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Social Media Networking Expert Laurie Hurley to speak at Fearless Women Rising November Meetings in Ventura and Westlake Village

4 November 2012

(Ventura, CA -) – Fearless Women Rising (FWR), a new monthly training class that takes the fear out of sales and marketing for women, will have social media navigator Laurie Hurley as the featured speaker for its November meetings. Ms. Hurley is an established social media expert who partners with small business owners on how to implement these online platforms to expand their presence and drive sales. She will focus her talk on building relationships through social media, which follows the FWR method for sales. Ms Hurley was to speak in September but was rescheduled to November.

“We selected Laurie to speak because of her proven record of success,” said Linda Murphrey, Co-Founder of Fearless Women Rising. “She is helping me expand our FWR presence on Facebook, Twitter and beyond. Her techniques are simple to apply to any business’ marketing plan – offering tools to effectively expand the company’s reach. Social media can be the best relationship builder.”

“Social networking, when done correctly is a giver’s gain situation,” said Laurie Hurley. “Social media is merely the outlet(s) for a business owner to build relationships with their followers, prospects, and clients. It’s absolutely possible to become virtual friends with people in your business network. It’s human nature that like-minded people find each other on social media and forge a relationship that is beneficial to each other. The result can be anything from a new friend who enjoys the same kind of food as you, to a business partnership that was nurtured through communication online – leading to an in-person meeting or phone call. The possibilities are endless!”

“Although I cannot take credit for this statement – People buy from people they like and trust – I have seen this to be true with many of my clients. Once they overcome their limiting beliefs about social media being nothing more than posting cute kid pictures and silly pet videos, a whole new world awaits them and that is what I teach people to do – all in 30-45 minutes a day.”

Laurie Hurley has been an entrepreneur since 1998. Teaching and coaching is her passion, as well as speaking at small business seminars, women’s groups, and educational venues. A dynamic in-person networker, Laurie teaches how to balance and complement online marketing efforts with face-to-face networking, maximizing exposure to the firm’s target market and potential customers.

At the November FWR meetings, Laurie will show attendees how to take off in the fast lane, without stalling. For those attending with a laptop, they will receive hands-on experience, following Laurie’s simple directions.

FWR monthly meetings consist of a keynote speaker whose knowledge promotes positive skills or tools that FWR members can take home and start using the next day. There is an opening address each meeting by FWR founders, Kate Sexton Kaiser and Linda Murphrey, on a special skill set and how they can use it to increase sales. After the keynote there will be group exercises to reinforce each lesson, as well as a time of interactive Q&A.

The goal of Fearless Women Rising is to pass on the experience and knowledge from female trailblazers who have conquered their fears, mastered their skills and now want to share what they have learned with like-minded women who have a burning desire to be…fearless. The meetings are not designed to be networking meetings, but educational trainings on key topics that expand the sales and marketing toolkit. FWR’s target audience is entrepreneurs, small business owners, and mid to upper level sales and marketing professionals.

FWR Memberships are available that offer additional trainings, discounts on meetings, monthly video blogging and online exercises to improve skills. Fearless Women Rising holds monthly meetings focused on specific sales or marketing techniques. The current schedule of speakers and topics are:

November Topic: Social Media Made Easy (Speaker, Laurie Hurley)

November 19 
— Poinsettia Pavilion, Ventura, CA – 7 to 9 pm (combined Ventura and Santa Barbara meeting)

November 28  — Hyatt Westlake Plaza, 880 S. Westlake Blvd, Westlake Village, CA – 7 to 9 pm

Fee to attend: FWR members $25, non-members $30

For more details visit:

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Karen Marshall, 805-524-6970