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9 December 2022

Deadline: January 2, 2023.

Can you tell a story in 100 words or less? This is no simple feat. Showcase your ability to harness the meaning behind every word in our third annual 100-Word Contest. Write anything under 100 words – nonfiction or fiction – for a chance to win the grand prize: $1,000 and publication in The Writer magazine. Second prize is $500 and publication. Third prize is $250 and publication.

How to enter, visit:



9 December 2022

Deadline: May 31, 2023

£11-£24 ENTRY FEES. Categories poetry, short story, flash fiction, and novel open for this deadline. Our short story, poetry, flash fiction and memoir competitions are open to international applicants, whilst the novel award is open to writers living in Britain and Ireland, British writers living overseas and writers living in British Overseas Territories. Poetry first prize £5,000. Limit 42 lines. Short story first prize £5,000. Limit 5,000 words. Flash Fiction first prize £1,000. Limit 250 words.
Novel winner receives £1,500 plus package. Limit 8,000 words and a synopsis – initially. Up to a year’s mentoring from The Literary Consultancy through their Chapter & Verse scheme (worth £2,640) and a detailed critique from the novel judge. Runner-up receives £750 plus full manuscript appraisal and Industry Day place from The Literary Consultancy.

How to enter, visit:

NOWW 25th Annual International Writing Contest

9 December 2022

Contest Opens: Jan 01, 2023

2023 Categories:


  • One entry consists of a minimum of 1 poem and a maximum of 5 poems.
  • Poems may be in any style or theme.
  • Combined line count of the total entry must not exceed 100 lines. 
  • Poem titles or spaces between poems do not count toward the total number of lines.
  • All poems per entry must be submitted in one file.
  • It is strongly recommended that you do not submit poems that require unusual formatting. If you choose to rely on a specific formatting, submit your entry as a PDF rather than a Word file. NOWW cannot guarantee formatting will remain the same and we cannot be held responsible for any adverse changes to your formatting at any point in the submission or review/judging process, or at the time of publication (should your entry win).

Short Fiction

  • A complete piece of literary fiction.
  • Entry must be between 2000-3500 words.
  • Title is not counted toward the total word count.

Creative Nonfiction

  • A complete piece of creative nonfiction; note that memoir and personal essay can be considered creative nonfiction.
  • Entry must be between 1500-3000 words.
  • Title is not counted toward total word count.

Bill MacDonald Prize for Prose

  • This contest category recognizes author and teacher Bill MacDonald, who published 39 books, most of which were set in the region, often Thunder Bay. The prize category was established in 2016, two years after his death. The category alternates yearly between fiction and non-fiction set in the Northwest, just as Bill’s work did.
  • For 2023, a complete piece of fiction.
  • A Northwestern Ontario setting must be central to the work. Northwestern Ontario includes the districts of Thunder Bay, Rainy River, and Kenora.
  • An entry submitted to this category may not be submitted to any other category.
  • Entry must be between 2000-3500 words.
  • Title is not counted toward the total word count.

Short Crime Fiction

  • A complete piece of crime fiction. The story should be a work in which crime is central to the plot. The category is broad and can include stories that may be considered mystery, thriller, cozy, or procedural.
  • Entry must be between 2000-3500 words.
  • Title is not counted toward the total word count.

Literary Critical Writing

  • A concise critical review of any art form. This could include but is not limited to, a review of a book, movie, television program, music release, concert, theatre performance, or the works of an individual artist. 
  • Your entry should aim to do two things: inform the reader about what you saw/read/listened to, and provide your evaluation, opinions, and final judgment.
  • If the entry has been previously published, it must have been within the last two years (2021/2022).
  • Entry must be between 300-500 words.
  • Title is not counted toward the total word count.

2023 Rules:

Eligible Writers

This contest is open to individuals (Canadian and international) age 18 and over.


Entries must be emailed no later than February 28, 2023, at midnight Eastern Time.


  • Entries must be original and unpublished.
  • Entries must be written in English.
  • Entries must not bear the author’s name (other than on the cover page) or any other information that would make the author’s identity known to screeners or judges. Entries that do will be disqualified.
  • Edits and revisions are prohibited. Once submitted, your entries are final.
  • Authors agree that winning entries may be read at NOWW’s year-end celebration and published online on NOWW’s website and in the NOWW magazine without compensation to the author beyond that of the awarded prize money. With these exceptions, the author retains copyright in all work submitted. Winning entries may be edited prior to publication.
  • Winners must provide a photo and brief biography.
  • Submissions that do not follow the “How to Submit” instructions may be subject to disqualification.

Judging Process

  • Judging is blind.
  • Screeners will select six finalists per category to be sent to a final judge.
  • Final judges reserve the right not to select winners if, in their opinion, none of the entries is of publishable quality.


  • Winners will be announced at NOWW’s year-end celebration and on the NOWW website on or after May 30, 2023.
  • The finalists for each category will be notified by email after June 1, 2023, that their entries were shortlisted. 


  • Each category will be awarded a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize.
  • 1st prize is awarded $150.
  • 2nd prize is awarded $100.
  • 3rd prize is awarded $50.

Entry Fee

  • Entry is free for NOWW members in good standing.
  • Non-members must pay a fee of $10 in Canadian funds per entry before the contest closing date (February 28, 2023, midnight Eastern Time).
  • Payment may be made online through PayPal at the time of submission.
  • Cheques must be payable to NOWW and must be received by regular mail or hand delivered no later than February 28, 2023, at midnight Eastern Time.

How to Submit

  • Two (2) entries may be made per category.
  • Only electronic submissions will be accepted.
  • We prefer submissions in .doc or .docx. We will also accept PDF files. All other file types will be disqualified.
  • All files are to be labeled with the category and the submission title of your entry.

·        Examples: “Short Fiction Dracula is Back.doc” or “Poetry Three Poems.doc”

  • Prose manuscripts must be double-spaced in Times New Roman 12-point font with one-inch margins on all sides and the pages numbered. Do not add your name or any identifying features in the header or footer of the document.
  • Poetry must be single-spaced in Times New Roman 12-point font with one-inch (or greater) margins on all sides and the pages numbered. Do not add your name or any identifying features in the header or footer of the document.
  • All entries must be submitted by the closing date of the contest which is no later than midnight EST, February 28, 2023, regardless of payment for entry. No refunds will be made should you not submit in time. 
  • Each entry must include a cover page in a separate file with the following information:
    • Name*
    • Email address*
    • Mailing address*
    • Phone number*
    • Title of entry*
    • Category *

·        Line count (poetry only)*

·        Word count (all prose categories)*

·        How you heard about the contest

·        If you are a member of NOWW

1.      If your name appears anywhere besides the cover page or if there is any information within the body of the text that identifies you to screeners or judges, the entry will be disqualified.

2.      Counts must be exact, not estimates (do not include the title in the word count).

3.      Email entries to: 

4.      Pay entry fees via PayPal on our website: 

5.      Include the name as it appears on your emailed entry in the comment section in PayPal to ensure it is matched with the correct entry.

6.      Send entry fees by cheque to:

NOWW Writing Contest

Box 425

1100 Memorial Avenue

Thunder Bay, ON

P7B 4A3

  • Due to the volume of entries, we do not send confirmation of receipt of submission.
  • For more information, contact Don at

Sponsor’s Name: Northwestern Ontario Writers Workshop (NOWW)

Address: Box 425, 1100 Memorial Ave., Thunder Bay, ON  P7B 4A3


Contact Person–not for publication, but to facilitate confirmation of information.

Contact Person: Clayton Bye