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The 2010 Caketrain Chapbook Competition

30 May 2010

The 2010 Caketrain Chapbook Competition is now open to entries in the fiction genre.


October 1, 2010

Final Judge:

Deb Olin Unferth, author of Minor Robberies and Vacation


publication, $250 cash prize, and 25 contributor copies to winner

publication and 25 contributor copies to runner-up


This competition is open to English language fiction manuscripts. While previously-published stand-alone pieces or excerpts may be included in a manuscript, the manuscript as a whole must be an unpublished work. Translations and previously self-published works are ineligible. Simultaneous submissions are acceptable; please note, however, that reading fees are non-refundable, and Caketrain is to be notified as soon as possible if a manuscript is accepted elsewhere. Manuscript revisions will not be considered during the reading period. Please do not include cover artwork or photographs with your submission. The author must not have a close personal or professional relationship with Deb Olin Unferth or any Caketrain Journal and Press staff member; if an author is unsure whether this policy applies to him or her, Caketrain will gladly address inquiries.

Reading Fee:

Entrants may choose between two reading fee amounts: either $15 for consideration or $20 for consideration and a copy of the winning chapbook upon its release in May 2011. (The $20 option is available to domestic U.S. entrants only.)

Guidelines (for print submissions):

Print entries must be postmarked no later than October 1, 2010. Please submit 40 to 80 pages of typed fiction. Include page numbers, table of contents, and, if applicable, an acknowledgments page. Submissions should include two cover pages: one with the manuscript’s title, the other with the title, author’s name, postal address, and e-mail address. The author’s name should not appear anywhere else in the manuscript. Print manuscripts will be recycled at competition conclusion. Please submit manuscripts through the United States Postal Service. A reading fee of either $15 or $20 (entrant’s choice, as detailed above) must accompany each submission, made payable to Caketrain Journal and Press. Submissions may include an SASE for notification of competition results. Results will also be announced via e-mail and posted at in January 2011. Submit print entries to Caketrain Journal and Press, Box 82588, Pittsburgh, PA 15218.

Guidelines (for Electronic Submissions):

Electronic entries must be received no later than October 1, 2010. Please submit 40 to 80 pages of typed fiction as an e-mail attachment in either DOC, PDF, or RTF format. Include page numbers, table of contents, and, if applicable, an acknowledgments page. Submissions should include two cover pages as the first two pages of the attached document: one with the manuscript’s title, the other with the title, author’s name, address, and e-mail address. The author’s name should not appear anywhere else in the manuscript. Once the manuscript has been sent, the reading fee of either $15 or $20 (entrant’s choice, as detailed above) can be paid by credit card through Paypal by using the following links: $15 reading fee, $20 reading fee with copy of winner. A reply e-mail will be sent once the manuscript is downloaded and verified intact. Results will be announced via e-mail and posted at in January 2011. Submit electronic entries to

Previous Honors: 2004–2009

Visit the website:


Scinti Story Contest

30 May 2010

Everyone has a story. We want yours.

We are looking for true stories that astound, enchant, enlighten and startle us. We want to be swept up and away, pulled from our moorings, left shaken and inspired. We want to think, wonder, imagine, believe.

Do you have a story that is especially meaningful to you, something hilarious or harrowing that touched you deeply, changed your heart, your soul, your way of seeing the world? It can be the story of you, a loved one, a stranger, a moment, a day, a lifetime. We hope you’ll share it here with us and people around the world.

Entry Requirements:

1. Become a fan of Scinti on Facebook

2. You can express yourself in any format – stories (10 to 1000 words), poems, photo stories, hand written letters, drawings, … – whatever you can imagine!

3. All formats must be digital (emailed)

Feel free to send previously published stories you have written, such as stories from your blog. If you are using previously-published material, please provide a link (if applicable) to your work so we can give credit where credit is due.


1. Must be at least 18

2. Submissions must be true stories, not fictional

3. Submissions must be your own original content.

4. Although entries remain the property of the writer, finalists agree to acknowledge first publication in in the credit line for all subsequent publications (unless your work has been published previously).

Process and Prizes:

Deadline: Wednesday, June 30

After reviewing each submission, we will pick the most scintillating stories for our finalists and the winners will be by popular choice, based on # of tweets, Facebook likes on our fan page, and story comments.

The prizes are as follows:

1. First Prize – $100
2. Second Prize – $50
3. Third Prize – $25

Finalists and winners will be announced by mid-July, 2010.

