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New Call for Cross-Genre Travel Writing!

13 October 2014

Here is a little blurb about our journal:

This is not so much a journal as a collaborative literary geography of the places we’ve read about, and subsequently visited.
We live thousands of lives through the pages of our beloved books, and sometimes we are blessed with the luck of being able to physically visit the spaces occupied by our fictional friends (or foes). This is a place to discover those spaces; and perhaps find a new one or two near you.
If you know of a destination or landmark that can be found in a book, or you have a sneaking suspicion of one, please, submit to us your encounter. Give us your thoughts, feelings, even pictures. The strange, funny, sad, and silly are all welcome here.

And here is a description of what we are looking for specifically:

Any piece published on this site must contain two things:
1. It must contain a physical place.
2. It must contain a specific geographical point from an actual book, author, genre, or period of writing.
I am looking for engaging, touching, funny, soulful, sad, silly, enchanting, and interesting pieces about the interactions between the fictional books we love (and the people that wrote them) and the places they wrote about, the places they wrote in, or the places they wished existed which now exist.
The only exception to this is literary landmarks that stand on their own such as libraries.
Preferably posts would come with pictures, but it is not necessary.

Visit our website for details:

Call for submissions: GeminiMagazine

11 October 2014

We have no guidelines or restrictions on
writing style or content—nada, zilch, keine. As
Charlie “Bird” Parker pointed out, “There’s no
boundary line to art.” We don’t want to set any
boundaries so we use a clean, simple selection
process: if it strikes a chord with us we print it.

Payment: $10 per published piece

TO SUBMIT BY EMAIL (except contest entries):

Paste previously unpublished fiction, poetry,
essays, memoirs, short plays or other
interesting work into body of email and send to:

No attachments except JPEG images for art and
photography. Don’t send contest entries to this
email address. See box at top for contest info.


Gemini Magazine
P.O. Box 1485
Onset, MA 02558 USA

(include SASE/email address for reply)


Submission period: 365 days per year

Response time: We have a large backlog and
are making every effort to catch up. After 60
days please feel free to inquire about your
submission. We will respond to all submissions.

Rights: All rights revert to author upon
publication in Gemini Magazine.

Visit the website:

Chanticleer Book Review Blue Ribbon Awards

7 July 2014


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Entry Fees



First Place Category award winners will compete for the Overall Best Book CBR Grand Prize of a $1,000 and 1st Place Genre Awards for $250.
Award winning books will have the opportunity to be placed on the Chanticleer Book Shelves (which sell and promote the winning titles). Our CBR Book Shelves are located in participating Independent Book Stores across the U.S.
A Chanticleer Book Review
A CBR Blue Ribbon embossed with the Contest Name, Author Name, and Book Title to use in promotion at book signings and book festivals
Digital award stickers for on-line promotion
Adhesive book stickers
Shelf-talkers and other promotional items
Promotion in print and on-line media
Review of book distributed to on-line sites and printed media publications
Review, cover art, and author synopsis listed in CBR’s newsletter


The Chanticleer Book Review (CBR) is looking for published novels and unpublished manuscripts in the following categories:

  • Fantasy and Science Fiction (deadline Jan. 31)
  • Narrative Nonfiction (deadline Feb. 28)
  • Cozy Mystery (deadline March 31)
  • Young Adult (deadline April 30)
  • Romance (deadline May 31)
  • Historical Fiction (deadline June 30)
  • Western, Pioneer, Civil War Historical Fiction, Pre-1900s (deadline July 31, 2014)
  • Mystery/Thriller/Suspense (deadline Sept. 30, 2014)
  • Paranormal/Speculative Fiction (deadline Oct. 31, 2014)

Stories will be judged based on effective use of characterization, an intriguing opening, continuity, a unique story, writing craft, professionalism of editing and formatting throughout the piece, and a satisfying (not necessarily happy) ending. No erotica or graphic violence, please.

Novels may be self-published, indie published or traditionally published. E-pub novels with ISBN or ASIN designations will be accepted in the published division. All novels must have an ISBN or ASIN designation. Entries must be in the English language (please note if British Standard English –BSE – is used instead of ASE). Novels must be 30,000 plus words.

Accepts work in two divisions: Published (Legacy, Indie, Self-Pub, Small Press, E-pub) and Manuscripts.

Contact Information:


Call for submissions: NOVELLE – Magazine for Experimentalism #3 (June 2014):

4 March 2014

The enthusiastic response and the amount of submissions for the first and second issue of our new magazine NOVELLE were quite overwhelming. Now it’s time to gather some great material for issue #3 to be released in June 2014.

Submission guidelines:

•          The submitted work may be unpublished or published – in the latter case please make sure there is no third-party infringement involved.

•          We are interested in all sorts of fictional and non-fictional texts, regardless of genre and form (poems, essays, flash fiction, reviews, comics, drawings, paintings, interviews, ads, investigative reports, etc.). We are especially looking forward to receiving submissions that transcend the purely textual …

•          The submissions should be experimental in nature.

•          Topic for #3: Dead Places

•          Max. 5 pages per submission, 1 submission per author

•          File formats: doc / docx / odt / rtf / tiff / jpeg / bmp / png (graphics: b/w, minimum resolution: 300 dpi)

•          All published authors will receive one free copy of the NOVELLE (unfortunately, we are not able to offer payment yet, but this may change in the future …)

•          Please send us your work until May 31th, 2014, with the reference subject “NOVELLE #3” via email to, and don’t forget to add a short CV, including name, address, email, and a list of publications (if available)

We are looking forward to your creative/eccentric/idiosyncratic awesomeness!

Experimentally yours,


Art Publication Call For Submissions

16 August 2013

Art School Horror Stories wants your funny, sad, horrific, art related stories for a book that will be released in December! Submissions can be fact or fiction and in any format. Poems, Haiku, short stories, etc. are all welcome. Any stories that are art related may be submitted.  It does not have to specifically be about school experience! We are also accepting drawings and photography. Details on website and Facebook (Art School Horror Stories).  October 31st, 2013 is the deadline for Volume One.

For details on how to enter, visit:

For Official Rules visit:!submit/c1ktj

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Award for Imaginative Fiction

14 August 2013

Rosebud magazine is proud to announce the fifth biannual Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley competition for original works of fantasy, science fiction, mystery, or horror. Ideal length is 1500 to 3500 words.

Grand prize: $1,000, 4 runners-up receive $100. All winning pieces published in ROSEBUD. Entry fee: $10/story. Rosebud acquires first rights for the five winning entries.

Deadline: September 15, 2013.

For details visit:

Then and Now – Anthology Contest – (Michigan Residents Only)

4 June 2013
THEN AND NOW Anthology Contest
MIFIWriters is currently accepting submissions for their 3rd annual Anthology of speculative fiction. 
The contest is open to Michigan residents only. 
YA-Adult short stories, up to 12,000 words on their 2014 theme, time travel. 
There is no reading fee. 
Winners receive publication and 1 cent per word up to $50 for first time publication rights. 
Deadline is November 1, 2013
Guidelines and submission information is found on their website:
It is suggested that submitters review the previous two anthologies for an idea of the type of work most likely to be accepted.


29 March 2013


“A culture is as rich and as capable of surviving as
it has imaginative artists. The artist is looked upon to start things.
The artist injects the spirit of life
into a culture. And through his creative endeavors,
the writer works continually to give tomorrow a new form.”—L. Ron Hubbard

    >>  PRIZES EVERY THREE MONTHS: $1,000, $750, $500

1. No entry fee is required, and all rights in the story remain the property of the author. All types of science fiction, fantasy and dark fantasy are welcome.

2. By submitting to the Contest, the entrant agrees to abide by all Contest rules.

3. All entries must be original works, in English. Plagiarism, which includes the use of third-party poetry, song lyrics, characters or another person’s universe, without written permission will result in disqualification. Excessive violence or sex, determined by the judges, will result in disqualification. Entries may not have been previously published in professional media.

4. To be eligible, entries must be works of prose, up to 17,000 words in length. We regret we cannot consider poetry, or works intended for children.

5. The Contest is open only to those who have not professionally published a novel or short novel, or more than one novelette, or more than three short stories, in any medium. Professional publication is deemed to be payment, and at least 5,000 copies, or 5,000 hits.

6. Entries submitted hardcopy must be typewritten or a computer printout in black ink on white paper, printed only on the front paper, double spaced, with numbered pages. All other formats will be disqualified. Each entry must have a cover page with the title of the work, the author’s legal name, a pen name if applicable, address, telephone number, email address and an approximate word count. Every subsequent page must carry the title and a page number, but the author’s name must be deleted to facilitate fair, anonymous judging.

Entries submitted electronically must be double-spaced and must include the title and page number on each page, but not the author’s name. Electronic submissions will separately include the author’s legal name, pen name if applicable, address, telephone number, email address and approximate word count.

7. Manuscripts will be returned after judging only if the author has provided return postage on a self addressed envelope.

8. We accept only entries for which no delivery signature is required by us to receive them.

9. There shall be three cash prizes in each quarter: a First Prize of $1,000, a Second Prize of $750, and a Third Prize of $500, in U.S. dollars or the recipient’s locally equivalent amount. In addition, at the end of the year the four First Place winners will have their entries rejudged, and a Grand Prize winner shall be determined and receive an additional $5,000. All winners  also receive trophies.

10. The Contest has four quarters, beginning on October 1, January 1, April 1 and July 1. The year will end on September 30. To be eligible for judging in its quarter, an entry must be postmarked or received electronically no later than midnight on the last day of the quarter. Late entries will be included in the following quarter and the Contest Administration will so notify the entrant.

11. Each entrant may submit only one manuscript per quarter. Winners are ineligible to make further entries in the contest.

12. All entries for each quarter are final. No revisions are accepted.

13. Entries will be judged by professional authors. The decisions of the judges are entirely their own, and are final.

14. Winners in each quarter will be individually notified of the results by phone, mail or email.

15. This Contest is void where prohibited by law.


 L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future Contest
 PO Box 1630
 Los Angeles, CA 90078