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5 May 2017


Gordy Hoffman, the Sundance award-winning writer/director (LOVE LIZA, A COAT OF SNOW), will be available for one-hour, in-person script consultations in Denver between May 26-27, 2017 (Friday and Saturday).

Gordy will read your script in advance, and then when he’s in Denver, he will meet with you at your convenience to provide notes to you and discuss your script in depth for one hour. He will answer all your questions and give you a clear path forward on rewriting your draft, as well as answer any specific questions you might have about screenwriting and film making. The consultation is designed to support the development of your screenplay and you as a screenwriter overall.

Once you’ve booked the consultation, we will be determine the location and time that’s convenient while Gordy’s in Denver. If you have any questions regarding logistics or scheduling before you register for the consultation, please contact the BlueCat office at

Gordy has taught graduate screenwriting courses at USC and UCLA, as well as led workshops all over North America, Australia, New Zealand, Poland and England. He’s presented at numerous writing conferences, including IFP Script to Screen Conference, Lit Week at Lighthouse Workshop, Willamette Writers Conference, Script DC Conference, as well as serving as judge for the McKnight Screenwriting Fellowships in Minnesota. A proud Jayhawk, he sits on the Professional Advisory Board of the Film and Media Studies Department at his alma mater, the University of Kansas.

Gordy’s short film, DOG BOWL, had its world premiere at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival Short Film Program. He’s currently developing a feature for Abigail Spencer.

Gordy Hoffman founded the BlueCat Screenplay Competition in 1998 and remains its judge.

Note: Screenplays submitted to the workshop are not eligible to be entered into the BlueCat Screenplay Competition.

$225 (Full Registration) / N/A (Regular)


Read more at:

Call for submissions: Lagos Literary and Arts Journal

20 May 2016

Lagos Literary and Arts Journal is always in search of exceptional talents to promote.

If you feel you believe you are a good writer whose voice should be heard all over the world, send us your best short fiction, essay or poem.
If you have taken some extraordinary photographs, and you think you should rank amongst the best, send them to us with your bio.
If you have written a review about a book you have just read, and you want other people to know about the same book, send us the review and we will pass the message along.
If you have met a great artiste (writer, musician , artist) you think is so amazing and is worth promoting, send us your report .
If you have interviewed any of them, all the better, send us the interviews and some pictures, we will do our best

Lagos Literary and Arts Journal publishes all genres of creative writing and media related to creative endeavors – including but not limited to poetry, fiction, essay, memoir , drama; political essays, satire, profiles, book reviews, anything to stimulate public interest in Nigerian art and culture. As much as possible please keep the length of all submissions below 2500 words; and the size of other media (image. video. audio) less than 3MB
You may submit files of following type; doc , rtf, jpg , gif , png,
Submissions are invite from all over the world.
All work to be considered for publishing should be sent to the editor at the following :

LLAJ is primarily a promotional publication, aiming to bring to light the work of new talents. We generally only pay an honorarium of $20 ($10 for poetry) for any work used in the print edition.

To obtain a sample copy of the journal (N800), visit our editorial and fulfillment office at:
AM Book and Team Publishing Limited
1 Olanipekun Street, Ososami Road,

Visit the website:

The Biggest Error of a New Writer

20 May 2016

Here lately I’ve received a rash of emails asking me how to become a freelance writer and make money. Well, actually, they ask how they can write and get paid by me, and then they ask me to mentor them so that their writing is good enough.

So, let’s look at this for a moment . . . I’m supposed to take on someone who is not a commercial writer, teach them how to write such that it IS marketable, then pay them $50 for 500 words that fit FundsforWriters.

Some submitters become quite disgruntled when I refuse them. Some pitch me anyway, then when I reject (always with reasons to help them learn), they get angry that I am not giving a new writer a chance by educating them how to write it better.

Note to writers everywhere: It is not an editor’s job to teach you how to write. When you pitch, you are professing to already know the craft. It should be only a matter of the writer’s pitch fitting the need of the publication.

The best ways to learn how to write for a publication:

1) Read all the freelance chapters in a Writers Market.
2) Read enough of the publication you’re pitching to understand their style.
3) Read the guidelines and study the editorial calendar (if available).
4) Ensure your writing is polished enough so that the editor wants to read more.
5) Know the Chicago Manual of Style.

Second note to writers: Editors are not there to edit your work for you. They are there to edit for the publication, to find the best topics for their readers and then edit the stories to fit the space.

Take the time to learn how to write well. Then take the time to learn how to pitch smart. Do not use editors for your trial and error learning process. Find beta readers and critique groups to test drive your work.

You cannot undo a first impression, and yes, many editors remember. An idea that doesn’t quite fit is one thing….not knowing how to write is quite another.

Freelance writing resources for the new freelance writer:

By C. Hope Clark, award-winning author of the Carolina Slade Mystery Series, creator and editor at 

Good Reads by Award Winning Poet, Author – LB Sedlacek

11 April 2016

The fourth ebook in the popular series
just for poets continues with “Active Duty!”
Are you a poet?  Is it tough surviving
life as a poet?  Do people still look
at you funny when you say you are one?
Do they want you to write toasts for their
weddings or love poems?  What does it
mean to be a poet?  In this offering,
you will learn that “Yes, You Are a Poet!”
Plus more on being a performance artist,
persistence, how to refresh your poetic
skills, and use poetry to help others.
Plus there’s the bonus of more
Secret Poetry Weapons – skills to keep
your life upas a poet (no matter what
you may or may not do for a living!)
Order your ebook today (Kindle):
“The Poet’s Survival Guide 4:  Active Duty”

From Chapter 5:  Persistence:  
“Is it hard to be a poet?  Oh yes!  
How many people look at you funny
(that aren’t writers or poets themselves)
when you say you are one?  Besides the
fact, you won’t find many readers of it
anyway they will wonder just what it is
you do and then the next inevitable
question will be do you make a living
with it.  You have to live, breathe, eat,
sleep poetry to be a poet.  If you
don’t know what that means, are you
living up to your true poetical nature?

“How to Write and Make $ With Your Poetry”
17 chapters for new or established poets trying
to earn and make a living with poetry.  

“In The Trenches”
Features more of what you should know and do to
make a living or a part-time living writing poetry.  
11 chapters on how and where to sell your poems.
Includes PR tools.

“Back to Boot Camp”
The Poet’s Survival Guide series is back with a part 3, a new
offering for 2012.  In this guide for poets, get back to the basics
to sustain your life as a poet.  Improve your odds.  Create your
best poems.  Figure out which way to go:  electronic or paper.  
Branch out and get your poetry fix while creating and maintaining
new and tried and true ways to continue your career as a poet.


The Poet’s Survival Guide 1 – Book

The Poet’s Survival Guide 1 – E-book

The Poet’s Survival Guide 1 – Kindle

The Poet’s Survival Guide 2 – E-book

The Poet’s Survival Guide 2 – Kindle

The Poet’s Survival Guide 3 – E-book

The Poet’s Survival Guide 3 – Kindle

The Poet’s Survival Guide 4 – Kindle


“The EP Hunting Club: Book One The Poem Code”
by LB Sedlacek
E.P. Huntington is just a maintenance guy
for the GBT (Great Big Thing) and the other
telescopes and labs at the National Radio
Astronomy Observatory. An artist, a poet,
and a novice astronomer, Janise Birch was
all that until she disappeared. She left
something behind. Does her last poem, her
most ingenious work contain an important
message for us all? Her cousin, Darius,
his best friend, E.P., and her Astronomy
Professor are about to find out.

People don’t drive cars through buildings –
that’s what I used to laugh and say when I
would see it on TV or in the movies. A few
days before, I had seen a movie, a comedy,
where a car drove through a building and
I had said that never happens – people
don’t drive through buildings. But then,
then it happened to me. I wasn’t in the
car. I was in the building. This is my
story … “Life after Wreck” a memoir
by LB Sedlacek available on Kindle:




You can have your poems critiqued to get them in shape and
ready to go.  Affordable rates.  Poems critiqued for theme,
style, grammar, punctuation, word use, form, content, etc
to make them publication ready.

1 Poem Critique:

2 Poems Critique:

3 Poems Critique:

5 Poems Critique:

The Poetry Market Ezine
Click on Poetry Critique Service.
More critique options available.


“District of Confusion (The
Washington, DC poems)” by
LB Sedlacek

Poems written April 2012 and
they are one poet’s return to
Washington, D.C. They were written
on this particular trip back to
visit Washington, D.C. where I
lived for many years.  Poems include
“True Story:  Outside Ford’s Theatre,”
“Cups for Money, Cups for Food,”
“The Former Court of Neptune,”
“Red Brick and Cobblestone,” and
“Union Station Poem (Washington, DC).”

To order:

Also by LB Sedlacek, now on Kindle:
“The Cat and the Carroll A. Deering
and Other North Carolina Poems”


Currently accepting poetry reviews submissions of poetry
book or chapbooks.  
click on ABOUT) or email for guidelines.

Call for poetry submissions: Dine and Rhyme

13 March 2016


this is to anyone who would like to contribute poetry to dineANDrhyme associated with a restaurant located anywhere in this small world. submissions will require restaurant information, a picture of any meal from selected restaurant, and a poem that highlights the menu, taste of food, information about the restaurant, and/or any relevant information that will show off selected restaurant in a way that dineANDrhyme has always strived to do.


again, please include:

  • name and location of restaurant
  • picture of any meal from restaurant
  • poem that shows off selected restaurant in a way dineANDrhyme has always done
  • your name AND e-mail are required. a short bio and including any personal website, social network handle (Twitter, Instagram) are optional but preferred


Contribute your poetry:

Visit the blog website:


Donna Chlimon


to put it simply,

I created the blog dineANDrhyme to combine the two things in my small world I absolutely love: food and poetry. I was born and raised in Chicago, IL and that is where most of the restaurants I have the pleasure of trying are located. I hope that with my writing you will not only enjoy the poetry but that you will be hungry while reading it.


Donna Chlimon

Zoetic Press Calls for Submissions

21 January 2015

Zoetic Press wants art and literature that tiptoes the tightrope between now and then—we are actively reading submissions for both NonBinary Review & Unbound Octavo.

We want language that makes us reach for a dictionary, a tissue, or both. Words in combinations and patterns that leave the faint of heart a little dizzy. We want insight, deep diving, broad connections, literary conspiracies, personal revelations, or anything you want to tell us about the themes we’ve chosen. Literary forms are changing as we use technology and typography to find new ways to tell stories—for work that doesn’t fit neatly into any one genre, we’ve created a separate category to properly evaluate submissions of a hybrid or experimental nature.

Each issue of NonBinary Review is focused on a single theme:


Issue #5 (reading period closes April 1, publication June 2015): Robert W. Chambers’ The King in Yellow

Issue #6 (reading period closes June 1; publication August 2015): 1001 Arabian Nights



We are a paying market–1 cent per word for prose/hybrid work, $10 flat fee per poem, and $25 flat fee for art.


Please note that at present, the Zoetic app is accessible through iPad & iPhone only, with future updates to include Android versions. When submitting your work, please note that if selected for publication, your work will appear in electronic form only. Please download our free app to familiarize yourself with our content and unique publishing model!



For more detailed guidelines, please expand the guidelines box of the genre you’re submitting to on our Submittable page.



Unbound Octavo is a collaborative publication, with each issue featuring a set of “interlocking” stories created by authors who may never have otherwise “met”—we are reading stories which interlock into the current story published on the website—every six weeks, a new story will post online and we’ll be reading stories related to the new posted story. UO’s word limit is 1,000 words for interlocking stories.


To read the current story we’re looking for which we’re seeking interlocking stories, please visit


To submit a story (up to 1000 words) to Unbound Octavo, visit:


Unbound Octavo is a paying market, $25 flat fee per piece of art or flash fiction!




Zoetic Press is always looking to publish reviews—though this is the only category for which we do not pay authors, we definitely work hard to promote authors through our social media networks. Unlike our imprints NonBinary Review & Unbound Octavo, book reviews are published online.  To submit a review, visit:




Zoetic Press is seeking associate editors! This position is a volunteer position & will require no more than a 4-hour weekly time commitment. We are looking for associate editors with a background in the arts, who can give articulate feedback on fiction, poetry & visual art. The duties for this position are light, and include reading submissions, voting on submissions, and basic copy editing duties. To join our team & gain experience working for a publisher on the cutting edge of technology, send a cover letter and resume to:

Call for Submissions: The Chattahoochee Review – Fall/Winter 2014

6 July 2014


The Chattahoochee Review seeks submissions for its Fall/Winter 2014 double issue with a special focus on “Skin.” Literal and figurative explorations of the theme welcome. We’re particularly interested in sophisticated treatments, whether of sexuality, race, health, species, food, anatomy, or surfaces. Please note the call for submissions in a cover letter and follow the general guidelines below. Our special-focus issues fill quickly; we encourage submissions by August 1, 2014.


TCR welcomes online submissions via Submittable. We no longer accept paper submissions. General submissions will close during the month of January, but prize submissions will be open during that time.

Since we acquire first North American rights, submissions should be works previously unpublished in North America. Please single-space between sentences. We appreciate a short cover letter with a concise bio that could be used should we publish the work. Please inform us of a simultaneous submission and email us immediately if the work is accepted elsewhere. Please do not mail or email submissions; to be fair to all submitters, these will be returned unread. Questions? Need to withdraw a poem or part of a submission? Email us at Need to withdraw another genre or an entire submission? Please do so via Submittable.

Familiarity with our journal is the best way to know whether or not work is right for us, and reading in general improves writing; we strongly encourage reading a sample copy or subscribing before submitting. Our current issue, Volume 34.1, is available in a Kindle Edition for $3.99, and the first issue under new editorship, featuring Aimee Bender and Natasha Trethewey, is available for $4 in PDF. Please consider reading an issue before submitting. Our response time averages three to four months, longer only in special circumstances. We read year-round.

Submit only your very best work with our assurance it will be given every consideration.

TCR publishes high quality literary fiction characterized by interest in language, development of distinctive settings, compelling conflict, and complex, unique characters. Please read a sample copy. Fiction should be double-spaced with numbered pages and one-inch margins. Submit only one story or up to three short-shorts (500-1,000 words each). We consider longer stories of up to 6,000 words and novellas.

TCR publishes excellent poetry of all types, including informal personal narratives, prose poems, and formal poems. We consider English translations of poetry from other languages, in which case a brief biography of the poet and translator should be included. Poetry should be single-spaced and include three to five poems per submission.

TCR publishes distinctive topical essays and personal creative nonfiction of any kind; this includes pieces that might fit into the memoir, travel, and historical nonfiction categories. We are not an academic journal and publish for a general readership. Above all, we are interested in publishing nonfiction that surprises and intrigues us.

TCR publishes interviews with writers of all kinds: literary, academic, journalistic, and popular. Recent interviews have featured Kwame Dawes, Tony Grooms, Wells Tower, Larry Brown, Claude Wilkinson, Ferreira Gullar, and Kunal Basu. Please query us at with a proposal for a particular interview.

TCR publishes reviews of current fiction, poetry, and nonfiction books, especially those from writers with an innovative approach to subject matter. Several related works may be reviewed at more length in a review essay that engages critical issues not appropriate to a single review. We are always in search of new reviewers. Please query us at about the possibility of a particular review or review essay, specifying your credentials for the review.

TCR accepts visual art submissions, photography included, by invitation only.


All contributors receive two copies.

Deadline: August 1, 2014

Visit the website:

10 Classic Books All Teens Should Read

15 May 2013

Young Adult literature is enjoying an almost unprecedented explosion in popularity, moving more and more teens to lose themselves in the wonderful world of books. While the shelves of the local big-box retailer may be weighted down with plenty of offerings from bestselling authors, there are also a plethora of classics that no teenage bookworm should miss. These ten classics are among the most moving, inspiring and thought-provoking out there, giving today’s YA lit a run for it’s proverbial money.

Visit the website:

The Poetry Market Ezine Newletter is accepting poetry news, review submissions, contest info & more…

3 February 2013

Poetry News and Update Reminders:

Send in your poetry news for inclusion
in an upcoming issue (as space permits).
Poetry news can be of poem publications,
chapbook or book publications, or awards,
etc. News items have to be poetry or
writing related. Poetry contest info
needs to include contact info and be a
short condensed listing (i.e. don’t send
us a press release or a website link only)

TIPS: Do not send Press Releases.
No poems. We don’t publish poems.

Currently accepting review submissions of
poetry books or chapbooks. Guidelines
click on ABOUT) or email for guidelines.

Email news items to:

For general info:

Thanks for subscribing!
Like us on Facebook:

Ideas Tap: Bursary for arts students and recent graduates – Must be United Kingdom based

2 February 2013

Saddled by student debt? Whether you’re a first-year student or a graduate, if you embarked on a BA or BMus in 2006* or later, you could benefit from having £9,000 wiped off your Student Loans Company balance by IdeasTap. 

For a chance to win, simply tell us in 100 words or less what you could offer to IdeasTap’s network in exchange for the money. It could be an idea or a service, for example “This is how you could improve your site…” or “I’ll run this Spa event for your members…” – the more imaginative, original and feasible the idea, the better!

We’ll then invite a shortlist of our favourite 50 ideas to submit further information, from which we’ll select one lucky winner of a £9,000 lump sum, paid directly to the Student Loans Company – and four runners-up, who will each receive a £500 lump sum, also paid directly to the Student Loans Company. The winner will then be required to deliver their idea with appropriate support from IdeasTap.

To be eligible to enter, you must be UK-based and have:

• embarked on a Bachelor of Arts or BMus degree in 2006 or later.

• £9,000 or more in debt (we’ll ask to see a Student Loans statement, if shortlisted).

• studied in the UK and taken out a loan with the Student Loans Company.

• a first degree – we won’t pay towards a Masters or Postgraduate qualification.

• a profile picture on your IdeasTap profile.

• intellectual property of the ideas submitted – IdeasTap must be able to use any of the ideas from submissions, shortlisted entrants, runners-up and the winner.

 Find out more and apply by 29 March at

The brief closes on Friday 29 March at 5pm and is open to IdeasTap members aged 18 and over. If you have any technical queries, please visit our Help Centre. Late entries will not be accepted under any circumstances, including technical issues – so make sure you don’t leave your application to the last minute.
*Please note, this opportunity is open to those who commenced Higher Education study in September 2006 onwards, to reflect the introduction of £3,070 per year top-up fees. – Free 10 day Trial of Poetry Contest Insider

24 November 2012

View over 1,250 poetry and prose contest profiles online

Choosing which contests to enter this year? The expert online database at Poetry Contest Insider will save you time and money. Search and sort contests by deadline, prize, fee, recommendation level and more. We don’t just list contests, we point you to the ones that will gain the most attention for your work, whether you are just starting out or are well-established. Exclusive interviews with contest judges and editors help you understand how your submissions are evaluated.

Recent honors for our subscribers include wins and runner-up prizes in contests such as Atlanta Review’s Poetry 2012 International Poetry Competition, the Connecticut Poetry Award, the Contemporary American Poetry Prize from, the Eric Hoffer Award for Independent Books, the Gulf Coast Ethnic & Heritage Jazz Festival Poetry Contest, the Inspired by Tagore Writing Competition, the Little Red Tree International Poetry Prize, the Lucidity Poetry Journal Clarity Awards, the Nantucket Directory Poetry Contest, the Nautilus Book Awards, the Next Generation Indie Book Awards, and the Poetry Society of New Hampshire National Contest.

Poetry Contest Insider is published by Winning Writers, one of the “101 Best Writing Websites” (Writer’s Digest, 2005-2012). Get instant access for just $9.95 per quarter, with a free 10-day trial at the start. Cancel at any time. Learn more and start your free trial now at


4 November 2012

Attention poets! Searching for poetry markets and contest?

Then subscribe to the free monthly newsletter, The Poetry Market Ezine.

Each monthly issue features poetry markets and contests, poetry and writing news and reviews.

The Poetry Market Ezine is exclusively dedicated to poets, poetry publishers and poetry readers.

Markets and contests are all geared towards poetry only.

Affordable advertisement options and/or poem critique service also available. Publishing since 2001.



Facebook –

Valhalla Press is pleased to announce all the winners of the first Valhalla Press Literary Fiction and Creative Nonfiction Writing Contest

29 October 2012

Washington, DC October 17, 2012 – Valhalla Press is pleased to announce all the winners of the first Valhalla Press Literary Fiction and Creative Nonfiction Contest. The contest sought out the best in original short literary fiction and nonfiction work written in English.

We previously announced that the First Prize winner in the Valhalla Press Literary Fiction and Creative Nonfiction Writing Contest is Jan English Leary for her story, Mother’s Helper, a classic short story reminiscent of John Updike. Jan received $500 and her e-reader of choice, the Nook ST with Glolight.

We also previously announced that Mary Beth Ellis won second prize for her creative nonfiction piece, People Who Choose to Run, written in the New Journalism tradition of Tom Wolfe. Mary selected a Nook Color for her prize, which will be sent as soon as the new version is available.

We are now pleased to announce our list of Honorable Mention winners. Each of these pieces will appear in the inaugural issue of Ragnarok, Valhalla Press’ e-lit journal, which will be published on November 1, 2012. The Honorable Mention winners also received payment of $25 for their work. The winners are:

Loss by Jamie Derkenne

Hip, Hip Harrumph! by Mark Levine

The Atrocities of War by Jennifer Peckinpaugh

Canadian Geese in Phoenix by Davey Jones

The Leaving of Things by Jaidev Antani

The judges will provide individual feedback to each contest entrant over the next few weeks. We apologize for the brief delay in feedback – we are hard at work. Valhalla Press would like to thank all entrants for their help in making our inaugural writing contest a success.

For more information, go to

About Valhalla Press

Valhalla Press is a publisher of an eclectic list of ebooks and soon the e-lit journal, Ragnarok. Our authors include seasoned published writers as well as newly discovered writers.

Last Call for Submissions! Get Involved – Share your opinions, work and stories

26 October 2012
 “RIOT – MELLAKKA” Submit your work to be featured on the HESA inprint blog with a chance to be published in our monthly magazine. We are looking for creative people with a vision and voice to share their opinions, work and stories not for a pay check but for the love of creating.

This months issue theme is “RIOT – MELLAKKA ” if you feel like your work could be put in to this category we would love for you to submit it to HESA inprint and be in with a chance to get in to the web magazine, blog and magazine publication.

Deadline is Midnight Finnish Time, October 30th 2012 

IMPORTANT! Remember to include your full name, email address, titles and mediums for all work and an overall title for your submission! We also recommend adding an introduction text on the works submitted and how you see them fitting with the current theme.

