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The 2015 Winter Tangerine Awards

23 April 2015
The Awards will honor new and emerging poets and prose writers. Our two judges are Ocean Vuong, in poetry, and Jaquira Diaz, in prose. Like other Winter Tangerine ventures, the Awards will be judged blindly, so the focus is on the merit of the work rather than the prestige of the writer’s name.
We will be accepting free submissions of unpublished poetry and prose from April 1st to June 1st, 2015
We want to use this award to give writers the opportunity for recognition without imposing (sometimes restrictive) reading or contest fees on them – we want to make the WT Awards as inclusive of a competition as possible. We are very much interested in recognizing emerging writers specifically, so we will only accept submissions from writers who have not yet published a chapbook, collection of short stories, or a novel.
After going through an initial screening by WTR readers, the top 10 pieces in each category will be forwarded to the judges by June 5th for the final call of one winner and four finalists. The winners will be announced on July 1st. The winner in poetry and the winner in prose will receive a cash prize of $250 each, as well as a small box of (gently used) books and (never used) cookies.
Past features by WTR include Hands Up Don’t Shoot (guest-edited by Danez Smith, Alysia Harris, Sam Vernon & other extraordinary black writers), which explored what it means to be black in America, and Fragments of Persephone (guest-edited by Alexandra Levasseur and Jeanann Verlee) which explores the spectrum of femininity. We are truly dedicated to amplifying voices that deserve to be heard and we hope you join us in this effort.
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2015 Spider’s Web Flash Fiction Prize

23 April 2015

“Fiction is like a spider’s web, attached ever so lightly perhaps, but still attached to life at all four corners.”

―Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own

We at Spider Road Press are celebrating excellent, unpublished flash fiction featuring a female protagonist. Enter your compelling flash fiction about complex women to win the 2015 Spider’s Web Flash Fiction Prize!

First Prize:  $100 and publication in the print and e-book editions of the next Spider Road Press anthology.

Second Prize: $25, publication on the Spider Road Press website, and a free copy of any Spider Road Press title.

Honorable Mention: Publication on the Spider Road Press website and a certificate.

Entries accepted March 1-May 1, 2015.

Fiction will be judged “blind” by a panel that includes authors Lani Longshore, Pamela Mooman, and Patricia Flaherty Pagan. Winners will be contacted in June, 2015. Enter your fiction today!

Submissions criteria:

•  Unpublished flash fiction featuring a female protagonist.

•  750 word limit per piece.

•  $12 entry fee per piece. (A $5 entry fee is available for graduate/undergraduate students, qualifying Texas writers, & Goddard College alumni. Students must state the name of their university in their cover email.)

•  No more than three submissions per writer.

•  Standard formatting. Please include your home address in your cover email.

•  Excerpts from longer works are not eligible.

•  No children’s fiction, romance, erotica, extreme horror or gore, young adult fiction, vampire or werewolf fiction, dark fantasy, erotic horror, or fan fiction.

•  No explicit scenes of sexual violence or child abuse.

•  Writers who enter simultaneous submissions must contact us should their work be published before June, 2015.

•  We regret that we cannot accept any submissions from writers under the age of 18.

•  We regret that, due to our small staff, it may take us four months to get back to writers about non-winning entries.

·  In recognition of their contribution to the writing community, members of the Houston Writers Guild, Writers’ League of Texas, and Goddard College alumni community may pay a reduced submission fee of $5. The willingness to provide us with a copy of your membership information (upon request) or Goddard graduation date are required.

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