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Moby Reading’s “Best Ever” Children’s Story Contest

3 February 2013

1 Grand Prize of  $500
29 Prizes of $100


2000-2500 word short stories on the topic of your choice written at a 5th or 6th grade level.

Contest ends February 24, 2013  

Contest Text:

Moby Reading is curating stories for it’s popular web-based reading curriculum. In addition to awarding over $3,000 in prize money for great children’s stories, winning stories will be published and read by millions of students across the nation.
We will accept the top 30 stories, and multiple submissions are welcome. We will be accepting stories on a rolling basis, so you are encouraged to submit as early as possible. Upon acceptance of your story, we will immediately pay you $100 and be eligible to win an additional $400 for our grand prize contest.

Submission Guidelines:

Submissions are due by February 24, 2013, but we will accept stories on a rolling basis, so you are encouraged to submit early.

You may submit multiple stories, and win multiple $100 prizes.

No submission fee

You must own all rights to your story and transfer all rights to us if your story is accepted.

Email your submission with your story as an attached .doc file to

Include “Best Ever Children’s Story Contest” in the subject heading.

Writing Specifications

You must follow all writer specifications described here:

You will be named as the author on the title page and receive subsequent feedback ratings from students across the United States. If your stories are rated highly, you will have an opportunity to continue writing for Moby.
Refer to for samples texts of 5th and 6th grade appropriate stories (page 63 and 77).


If one or more of your stories is accepted, you will be paid immediately through PayPal.

You will need to sign a contract transferring all rights to us and if a U.S. citizen, send a W-9 form.

Payment will be made immediately after the story is accepted and we receive a signed contract and W-9 Form.

The Grand Prize winner will be paid on March 1, 2013 and will receive an additional $400 in addition to the $100 paid upon acceptance.