribe imprint of Peepal Tree Press, one of the UK’s largest publishers of Black and Asian British writing, is seeking submissions of original poetry for an upcoming anthology titled, ‘Filigree’.

‘Filigree’ typically refers to the finer elements of craftwork – the parts that are subtle; our ‘Filigree’ anthology seeks work that plays with the possibilities that the word suggests, work that is delicate, that counters the heavy handed representation of colour in the media, work that responds to the idea of edging, a comment on the daily marginalisation of the darker voice. But as Inscribe enjoys pushing boundaries, we are open to poets turning the word, the image, upside down to present us with a Filigree poem that we wouldn’t expect!

Poems for ‘Filigree’ must be previously unpublished. The anthology will include work from established Black British poets residing inside and outside the UK, Black poets who have made Britain their home, as well as exciting new and emerging poets around the country who have never published a poem before who respond in compelling ways to the idea of ‘Filigree’.

The deadline for submissions is Saturday, 30 April 2016.

Further information can be found at: