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Call for submissions: [ brainfilter ] seeks smart and provocative non-fiction

24 October 2012
We are seeking writing that is provocative and politically incorrect. Your submission can be personal, political, philosophical, whatever…so long as it’s compelling. We aren’t afraid of sex or four-letter words. We want the kind of writing others would deem unpublishable (but we’re open to milder content as well).Ideally, we are looking for non-fiction (essays, memoirs, interviews, book excerpts, etc.) that is between 1000 – 5000 words, but this is not a strict guideline.

We accept submissions throughout the year, so there is no deadline.

Selected articles will be published on our web site (

By submitting your writing to [ brainfilter ] you grant us the right to republish your work, but you retain full rights.

There are so few places where adults can have adult conversations; let’s do something to change that.

Submit your writing using the link below: