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Tribe Yoga Teacher Training and Retreats: Yoga Scholarship Competition 2014

25 October 2013

Yoga Scholarship Competition

1st Annual Tribe Scholarship Writing Competition

Win a scholarship on a forthcoming Tribe Yoga Teacher Training
or 500 Euros cash prize!


Competition ends 31st March 2014.

POST NOTE: after cancelling the scholarship competition due to very few entries some people wrote in to tell us they were still writing!! If you have a story hold on to it. We will relaunch the competition in Jan 2014. The 3 entries we did receive were truly beautiful reads and worthy to be shared . We still would love to make a yoga stories book and with your participation we can. So please prepare your story and tell your friends to send in their stories too.
The winning TTC scholarships will be for 2014/2015
The entry fee has been reduced to 15 euros per entry

Tribe is offering a great opportunity to combine the art of writing with the spirit of Yoga. If you have experienced yoga, practiced yoga, lived yoga or just observed yoga, then you probably have a story to tell.

We hope this competition motivates you to pick up a pen and paper and write down yoga stories that will inspire, educate, enthuse or simply entertain others about the yoga world, yoga community or yoga practice.

Submit your stories, memoirs, essays, poetry, etc before the end of March 2014 for the chance to get your entry published and/or win a scholarship for one of our upcoming Yoga Alliance-Certified Yoga Teacher Trainings or 500 euros prize money.

A selection of yoga stories from those submitted will be chosen for publication in a book which will also offer insight into yoga practice and yogic living. All featured yoga stories will be complimented by text that explores the theme, message, experience, etc. that each story tells.

Not sure what yoga story you have to tell? Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

A specific incident that happened on the yoga mat, that magical moment when everything clicked into place.

Your story of healing through yoga.

Experiencing a particular yoga practice or discipline.

How yoga changed the way you live, think, love, exist?

A funny experience in a yoga retreat or in a yoga class.

How learning about the yamas & niyamas can impact one’s life.

A tangible experience of the chakras.

A mind-blowing breakthrough, that ‘Eureka’ yoga moment which brought you to a new understanding of yourself or the practice.

Meeting a ‘famous’ yoga personality, an Indian Guru, a well-known yoga teacher.

Your yoga story can be something you want to share or something you want to say. It can be philosophical, funny, moralistic, educational, touching, dramatic, etc. It can be told from a personal view or in the third person.
Writers of the top three winning stories will be awarded a choice of a FREE place in a Tribe Yoga Teacher Training (as below) or a 500 Euros cash prize. The winning submissions along with other top stories will be published by Tribe in the forthcoming ‘Yoga Stories’ book.

All writers of any story published in the ‘yoga stories’ book will be credited in the book and will recieve a free copy.

Level 2 300hr Yoga Teacher Training in Austria, 8th June – 4th July, 2014 (Tribe Level 1 Graduates only)

Level 1 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in Goa, 23rd Nov – 19th Dec, 2014

Level 1 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in Goa, 4th Jan – 30th Jan, 2014

OR 500 euros prize money

Judging Criteria: Winners will be selected based on:

Personal Style (33%);

Content/Creativity (33%); and

Writing Skills (34%).

The winning stories will be selected by a panel of 3 judges. All jugdes are Tribe Faculty Teachers. In the event that a decision on 3 winners cannot be made the finalist entries will be placed in a hat and drawn at random.

Entry Fee

The 15 Euros entry fee payable when you submit your story contributes towards the publishing cost for the ‘Yoga Stories’ book. Any excess funds will be given to a charity of Tribe’s choice. You can enter as many individual stories as you like.

Competition ends 31st March 2014.

All entrants must be 18 years or older to enter.