TO SUBMIT your works for our publication send it to in the subject box write: “submission – riot – Your Name – WORK TITLE”.

For submission guidelines visit:

HESA inprint is a Finnish-English web magazine, blog and art magazine publication. The theme for the issue is RIOT – MELLAKKA. The deadline is midnight (Finnish Time) October 30th 2012. Instructions on how to submit your work is available at

Call for submissions for upcoming issues of Able Muse

20 May 2012

ABLE MUSE – Submission Guidelines for Poetry, Fiction, Essays, Book Reviews & Art


We invite submission for forthcoming issues of Able Muse.


Able Muse predominantly publishes metrical poetry complemented by art and photography, fiction and non-fiction including essays, book reviews and interviews with a focus on metrical and formal poetry. We are looking for well-crafted poems of any length or subject that employ skillful and imaginative use of meter and rhyme, executed in a contemporary idiom, that reads as naturally as your free verse poems. All forms of formal poetry are welcome. We will also publish, occasionally, the exceptional  free verse poem. For an example of what we’re interested in, check the poetry of Philip Larkin, James Merrill, Elizabeth Bishop, Derek Walcott, Marilyn Hacker, Richard Wilbur, Anthony Hecht….

The best way to become acquainted with any publication is to read its recent issues. We invite you to enjoy and study our online archives or—better yet—to subscribe to Able Muse print edition at the Able Muse Press website here.

Able Muse seeks to publish established as well as new voices. We read everything and publish only the best. Send your best!
Send only previously unpublished poems. No simultaneous submissions, please. Contributions that have already been published or are being considered for publication elsewhere are not eligible to be considered for publication in Able Muse, unless a cross-publishing arrangement has previously been negotiated.


Send 1 to 5 poems and a brief bio. A cover letter would be nice but is not mandatory.  E-mail is the preferred medium of submission, but we also welcome snail mail. When submitting multiple poems via email, please we encourage sending us just one email containing all the poems for consideration as opposed to one email per poem. For long poems accepted by snail mail, we may expect a computer disk. Response time varies from 2 to 12 weeks.

Able Muse also welcomes humorous or light poetry.

We also invite submission of short fiction (maximum of 2 stories per submission, 4000 words or less per story). We will consider longer pieces of exceptional merit. Our emphasis is on literary fiction; Able Muse is not a venue for fantasy, romance, horror, action-adventure, gratuitous violence, or inspirational/sentimental genres.

Also welcome are interviews, book reviews and essays on metrical poetry (maximum of 2 essays per submission, 4000 words or less per essay, but here also, we’ll consider longer pieces of exceptional merit,) photography and artwork (black & white preferred, although we will also consider colored work. Submit in JPG or GIF format, or a URL with the images. When sending a URL, please indicate the specific images you are submitting, not just a link to your website or blog.)


Able Muse now accepts submissions throughout the year, and we endeavor to publish new issues two to three times a year. Accepted work of poetry, fiction, nonfiction or art will be targeted to the appropriate forthcoming issue. After making a submission, please do not send us another of the same type until we have had a chance to respond to the previous one.


Able Muse acquires first-time electronic publication rights. We also reserve the right to republish it in a future electronic and/or print anthology. Back issues are archived indefinitely. Rights return to the author after publication: authors retain their copyright, however, so after their contribution has appeared in Able Muse, they may republish their text in any manner they wish—electronic or print—as long as they clearly acknowledge Able Muse as its original place of publication.

Able Muse is a not-for-profit publication. For the print edition, we pay in contributors’ copies.


Please, track your submissions and our response time on Duotrope.

This is the preferred method of submission —
It’s simple and even provides you a means of tracking the status of your submission online. Besides, we will be able to process and respond to your submission faster than with other methods!

Use our online submission system here .


We describe here the email and snail mail submission methods.

(Note that the e-mail submission method is being phased out. We strongly encourage using the online submission method described earlier, which is the preferred method.)

If you still must submit by e-mail, then send your submissions as Word, WordPerfect, HTML, PDF, ASCII attachments (or simply copy ‘n paste into the e-mail)  to:

If you cannot use the online or e-mail method, then you may submit by snail/postal mail: send your submission to (including SASE). Be aware though that we’re phasing out snail mail submissions soon, so it’s strongly recommended that you submit using the electronic method indicated above. Also for snail mail submissions, expect twice the delay, if not longer, in getting a response back from us! But if you must still, send to the address below, exactly as indicated, or else, it may be returned to you unopened! —

NOTE: WE NO LONGER ACCEPT SNAIL MAIL SUBMISSIONS FOR GENERAL SUBMISSIONS. Submit only using the electronic methods indicated above. The address below is provided as an option ONLY for those entering our contests, the Able Muse Write Prize, and/or the Able Muse Book Prize. Even then we still strongly discourage snail mail submissions and recommend that contest submissions be made through one of the electronic methods indicated above. Any non-contest snail mail submissions will be returned to you, unopened! And you’ve been warned!

Alex Pepple, Editor
Able Muse Review
467 Saratoga Avenue, #602
San Jose, CA

Visit the website: Review Writing Contest

8 April 2012

Starting May 1st 2012 

We are having a contest! To kick things off right, is rewarding the memeber who submits the best review before May 15, 2012. Every review submitted will be a contender in the contest. Shortly after we’ll announce the winner on our home page and send them a thousand big ones.

Contest Terms: $1,000 USD to the member who impresses us with what we consider to be the most compelling and engaging review, starting May 1st, 2012 and ending on May 15th, 2012. All reviews must comply with our rules and terms of use, and be approved by our moderators before becoming eligible for this contest. (We generally average a 24 hour moderation turnover). We will announce the winner within a week of the contest ending on the 15th…

Sound good? Great!

All you have to do is register with us and then start submitting the most compelling, most engaging, and most entertaining reviews that your witty self can compose – starting May 1st!

Every review you submit between May 1st and May 15th is automatically entered into our contest, and will be evaluated by our panel of judges!

Now – here’s a few things to keep in mind, and a couple rules, just to keep everyone honest…

• You Need to Blow Us Away. Make us laugh. Make us really think about something. Be objective, but don’t hide your personality. Most importantly – whether the product is amazing or it stinks – be memorable..

It doesn’t matter if the product’s life-changing or a dud. Or even if it’s just “meh”. What matters is YOUR REVIEW. Some of the most memorable reviews I’ve read in the past have actually covered crappy or average products. My suggestion? Show us your ability to review all types of stuff. Great stuff, crappy products, mediocre services – whatever.

We’re not judging the rating. We’re judging the review.

• 100% Original Reviews Only. We won’t approve duplicate content anyway (stuff that’s found elsewhere on the web), and no, you can’t use “spun” content, PLR or anything that you didn’t write yourself, from scratch.

• Mix It Up. Yes, we realize that your odds of winning increase if you submit multiple reviews/entries, but keep in mind – we can easily tell if you’re just submitting similar, formulaic reviews (either in format or style).

• Different Products. Obviously, you can’t review the same product more than once.

• Keep it Real. The rules still apply, you can’t just “make stuff up” for the sake of brevity, or give everything a glowing review. (Remember that you can recommend a better product when you review a bad/mediocre one).

• Remember The Big Picture. Remember that in addition to possibly winning $1,000 – you’re also building high-profile reviews that can generate a passive income for you (with affiliate programs).

So in reality, most people who participate in this contest will be rewarded, anyway.

But we thought we’d start things off with a fun contest like this – just for kicks 🙂

You can check out our site here:

And our contest details page here:

Best of Luck!

WIN your favourite piece of Oak Furniture* by writing your own review: Mainland UK residents only

3 October 2011

Are you good at creative writing? Can you think of a thousand ways to describe a bedside table? ENTER NOW…

In our latest competition, we give you the chance to win a piece of oak furniture from our signature ranges up to the value of £500*. We are looking for creative reviews of our furniture, something to spice up our own descriptions.

Follow these easy steps to win..

Step 1) Pick an item you like (this can be any item)

Step 2) Write a review of it like in a similar style to the example above

Step 3) E-mail us here and tell us what piece of furniture you are reviewing and include your review.

More reviews mean more chances to win…. each review counts as an entry (we have over 2,000 products so if you are bored go nuts!!!)


1) This competition is open to members of the public only, No one employed by friends, or family entries will be entered into the draw

2) The draw will take place on January 3rd 2012, last entry will be on 31st December 2012.

3) reserves the right to end the competition early without notice

4) * The winner will receive store credit redeemable on Oxford, Rustic, Louis, London, and French Style oak furniture

5) There is no cash prize alternative

6) The winner agrees to participate in publicity for The Furniture Market™

7) Entrants reviews will be featured on the main item pages and credited under your first name or start of email address. for example… “Emma” or “Sparklyshell

8)  The Furniture reserves the right to change the competition terms and conditions without notice at any time.

11) For any questions regarding this competition, please email

12) The winner will be required to provide proof of ID, it is The Furniture Market™ s decision as to weather proof of ID is established satisfactorily.

13) As much as our four legged friends and our friends from Russia may wish to secretly enter our French furniture competition, we are afraid that we have to stipulate this a humans only residing in Mainland UK can enter this competition, It would be very difficult to arrange delivery times and so on with dogs and cats.. and our van drivers may have difficulty driving to Moscow and back in a single day.


