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Hourglass Literary Magazine Writing Contest

9 January 2016


The competition is international and is open to all authors writing in English or any of the BCMS languages (comprising Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, Montenegrin.) There are no theme, or genre limitations and boundaries. Work must be original and unpublished. One author can compete in all categories, for all three awards respectively. Limited multiple submissions are allowed (as well as simultaneous submissions).

Short story: should not exceed 7000 words or be less than 700 words.

Poetry: Poems should not have more than 3500 words. Writers can submit up to three works.

Essays: Essays should not exceed 9000 words or be less than 1000 words.

Please read General criteria of the competition carefully:


For the competition winners, in addition to symbolic prize, there is $ 1000 in prize money for each category (Best Short Story, Best Essay, Best Poem). The jury, comprising highly respected authors Sibelan Forrester, Jelena Lengold and John K. Cox has the right to give a special prize (US$ 500 for entry in each category).
Ten Finalists in each category will be published in the first issue of the literary magazine.
All published works will be financially compensated and finalists will be provided with one copy of the printed edition of the Hourglass Literary Magazine.

$13.59 per paper
$20 for up to three pieces
(Except for poetry where up to three submissions are accepted for $13.59.)

We only accept submissions online via Submittable tool: . The document (work for submission) should only contain the name and text of the story, poem(s), essay. Personal details should be included in the Cover letter of the Submittable’s submission tool.

11:59 P.M. on May 31st 2016 (US Central time)

Voki Erceg
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