Visit for more info and to enter!

Poems and Montly Writing Contests

26 May 2010

We offer writers a $1,000 monthly cash prize with increasing cash prizes each month as the membership grows.  Writers can win in multiple categories, which include:  Poems, Quotes, and Short Stories.  We also offer excellent artwork on which, writers can overlay their poems and inspirational sayings.  Quality writing receives bonus votes in each monthly contest.  We also offer other gifts too.

For contest rules visit:


26 May 2010

Burner is that girl. She’s witty, pretty, and doesn’t dumb herself down.  By day, she’s a kindergarten teacher and by night, dances gogo.  She’s the chick you knew in high school who quoted Kirkegaard by heart and kept a copy of Cosmo under her bed.  She’s a muse and amusing, compelling and never complacent. 

Burner contributors’ work gets your blood pumping, heart racing, and induces literary, musical, visual crushes.  You don’t need to be of the fairer sex to contribute, nor should your submission necessarily have anything to do with women’s interests or issues.  We’re not ruling that out; we’re not ruling anything out. The Burner woman, after all, could just as well be a man.  (An angel-faced, Rimbaud-spouting, great haircut kind of man, but a man all the same.) 

We’re interested in science, art, truth, conspiracies, naturalism, cyborgs, music, beauty, sex, and everything in between.  We will, however, toss your submission into the proverbial wastebasket faster than you can say ‘Exile on Main Street’ if it remotely resembles the uninspired and pretentious academia which so bored us to death we had to create a magazine. 

It’s pretty simple, really: send us your guts on a page (not always literally, please and thank you) and you’ll probably hear back from us.  Send us something that you’d give a professor and you probably won’t. 

For our first issue, we’re looking for you crazy, beautiful Burner girls and boys to send the following to us at by no later than June 15, 2010. 

Poetry:  3-5 poems that you feel fit the Burner Magazine ethos. Please attach all poems in a single document with full formatting, and include the word ‘POETRY’ in the subject line. 

Short fiction/non-fiction:  Submissions of short fiction and non-fiction should be limited 500-1000 words and attached in a single document.  Include the words “FICTION” or “NON-FICTION” in the subject line. 

Photography/Visual Art:  We need your most incendiary and inspiring visual works to bring our first issue to life.  Please send us high-resolution images and include the word “PHOTO” in the subject line. 

Music:  Since Burner’s first issue will be online, we’d love to hear from all you bands, producers and music lovers! If we absolutely adore it, it’s quite possible that we’ll find a way to slip in audio files and music-related write-ups.  Please ensure the word “MUSIC” is included in the subject line. 

Gak: Have you been working on something that you feel is right up Burner’s alley but doesn’t fit into any of the above categories? Send it anyways!  Include the word “Gak” in the subject line. 

Happy journies darlings! 


Please find more information at our temporary home at:!

Burner Magazine, Editorial Staff – Contact:

Vermont Studio Center – Full Fellowship Awards

26 May 2010

Vermont Studio Center – Upcoming Fellowship Deadline – Applications due by: June 15th, 2010

VSC awards a number of Fellowships for 4-week residencies throughout the year. Open to all artists and writers. In addition to VSC Fellowships, a variety of special fellowships are also available for full or partial funding.

Please visit our website for more information and to download an application:

Win $100 in BionicBong’s 2010 writing contest

26 May 2010

Enter to Win!

BionicBong, publisher of Things Japanese, a literary magazine on anything to do with Japan, is accepting submissions for its next issue. One Grand prize winner will receive $100 for best submission.*

We are accepting haiku, prose poetry, postcard stories, flash fiction, short stories, and non-fiction pieces such as personal funny stories, tributes, reviews, interviews, and rants. Guidelines are simple. Any submission should have a Japanese feel to them. Please include a short bio with your submission. If you like, we will publish along with your bio any links or other information you’d like to include such a website address. Simultaneous submissions are encouraged. Previously published work is fine to send in.

The deadline for submissions is August 15, 2010. The second issue will be published in the early fall.

Contributors will receive a copy of the magazine as compensation.

Please send your submission in the body of an email to the editor at to upload or cut and paste your entries. Please upload a word .doc or .txt file.

The magazine is intended for individuals, non-profits, organizations, companies with a strong interest, love and fascination for things Japanese.

If you have any queries, please contact the editor at:

Good Luck!

