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POETRY SUPER HIGHWAY Call for Submissions: A Poet’s Siddur

13 September 2016

This is an open call for poetry submissions for “A Poets’ Siddur” poetry anthology to be published by Ain’t Got No Press in 2017, and edited by Rick Lupert.

The Siddur is the Jewish prayer book used for daily worship services as well as on Shabbat (the Sabbath) by Jewish communities all over the world. The idea is to fill this unique book with reinterpretations of the themes and original text of the siddur, written through the lenses of poets, and using a Friday night Shabbat evening service as the template.

Submission Guidelines:

1) Send no more than three pieces of any style or length which specifically relate to one of the themes / prayers or liturgy of a Friday evening Shabbat service. We’re open to all styles and forms of poetry, but particularly would enjoy those that:

  • use accessible language and imagery
  • use humor (not a requirement, but don’t shy away from it either.)
  • would appeal to both poets and those who don’t normally identify as likers of poetry
  • provide a modern context / setting for the theme in the prayer/liturgy
  • are shorter (yes, we’ll read any length, but generally we’re of a “less is more” sensibility)

Here’s an outline of the Shabbat evening service: (click on the prayer title for the text/translation)

Here’s a list of some of the general themes in the prayers/liturgy:

2) Please indicate which prayer or liturgy from a Friday night service you have in mind with each piece you send.

3) We will consider work by anyone, regardless of religion (or lack thereof) but the work submitted must connect with a specified piece or theme from the Jewish Friday night service.

4) Previously published material is ok, but we’re eagerly looking for pieces which specifically relate to the themes, prayers and liturgy of a Friday evening Shabbat service. (If previously published, please indicate where and when so we can properly credit if selected.)

5) Please include a maximum 75 word bio. (For your reference, 76 words is more than 75 words. Please stick to our guideline here.)

6) Work may only be submitted by e-mail to (Word .doc/.docx, Apple Pages Document, or text pasted into an e-mail)

7) The deadline to submit your work is December 31, 2016.

8) If your work is accepted for publication in A Poet’s Siddur, you will receive one physical copy of the published book, signficant discont on purchasing additional copies, and we may call on you to participate in live (virtual or in person) events revolving around the publication of the anthology.

9) Submission does not guarantee publication.

10) You will be notified by March 31st, 2017 whether or not your work was accepted for publication.

Need more info or clarification? Send an e-mail to (please don’t send submissions to this address. Submissions go to )

Ain’t Got No Press is a publisher of uniquely themed poetry anthologies such as A Poet’s Haggadah (Passover themed poetry), Ekphrastia Gone Wild (Poet’s respond to art) and The Night Goes on All Night (Noir poetry).

Call for submissions: Tinderbox Poetry Journal

6 July 2014

Rolling deadline. Tinderbox Poetry Journal accepts unpublished submissions of all forms of poetry—be it formal to experimental, free verse to hybrid voices, lyric and narrative, language and visual, and all else. They are also interested in critical pieces—essays on craft, poetic issues, interviews, conversations, the like. Launching in June 2014, the first issue features work by DA Powell, Ed Skoog, Amy Gerstler, Rachel Richardson, Farrah Field, Leslie Harrison, Jennifer Firestone, Kelli Russell Agodon, and Ray Gonzalez, among others. Enter via Submittable online form.


Call for submissions: AGAVE MAGAZINE

7 March 2014


Submit by email or by using online
submissions manager.  Submit up to 5
poems.  Submit original, unpublished
work that has not been published
elsewhere.  Submit documents as .doc
or .docx files in easy to read fonts
such as Times New Roman, Helvetica, etc.
Include valid email address.  Sim subs
okay with notification of work
acceptance elsewhere.  Read publication
agreement on website as by submitting
you acknowledge that you have read
and have consented to the publication
if your work is accepted for publication.

Submit by email:

Submit online:

call for submissions: Ekphrastia Gone Wild

29 October 2012

This is an open call for submissions for “Ekphrastia Gone Wild” an anthology of poetry inspired by other works of art to be produced and released in 2013 by Ain’t Got No Press. The book will be compiled, designed and edited by Poetry Super Highway‘s Rick Lupert.

We welcome submissions to this anthology of poems inspired by other works of art. We are especially looking for work that is inspired by the experience of encountering another work of art (as opposed to an ‘interpretation’ of the artwork…though we’re open to that too.) We’re wide open to (but not limited to) your interpretation of what ekphrastic poetry is, to humor (take a cue from the anthology title) and are especially susceptible to modern, accessible work that might be appealing to those who might not identify themselves as readers of poetry. Take a sharp turn, surprise us, make us experience what you experienced when you encountered the artwork…and please, when submitting, follow these guidelines:

Submission Guidelines:

  • Send no more than 3 pieces of any style or length.
  • For each poem you submit, please indicate the artwork that inspired it. Please include the artist’s name, title of the piece (or ‘untitled’) and the year it was created. (ie: if you’re ekphrastic poem was inspired by the Mona Lisa, you would include with your poem: “Mona Lisa, Leonardo Davinci, 1503″)
  • The artwork you are writing about must be by a different artist than yourself.
  • Previously published poems are okay. If previously published, please indicate where and when so we can properly credit if accepted.
  • Simultaneous submissions are okay but please let us know immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere.
  • Please include a maximum 100 word bio written in the third person.
  • Please submit via email only to (.doc, rtf or text pasted into an email).
  • Please include your contact info in the body of the email, including your full name, email address, phone number and mailing address.
  • The deadline to submit work for Ekphrastia Gone Wild is December 31, 2012. (You will be notified whether or not your work has been accepted by February 28, 2012)
  • If your work is accepted, you will receive one copy of the published book and a 50% author’s discount on any copies you wish to purchase.
  • Please do not send images with your submission. Although this is an anthology of ekphrastic poetry, it is not an anthology of the artwork that inspired it.

Visit The Poetry Super Highway, Ain’t Got No Press website: