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Hourglass Literary Magazine

9 August 2016
I am writing to you on behalf of the board members and editors of Hourglass Literary Magazine (CLMP member). Hourglass Literary Magazine needs you!– we solicit your kind support for our magazine. As we are currently crowdfunding, (just) by pre-ordering our magazine you will help us! Hourglass is founded in former Yugoslavia where cultural oppression is blossom. Our magazine is staffed mostly by volunteers; it is first international literary journey that brings you both emerging and yet to be discovered authors along with widely recognized writers.
PLEASE, take a look at our crowdfunding campaign at; pre-order/contribute/learn even more about Hourglass Literary Magazine/share if you cannot (to) contribute. Become part of this beautiful journey! A BIG THANK YOU IN ADVANCE.
At last, do let us know may we add your e-mail to our monthly newsletter?
Warm, warmest regards,
Voki Erceg
Hourglass Literary Magazine