* Winner must provide a paypal account address to receive winnings.

Visit the website:

Amazing Story Fiction Contest

26 May 2010


Free critique available upon request! Write “free critique” on your entry and provide either a SASE or an email address.                                                       

For optional line edit, enclose an additional $1 per page, plus 9 X 12 SASE with enough postage for returning your story.

DEADLINE: Postmarked by July 31, 2010. DO NOT SEND BY CERTIFIED MAIL.

ENTRY FEE: $5 per entry, 3 entries max. Checks payable to The Write Helper. 

PRIZES: 1st Place $100               2nd Place $50               3rd Place $25


·         Open subject, fiction. (No pornography or gratuitous violence.)
·         Unpublished, original work.
·         4,000 words or fewer.
·         Standard manuscript formatting. 
·         Contact information upper lefthand corner of page 1 (name, address, email).
·         Mail in 9X12 or larger envelope with sufficient postage to:                   

Amazing Story Contest                                                                                    
c/o Amy Harke-Moore                 
104 Harke Lane                 
Old Monroe, MO 63369

·         For online entry, paste story in an email AND attach story, also. Include name, title, and contact info. Click on appropriate PAY NOW button below. You will be promptly notified that your entry and payment have been received. (Note: Each online entry is an additional $1 for processing fees.) If you would like an optional line edit at $1 per page, please email us, and we will be happy to arrange this! 

For more information and a list of winners, check our website: the first week of September. Winning entry has the opportunity to be published on our website.

Manuscripts will not be returned.


Sponsored by Sword & Saga Press and The Last Man Anthology

26 May 2010

Submissions are being accepted for the first annual “End of the World Contest.”

Deadline is September 30, 2010. Contest winners will be notified by October 31, 2010 and published in the November 2010 issue of the Last Man Magazine.
Entry fee $5.

First Prize: $50 and publication in the Last Man Magazine. First place winner will also be featured in the “author’s spotlight,” a two page interview with the writer about his or her craft, novels/short stories/work-in-progress.

Second and Third Prize: Winners will receive publication in the Last Man Magazine, and a free issue of the Last Man Magazine.

The theme of your submission should be the end of the world. It can be Earth, or any other interstellar planet. Genre is open. Bring us your best catastrophe, disaster, and woe.

For more information and to enter visit:


15 May 2010

What would you do if you were told you had only 72 hours to live? 

Enter THE LAST 72 writing contest and you could win $5,000 and the chance to appear in a brand-new TV series! 

To learn more, click on the web link below. 

Send your 1,000-1,500 words entries to:

Deadline is July 30, 2010 so act before it’s too late! 

Brought to you by Everest Production and The Fountain: A Magazine of Scientific and Spiritual Thought.  

Visit our sponsors at:


13 May 2010

The competition is dedicated to providing a forum for the writer to display their talents. For the relationship between cinema and literature has always been closely intertwined. It has proved on the whole a successful symbiosis, a relationship that remains to this day as inextricable as it is fruitful.

*Will be awarded to two works of literature selected by the committee-One in English and one in Spanish.

The author(s) will be awarded the following:
– $1,500 US Dollars in prize Money
– The AGAVE award
– Festival Reading
– Publication in a special commemorative book of a collection of shorts limited to the top 10 authors from the competition
– Syndicated International Press Release announcement
– A complete travel package to and from the Festival


Submit your project prior to JUNE 10, 2010 and receive a 30% early registration discount!

Visit for details on how to enter!


13 May 2010

Eighth year.

Ten cash prizes totaling $5,550. Top prize $3,000.

Submit poems in any style or genre. Both published and unpublished work accepted. Winning entries published online.

Entry fee is $7 for every 25 lines, payable to Winning Writers.

Postmark deadline: September 30.

Judges: John H. Reid, Dee C. Konrad.

Submit online or mail to:
Winning Writers
Attn: Tom Howard Poetry Contest
351 Pleasant Street, PMB 222
Northampton, MA 01060.

Winning Writers is one of the “101 Best Websites for Writers” (Writer’s Digest, 2005-2010).

More information:


13 May 2010

Seventh year

Ten cash prizes totaling $5,550. Top prize $3,000.

Submit poems in traditional verse forms, such as sonnets and free verse. Winning entries published online. Both published and unpublished work accepted.

Entry fee is $7 for every 25 lines, payable to Winning Writers.

Postmark deadline: June 30.

Judges: John H. Reid, Dee C. Konrad.

Submit online or mail to:
Winning Writers
Attn: Margaret Reid Poetry Contest
351 Pleasant Street, PMB 222
Northampton, MA 01060.

Winning Writers is one of the “101 Best Websites for Writers” (Writer’s Digest, 2005-2010).

More information:


13 May 2010

Last Call for Entries!
Ninth year.

Fifteen cash prizes totaling $5,000. Top prize $2,000.

Submit 1-3 unpublished poems on the theme of war, up to 500 lines in all. Winning entries published online. Sponsored by Winning Writers, one of the “101 Best Websites for Writers” (Writer’s Digest, 2005-2010).

$15 entry fee, payable to Winning Writers.

Postmark deadline: May 31.

Final judge: Jendi Reiter.

Include cover sheet with contact information. No name on poems.

Submit online or mail to:
Winning Writers
Attn: War Poetry Contest
351 Pleasant Street, PMB 222
Northampon, MA 01060.

More information:

2010 Quarterly Flash Fiction Contest

11 May 2010

Calling all writers – looking for a quickie that pays? Sometimes Less is More . . . .

2010 Quarterly Flash Fiction Contest:

The Intersection of . . . .

“The Intersection of . . . “ Flash Fiction contest offers four subjects for your contemplation and asks you to submit your most interesting 300 words, new or previously published, for any/all. The winner each quarter will receive $25.00 (US) and a signed copy of Intersections/Fast Forward, by Sheila Scobba Banning. Winners will be posted at

Guidelines: Up to 300 words, one entry per quarter sent within the given submission period. Send stories to in an e-mail with the topic (The Intersection of . . .) as the subject line, no attachments except PDF. Please include name and preferred e-mail address. We are not responsible for lost/unreadable submissions and reserve the right to award more than one prize in the case of rampant indecision. Entries sent outside the submission period will be deleted unread. Author retains all rights. Winners will be contacted by e-mail from for mailing/payment instructions.

Topic Schedule:

The Intersection of . . . Food and Sex
closed – winner posted at

The Intersection of . . . Obligation and Passion
April 1 – June 15, 2010

The Intersection of . . . Creation and Sorrow
July 1 – September 15, 2010

The Intersection of . . . Loss and Desire
October 1 – December 15, 2010

Visit our website:

Newport Review Bananagrams Writing Contest

11 May 2010

Newport Review Bananagrams Writing Contest

– $500 in Prizes-

Let our word prompts inspire a prize-winning poem or story in a contest inspired by the Bananagrams word game. Newport Review, an established online journal, offers cash prizes and publication.

Contest deadline: Sept 1, 2010.

Guest judges: John Landry, poetry, Jincy Willett, fiction.

Contest details at:

Odd or Unusual Mother’s Day Story Contest

11 May 2010


1. Email your odd, funny, or unusual Mother’s Day experience to It must be a true story and one never published before. Keep it under 500 words. (You DO NOT have to be a writer to record your experience!).

2. The staff at will vote and chose the story that we feel is the most odd, funny or unusual.

3. Deadline for stories is Friday, May 14th at midnight, CST.

4. The winner will be announced on Monday, May 17th, by noon, CST. The winner will receive a $25 Mercardi gift card of their choice from the 200+ retailers Mercardi handles.

5. The winning story will be published on this blog.

That’s it! So get busy sending me your odd, unusual or funny Mother’s Day story and be sure to pass the link to this post along. It’s gonna be a blast!

Here are the details,

Experience Bollinger – Win a Pair of Tickets to ENO’s New Tosca Production at the Coliseum

4 May 2010

Experience Bollinger – Win a Pair of Tickets to ENO’s New Tosca Production at the Coliseum

Contest Deadline: May 13th

Prize: One of two pairs of tickets to the opening night of the ENO’s forthcoming production of Tosca at the Coliseum- Tuesday 18th May and a glass of Champagne Bollinger for you and your guest.

Details: Tell us what your life story would be called were it made into an opera.


Unbound Press – Books and Writing Competitions

3 May 2010

Unbound Press Creative Non-Fiction Competition
2 categories

1. Essay.
Prizes: £100; £50

2. 1st chapter of an unpublished book.
Prizes: £75; £25

All Winners and Runners-up will be published in the Unbound Press Journal and will each receive a free copy of the journal.

