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10 Brilliant Biographies That Every Writer Must Read

28 November 2010

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20 Creative Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block

11 November 2010

Writer’s block is the bane of anyone and everyone who writes. You’ll be cruising through a story, your words are flowing nicely, until suddenly you’ve hit the brakes and can’t restart the engine. Most of us try to work through the road block, endlessly searching for inspiration, but sometimes you just can’t produce anything worthwhile. Instead of cursing the writing gods or pressing the delete button, take your hands off the keyboard, take a deep breath and consider trying one of these 20 creative ways to overcome writer’s block:

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“50 Best Blogs for Creative Writing Students”

1 October 2010

Creative writing students can learn a lot from others in the industry, whether they’re fellow students, educators, or successful writers. You can find advice, inspiration, and more, just by checking out creative writing blogs online, and we’ve found 50 of the best to share here.

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A Website for the Independant Literary Community

1 May 2007


Recommended Reading

24 February 2007

Octopus Magazine

Recommended Reading

24 February 2007