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theNewerYork Department of Forms and Records Contest

11 October 2014

theNewerYork Department of Forms and Records

is a large, desolate building

You can hear the wind whistling through our empty filing cabinets. The dazed bureaucrats in our skyscrapers have no one to direct. They have each other sign documents in triplicate out of boredom. We need your help to make our government real, because we’ll never be a real fictional city-state without halls of paperwork.

Fill our coffers with your weirdness

We need you to take the dull bureaucracy of paperwork, legal documents, laws, and forms and tell some stories, make some art. We’re looking for stories that looks like or are inspired by the drudgery of paperwork, straight faced legal forms, the sub-clauses found in laws, or the elaborate and confusing Terms and Conditions we lie about having read almost every day. Think fictional contracts, procedural documents, policy summations, court transcripts, and so on. We want to see how much drama, excitement, satire, and pathos you can infuse into the barren wordscape of legal mumbojumbo.


Entry fee: $11.15

Entry fee + judge’s response (critique/review): $26.15

1st Place: $511.10


  • Story will be featured on the website (and social media)
  • You’ll receive a framed and designed poster/printed version of the story
  • Free copies of all (5) of theNewerYork’s print books
  • “Stay Horny for Art” tote bag

2nd Place: $103.34



Several pieces will be chosen and put together to be printed into standardized-test-style pamphlets and printed on demand from the website, with royalties given. Depending on final numbers, we will probably send free copies to all included writers.

Visit the website for details on how to enter!