Entry Fee: £5 Payment can be made by PayPal or credit/debit card via the competition website.

Entries should be no longer than 3000 words.
Creative (or Literary) non-fiction is defined as writing which is factually accurate and written with attention to literary style and technique. It should communicate information, while being shaped in a way that reads like fiction. Although there is no specific theme to the competition, subjects that work particularly well in this genre include personal essay, memoir, cultural criticism, nature writing, literary journalism, history.

Email entries only to

Full details at:

Closing date 31st July 2010

Lagos Literary and Arts Journal: May 2010 WordSprint

3 May 2010

Submissions are now being accepted for the May 2010 WordSprint. Please submit online at or send by email to

May 1 to May 31 – Submissions accepted
June 1 to June 25 – online voting
June 25 to June 30 – Final jury selection
June 30 – Announcement of winner.

May 2010 prize – $100

For more information visit:


The Medulla Review: Oblongata Contest

3 May 2010

Dear Writers,

In an effort to promote writers and fund the yearly print anthologies, The Medulla Review is offering a unique opportunity. During approximately the first three weeks of each month the editor-in-chief will review poetry, flash fiction, and fiction submissions for contests. First, second, and third place winners will be chosen for publication out of each category. Works will be published on the first day of every month.

First place winners will receive publication, payment based on 10% of the entry fees per category, and a link with their name on the homepage of The Medulla Review for one year. The winning writer’s web-page containing their winning piece may also include artwork, lengthy bios, promotions of books, blogs, links to other sites, or a myriad of other things, depending on the specific wishes of the writer.

Second and third place winners will receive publication of their work and a short-bio for one year on a homepage link entitled “Oblongata Winners.”

First place winners may not submit again for one year. Second and third place winners may submit again.

The entry fee for each contest submission is $15.00. Please send payment via paypal to prior to sending the submission.

Please submit one to five poems, one flash fiction piece (up to 1,000 words), or one fiction piece (up to 3,000 words) to The deadline for Oblongata Contest #1 is May 23, 2010. Winners for the contest will be notified by May 31, 2010 and published on June 1, 2010.

The same editorial aesthetic applies to contest submissions, so please read the submission guidelines prior to submitting. Contest submissions are open now. Writers previously published with The Medulla Review are encouraged to submit. I look forward to reading your work!

Further details may be found here:

Jennifer Hollie Bowles
The Medulla Review

Wag’s Revue Summer 2010 Contest

3 May 2010

Wag’s Revue Summer 2010 Contest is currently open and accepting entries!

The contest will be in all three genres (poetry, essays and fiction) and will be judged by the editors.

First prize will receive $1000 and publication, second $500 and third $100 (and all submissions will be considered for publication).

The contest deadline is May 31, and winners will be announced June 21. There is no limit to the number of entries an author may submit, but each entry must be accompanied with its own submission fee of $20.

All submissions guidelines and our new nifty submissions uploader can be found at

Gemini Magazine Second Annual Flash Fiction Contest

1 May 2010

Gemini Magazine is pleased to announce its Second Annual Flash Fiction Contest. Grand prize is $1,000. Second place wins $100 and there will also be four honorable mentions.

Maximum length: 1,000 words. No restrictions on content, style or genre. All six finalists will be published in the October 2010 issue.

Entry fee: $4 ($3 for each additional entry). Deadline: August 31, 2010.

Full details at

The Dublin Review of Books: Once Off Flash Fiction Contest

1 May 2010

The Dublin Review of Books is pleased to present its Once Off Flash Fiction Contest. The prize will bring recognition to distinguished flash fiction writing from within Ireland and around the world. The winning entry will receive 1,000 Euro in addition to publication in The Dublin Review of Books. Second and third place winners will also see their work appear in The Dublin Review of Books.
Final judging will be made by authors James Ryan, Eilis Ni Dhuibhne and an editor from the drb.


Submit up to 3 flash fiction stories of no more than 500 words apiece. Work must be previously unpublished. Simultaneous submissions are not accepted. Copyright will remain with winning authors. The drb reserves the rights to use winning entries up to one year after publication.

Manuscripts must include a cover letter containing name, address, e-mail address and/or telephone number, and the title of each work.

Entry fee is 10 Euro. Payment can be made through our PayPal account when submitting an entry.

Deadline for submissions is June 1, 2010. Entries received after this date will not be read. Only winning authors will be contacted.

Writers may submit through our online form (see details at .