Visit the website:

Write Christmas Competition

8 December 2010

Write Christmas Competition

Comp Page:

Run by film reviews site Best For Film. Write a review of the greatest Christmas film never made. Shortlist judged by panel of 3 famous judges including the film editor of The Metro (3.5 million readers a day). As well as a cash prize of £100, winner gets unique poster, publication and critique from judges. Two runners-up get £50 and publication.

Closing: 24 December 2010

Prizes: £100, £50, £50, unique poster made by famous design team who brought you film posters for THE HURT LOCKER, THE LOSERS, ORPHAN, TETRO, IN THE LOOP and a million more.

Entry Fee: £0.

Comp Page:

Win $500 for a 500 word book review writing contest!

28 November 2010

To promote the launch of Derek Murphy’s new book Jesus Potter, Harry Christ, and to generate online buzz and support, Holy Blasphemy is sponsoring a $500 writing contest!

All you have to do is post a review of the book (500 words or less) on before February 1st.

Reviewers will download a pre-release version of the eBook for free and post a short review, testimonial or comment on during the contest dates. The winner will be chosen according to Amazon’s online customer feedback system – “Was this review helpful to you? Yes/No”.

 See details here:

Win $100 in BionicBong’s 2010 writing contest

26 May 2010

Enter to Win!

BionicBong, publisher of Things Japanese, a literary magazine on anything to do with Japan, is accepting submissions for its next issue. One Grand prize winner will receive $100 for best submission.*

We are accepting haiku, prose poetry, postcard stories, flash fiction, short stories, and non-fiction pieces such as personal funny stories, tributes, reviews, interviews, and rants. Guidelines are simple. Any submission should have a Japanese feel to them. Please include a short bio with your submission. If you like, we will publish along with your bio any links or other information you’d like to include such a website address. Simultaneous submissions are encouraged. Previously published work is fine to send in.

The deadline for submissions is August 15, 2010. The second issue will be published in the early fall.

Contributors will receive a copy of the magazine as compensation.

Please send your submission in the body of an email to the editor at to upload or cut and paste your entries. Please upload a word .doc or .txt file.

The magazine is intended for individuals, non-profits, organizations, companies with a strong interest, love and fascination for things Japanese.

If you have any queries, please contact the editor at:

Good Luck!

* Winner must provide a paypal account address to receive winnings.

Visit the website:

Poetry Market Call for Reviews

24 January 2009

The Poetry Market Ezine is currently seeking submissions of Poetry Reviews for publication in our free monthly ezine.

The Poetry Market Ezine only accepts poetry book, chapbook or poetry magazine or ezine reviews. We do not publish poems. We only publish reviews somehow related to poetry. Reviews must be unpublished in any form.
Reviews must be written by person submitting review. Reviews may not be a review of the reviewer’s own poetry book or chapbook. Reviews may be up to 800 words or 1 to 1 1/2 pages. Shorter reviews are preferred.
Reviews must include the name of the item reviewed, where to purchase, ISBN if applicable, and author contact info (of both the author of the item if applicable and the author of the review).

Submit reviews in body of email. No attachments. Put “Poetry Review Submission” in the subject line. Include brief bio of 2-4 lines and cover letter. Submit 1-3 reviews at a time. Will consider reprints, but there is no payment for reprints. Responds in 1-2 months.

Email reviews to:

The Internet Review of Books – Lasting Impressions Book Review Contest

7 April 2008

announces its Spring “Lasting Impressions” Book Review Contest.

What we’re looking for:

Is there a book that has remained front and center on your bookshelf—or in your mind—even though you read it ages ago? A book that made a lasting impression on you? It might be fiction or non-fiction, something you read as a child or an adult, but it somehow made you think, changed you, taught you something, or otherwise has remained important to you through the years.

Write a 600 to 900-word book review that includes the reason this book made a lasting impression on you. Send it as plain text in your e-mail message form to irbcon at Include a bio of 50 words or less.

For examples of previous Lasting Impression reviews, see in our archives:
Heaven’s Coast
Something about a Soldier
The Haven-Finding Art


First place – $100 with publication in the May issue of IRB
Second place – $50 and possible publication
Third place – $25 and possible publication

How to enter:

Send us your review as above, and then mail a check for $5.00 to:
Associate Editor Ruth Douillette
Internet Review of Books
548 Vernon Street, Bridgewater, MA 02324

Or you may enter using the convenient PayPal link on our site.

Entries and payment must be received by April 20, 2008.

Judges: The editors of The Internet Review of Books.

For more information, contact Associate Editor Ruth Douillette @