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Christopher Fielden’s Annual Short Story Competition

8 June 2016

A Humorous Writing Contest – Deadline: July 31, 2016

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The 2016 To Hull & Back Competition


The third ‘To Hull & Back’ Short Story Competition is an annual short story contest with a humorous twist that celebrates the most imaginative and amazing short stories from writers all over the world. Some highly prestigious writing contests offer huge cash prizes – Writers of the Future award a top prize of $5,000, the BBC award £15,000 and the Sunday Times give a whopping £30,000 to their winner. What can you win by entering this competition that contends with these short story prize giving heavyweights? THE most amazing, innovative and sought after writing prize on the planet! Forget the Pulitzer. THIS is the badger*.

Admittedly, I may have slipped into sales-pitch-chaos-mayhem-overdrive-mode whilst writing the first paragraph, but I firmly believe that I can live up to expectation. See if you agree.


If you’re selected as a winner:

You Will Win Cash

1st Prize: £1,000

2nd Prize: £150

3rd Prize: £75

But it doesn’t end there, my fine writing friends, oh no, not by a LONG shot.

You Will Be Published

All winners and short listed entries will be published in the To Hull & Back Short Story Anthology. This will be available as a professionally published, printed book and as a Kindle download. The book will have an ISBN number.

If you’re published in the book, a writer’s profile will appear alongside your story and on my website. This will consist of a delightful picture of you, a short bio telling readers all about how amazing you are and details of your website, if you have one.

In addition to this, an author interview with the winner will be published alongside their story.

And there’s more…

You Will Win the Most Awesomely Awesome in its Awesomeness Writing Prize in the Known Macrocosm

This is the bit that will send tingles down your spine. Joy will ravage your very being and you will feel compelled to dance naked for no reason, no matter where you might be. I guarantee it**.

The winner will be taken to Hell Hull and back.

Allow me to explain.

The winner’s face will appear on the front cover of the To Hull & Back Anthology. They will be depicted riding a flaming motorcycle and holding a quill of wrath. Each year, the cover will be unique and created by a different artist.

Hull is a city in the UK that sounds (and looks) like somewhere else reported to be rather unpleasant, fiery and obsessed with eternal damnation. I dwell in the fair city of Bristol. I will ride the book to Hull. And back.

OK. So now you have to enter, right? Before doing so, PLEASE read the rules and terms and conditions. If you don’t abide by the rules, you may be disqualified.

I’ve been involved with administrating other competitions. The number of stories that are disqualified because writers can’t be bothered to read the rules is staggering. One year, 40% of entries were disqualified for sending in stories that did not obey the rules. PLEASE READ THE RULES AND TERMS AND CONDITIONS THOROUGHLY BEFORE ENTERING.

Key Dates

The competition closes to entries 11.59pm GMT (Greenwich meantime, the time in London, UK) on 31st July 2016*. The competition is run annually, so stories received after this deadline will be entered into next year’s competition, which opens immediately after the current contest closes.

The shortlist will be announced on this website by 19th September 2016.

Winners will be contacted by email or telephone by 30th September 2016 and announced on this website, celebrated and generally adored by 1st October 2016.

Prize money will be paid to winners via PayPal in October 2016.

The ‘To Hull and Back Anthology’ will be released on 31st October 2016. ‘Hulloween’ seemed like an appropriate launch date…

The winner’s book will be taken to Hull and back during spring 2017 (usually around March/April), weather permitting. Shortly afterwards the winner’s copy of the anthology will be delivered to them and the video of the book’s journey will be made available on YouTube and this website.

* Previous competitions have closed on the 31st August. Due to the large volume of entries received in the most recent competition, the contest will now close in July to allow more time to read entries and compile the shortlist.

Visit the website for complete guidelines on how to enter: